Dream girl update Monday 9 May 2022

Dream girl 9 May 2022: The Episode starts with Raghu insulting Aarti. Karan and Richa see the jungle. She says she is getting filmi feel here, what if they lost way. She says there is enough space and stunts can be done easily. Manav sees Karan coming and leaves. The stick falls. Karan asks did she hear anything and gets that stick. He shouts Manav and asks him to stop once. He falls down and Manav leaves. Richa says if he was Manav, he would have stopped. Karan says I m sure he is Manav, but don’t know why is he running away from me. He asks Manav why are you doing this with me. Manav thinks enough of this hide and seek, its time to come infront of Karan.

Aarti sits at a corner. Raghu asks are you still here, I thought 10 gulabjal bottles would be spent to clean your face. He asks do you want to continue this, you can quit, if this game goes ahead, your problems will get worse, trust me, quit and leave Ayesha Sareen. Aarti says I m fine, I will do it. He holds her and asks her is she mad, is this a joke. He says see what I do next.She says I know it won’t be easy, but my intentions are true, you think about yourself. He leaves her. She says I mean you get peace doing this, you will get good sleep at night, I get tired here and get good sleep at home. He feels guilty. She says I won’t quit, I hope you will also get peaceful sleep like me. He gets angry on her and asks who is she to ask him, don’t ask me anything next time. He shouts on her and leaves.

Aarti comes home. Ayesha cleans Aarti’s face and says sorry and takes care of her. She says Raghu is a devil. Aarti says he is not that bad as he shows, there is some reason and story which made him helpless to do this, I felt he is good hearted seeing his anger. Ayesha thinks Aarti is having sympathy for Raghu, did I do wrong to send her, she is liking him after his torture, I can’t let her like Raghu.She says Raghu is not soft hearted, he can fall to any extent to hurt anyone, you are good to see goodness in bad person, promise me you won’t think good of him, I don’t want him to trap you in love, this can be his planning to trap you. Aarti says there is nothing like that, I m doing this for you, Manav and Navrang.

I will do as you say. Ayesha says I know, you got tired, rest now. Ayesha leaves.Raghu gets angry recalling Aarti’s face and says I don’t care, I sleep peacefully. He drinks and throws the glass. He recalls what he did with Aarti and laughs. Kaka says your laugh is not your happiness, it shows someone’s pain, look at yourself, why will you punish yourself for the past, that girl is not responsible for this. Raghu says every girl is same, they are greedy and egoistic, I know Ayesha did not do anything, but I feel good by hurting her, I don’t care about anything. He goes.

Its morning, Raghu comes to Navrang. He sees Aarti sitting alone in the lawn and comes to her. He says you look beautiful, you also could not live without me, were you so restless to meet me? Raghu asks Aarti to go to the shop and make sandwich for him. Aarti runs to his car and leaves. Raghu calls someone to do as he said, Ayesha will reach there. He calls new channel and says I have breaking news for you.Aarti being on the way. The men see her and identify her as Ayesha Sareen. She thinks she forgot she is going in public place. Raghu asks Ayesha to be ready to get loved by fans. The men stop Aarti and ask for an autograph and selfie.

They laugh. The reporter covers this and says Ayesha has come on road to promote her film. Raghu sees this news on his laptop and smiles.Ayesha is at home. A man calls her and asks is she fine, whats this news. She sees the news and gets shocked. She ends call and worries. She says how did Aarti reach here without security, I m sorry, I can’t do anything. Aarti runs and a man holds her. Aarti says let me go, and runs. The men tease her. Raghu sees this and gets angry. He thinks matter got very serious. Aarti sits and cries. Raghu leaves from navrang. Ayesha wishes they let Aarti go.

Raghu reaches there. Aarti begs them to let her go. Raghu removes his coat and covers up Aarti. The men taunt that her hero has come. Ayesha gets shocked seeing him and thinks whats going on.Richa likes the locations and shows Karan. Karan says its good. She says I m thinking to settle there after marriage. He says yes, you will like being with animals. Aditya calls Karan and asks him to be on shoot, he can’t manage Ayesha alone. Karan says fine, I will be there. Karan and Richa leave to see locations. They are on the way. She asks him to forget what happened yesterday. Manav stands on the road and blocks their way. Karan asks him to move off the way.

Manav turns to him. Karan gets shocked seeing him. Karan gets down the jeep.Karan goes to Manav and touches him. He cries and falls down in his feet. He says this was not a dream, I told Richa that Manav is alive, my Manav Jiju. Manav holds him and says you are not dreaming Karan, this is the truth, I m fine and standing infront of you. Karan hugs him. Karan says I was sure its you, but what state are you in, what are you doing in jungle, why were you running away from me, you could talk to me, why did you do this. Manav says I could not stay away from you all, so I fought with death and came. He hugs Karan.

Karan asks but what is all this. Manav tells him that Lord writes their fate, just Lord knows what happens and when, when the car accident happened, I fell from the door and fainted, jungle people helped me and treated me, when I came back, I have seen Ayesha and Raghu… Karan says but we met many times, it can’t be coincidence. Manav smiles and reminds he is a director, he planned a secret agent in navrang, that’s Richa. Raghu takes Aarti to his car and they leave.

Aarti sits still. He sees her and drives angrily. He stops the car. She goes away and cries. He asks what she wants to proof. She asks can’t he see how helpless she felt when strange men were teasing and touching her, you would like to hear it from me and have fun right. She shouts on him and says you would have come late and got fun. He slaps her and says you don’t know whats pain, go and sit in car, I will drop you to your palace. She goes to the car and sits.

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