Divya Drishti update Tuesday 16 January 2024

Divya Drishti 16 January 2024: Drishti wakes up in the temple. That man is there. He says why did you risk your life? She says I wanted to bring you here. I knew if I risk my life you would come to save me. He walks away. Drishti stops him.

She says why I feel like you are someone known. He says why dd you call m here? She says to know who you are. She is about to take off his mask. He says don’t’ touch me. She says why do you hide your face. He says if you touch me or try to take off my mask I will go from here. Drishti says only you have answers to my questions. I can’t do what I said. He says you will have to. Tomorrow is grehn. She says no no I can’t. He says you have to do what you saw. Drishti says no I can’t kill my Divya.

Divya looks at her Ratan. She says this is blood that has half of kal vijay ratan. This smell.. And this is Drishti’s blood. It has rest of kal ratan. She mixes all the bloods.

Drishti says she is my sister. I can’t kill her. She is my sister. He says no she is Pisachini and you know what can she do. If you don’t kill her Pisachini will and then she will kill you. And she will get all the powers she wanted. Drishti says there must be some other way. He says no there is no other way. She is prepared. Drishti says what if we burn her eye?? He says are you, idiot. Drishit says I won’t give up.

I will find another way. He gives her dagger and says this is the other way. If you can’t burn that eye you can kill Divya. Drishit says I can’t. Divya is my sister. He says Divya isn’t there anymore. that’s Pisachini. You have to save humanity from her. You will lose everything if you don’t kill her. Drishti takes the dagger and cries.

Scene 2
Everyone comes in kitchen. It’s all burned. Ojaswani says how is the kitchen burned? Romi who did all this? Romi says I don’t know. Ojaswani says this isn’t a good sign. She cries. Mahima says don’t be upset. Romi says Rakshit called the caterers. Ojaswani says guy’s family is coming for the first time. We wont cook anything at home? Rakshit says don’t worry. Simran is my sister too. I wont let there be any shortcoming in her engagement. Simran hugs him and says you are the best brother. I love you. Lava says oh so sweet. She takes their photo. Lava says to Rakshit so have you decided? Lava says Rakshit if you don’t say anything I hear it. Let’s meet in our engagement. Rakshit leaves.

Divya says to Drishti are you ready to die? Eat whatever you want. Did you see the sun today? Because you wont see tomorrow’s sun. I am going to kill you. Drishit says you can’t kill me. Divya says so you think you can stop me? Divya mocks and says I am emotional. Divya says I am Pisachini. Drishti says my sister is behind this devil. You can’t come between me and my sister. My divi is alive. Divya says you are so boring. What about your husband? Drishti says don’t you dare harming him. Divya says didn’t he tell you? He is going to be engaged with Rakshit today.

Ojaswani says to Mahima how can she marry Rakshit? She is married to sunny. mahima says sunny called me. He said he can’t stay with Lava. He is sending divorce papers. Ojaswami says he didn’t call me? Mahima says no because he was scared to talk to you. Bichu says in the heart it was me.

Divya says your Raksht is going to get married to Lava. Drishti says you are lying. Divya says no he has taken his decision. Drishti recalls Rakshit saying tonight is Simran’s engagement. I want you with me. If you don’t come I will think you don’t want to stay with me. Simran comes. she says to Divya bhabhi please come with me. I need you in the preps.

Rakshit and Drishti see each other.
Lava comes to Rakshit and says I am so confused. Tell me which dress to wear? You already said yes to engagement. If you are worried about your so called wife, she has to go away from your life. He says go a bit back there’s less light here. She steps back. Rakshit locks the door.
Drishit is crying. romi says please don’t cry. Drishit says this is all my mistake. I saw it in his eyes. He is going away from me. Romi says this is a misunderstanding. Shekhar comes. He says you called me. Drishti says we have to burn that ashes. Shekhar says it’s dangerous there. Drisht says this is about my sister. I want to save my sister. I will do anything. He says what’s next? She says I have a dagger. I will kill Pisachini. Do you want to save Divya? Shekhar nods. Drishit says then please go and get those ashes.

Shekhar romi and Drishit come to Pisachini’s underground place. They try to find the ashes. Drishti sees the blood mix.
Ojaswani says to Mahima please go see Simran. Diyva is with her helping her with preps but please check. Rakshit comes. He says I have arranged caterers and everything. Mahima says what about you? You have to marry Lava. She loves you. Drishti doesn’t care about you.

Drishti says she is very clever. But I am sure the ashes are here. They hear noise. Shekhar says let’s go. It’s dangerous here. They sees smoke coming out of a pot. The ashes fall on the table.
Mahima says rakshit you have to answer right now. You have to end this marriage. I know it isn’t easy but she doesn’t care about you. What will she see? Rakshit says I have no idea.

Drishti walks towards the ashes. She takes the bottle from Roomi. Drishti pours gangajal on it. The ashes fume. Drishti says this smoke.. We have to burn it. Shekhar brings a candle. Drishti burns the ashes. Romi says let’s go. We are done. They run from there.

Scene 3
Ojaswani welcomes the boy’s family. She introduces everyone to them. The MIL says you have done the classy decoration. The guy comes too.

Bichu comes and sees the ashes burning. Divya comes there and says who dared to do this. They burned the ashes. It smells so bad. SHe laughs and says they are such idiots. They thought they could come and burn it? Bichu says you replaced the fake ashes with the real one. drishti laughs and says here are the real one. Tonight I will become the most powerful witch on earth.

Divya comes to hall. MIL says to Divya you dress so well. You should do all the dressing of Simran’s wedding. Rakshit comes too. Simran comes downstairs. MIL says where is your wife Rakshit. Mahima says to Rakshit you are here every one is here but Drishti isn’t. You said yes to marry Lava. He says I never said yes. Mahima says but Lava said you did. He says no this is all Lava’s plan. She knows if I say yes, Drishti would react. So I wanted Drishti to come and stay with me in this function if she wants to stay with me. Mahima says so where is she? Rakshit says the function hasn’t started. Mahima says she won’t come. And think about Lava. She is trying so hard to gel in with everyone. And Drishti she doesn’t care about your feelings.

Drishti Romi and Shekhar are on the back side. Drishti says it isn’t done yet. we have to save Divya first. We have released her body from Pisachini. Romi says what to do? Shekhar says she will try to kill you tonight. Drishti says you two go and get that star. Please. Shekhar says she will lose her mind if her plan failed. If she is calm that means something isn’t right.

Mahima says why isn’t she here? Rakshit says she will come don’t worry. Shekhar isn’t here either. Lava says exactly. Why are they always missing together? What does that mean? There was something between them and they were about to get married. But who knows.. Rakshit says shut up and stay out of it. She says I care about you. I am sorry. It’s too late. Mahima says let’s start the engagement. First Simran and then.. Lava says she knew about this plan yet she didn’t come.

Shekhar says look at Bichu he is so calm. Everything is normal. Drishti says from what it looks like, yes. We have done some mistake. Drishit says this means that ashes weren’t real. We have to go back and check.

They come to room and try to open the way. It doesn’t open. Drishti says please try. We don’t have another way. Romi says let me look on the other side. Shekhar says calm down. Rakshit comes and sees Drishti and Shekhar together alone.
No precap.

Drishti says I don’t know what to do. Shekhar says calm down. Rakshit comes in. Drishti says Rakshit you know.. He says I don’t want to know anything and leaves. Drishti says everything is lost.
Divya is eating. She makes Bichu dance. He falls down. Divya says she is coming. I waited for this day. Her time to go is here. Bichu says you will kill her right after grehn. How will you bring her here? Divya says she will come here herself.

Romi says to Drishti go and tell Rakshit everythign. She says I can’t. Drishti comes to Rakshit and says I know you were waiting for me and I said I would come but I couldn’t. I will tell you everything on right time. Promise. Ojaswaani says so finally they are seen together. The function is delayed. We will do arti before grehn. Let’s go start arti. Mahima says actually.. Ojaswani whispers to her please not in front of Simran’s in laws.

Mahima says all couples come. Let’s do arti. Drishti says techincally Simran and her fiance should do arti? Why us? Rakshit says do you have a problem with us doing the arti? She says no I thought you want to do it with someone else.

Drishti takes the arti. She gives to to Divya. Drishti sees her packing a door. Divya said there the door packed and there is only one way of opening it. Drishti comes to do the arti. She sees what Divya said. Drishti runs. Ojaswani says Drishit stop. Where are you going. Rakshit leaves the arti. Drishti runs upstairs. MIL says what happened to her.

Drishti says to Romi I saw her saying the door is locked. There is one way of opening it. But I couldn’t see it entirely. Romi says let’s go there. She says lt me think. Drishit says she said one drop of blood. But whose blood? Drishti says I am sure she was talking about my blood. Someone throws a dagger towards them. It’s that person. He says you forgot to bring this. Do you remember what I said. Romi says the door is opening.. Drishti takes the dagger. Divya says come fast. I am waiting for you to die.

Drishti and Romi come downstairs. Divya says I locked the door. How did you come then? I am so scared. she laughs and says this was all my trap. And look you are stuck. I am the hunter and you are prey. The ashes that you burned.. Drishti says they were fake. Divya says you two will die. And I will become the most powerful one of earth. I am not Divya. I will take kal ratan from both you sisters. Your end is here. Drishti says you are right I lost. Divya says it is such fun to hear. Say again.. Drishti comes near her and stabs her in the heart. Divya screams. Divya screams. Drishti scries.

Mahima comes to Rakshit and says what have you decided. Lava says she got these rings ready for us to. Mahima says will you still defend her? She left arti in front of everyone. She insulted us in front of Simran’s in-laws. You saw all that. Mahima says I told you say yes to me. You can see everything. It’s all obvious. She doesn’t care for you. Mahima says I will decide everything today. Rakshit says what will you talk to her about? She wont answer anything and then you would get mad. Mahima says then you take a decision. Mahima says enough, I will talk to her parents. she doens’t respect anyone.

Rakshit says I will do something then. Lava says please answer. Rakshit say something. Rakshit takes the ring and makes Lava wear it. He says this is the decision.

Drishti cries and says I killed my sister because of you. I looked for her for years. she was my mom’s only picture. Divya says you will pay a big price for this. You will die too. Romi says di your nose is bleeding why.. Drishti says I knew. Divya says if she kills Divya she would die too. Drishti says everything is over. Our lives were tied together. Divya says what did you get? Drishti says I stopped you from destroying everything. Romi says why didn’t you tell me. We could stop this. I can’t let you die. Drishti says I decided this to stop Pisachini. Romi cries and says I won’t let you die like this. Drishti says run from here Romi. Divya says you lost. Drishti says I know I lost but you didn’t win either.

Romi runs upstairs. He looks for shekhar. Engagement is going on. Rakshit says to Mahima I got engaged with Lava but please don’t talk about it right now. Let Simran’s engagement be done peacefully. Mahima says is that so or do you want to give her another chance? Rakshit leaves.
Romi says to Shekhar come with me. Shekhar says what happened? Romi says they are both dying. Divya comes there and says where are you going babies? It’s Bichu in her face. Shekhar says don’t dare stopping us. Bichy throttles them and says my posion will kill you both. I am more powerful than you thought.

Divya says divi.. She cries and holds Drishti’s hand. Drishti says I am sorry Divi I had to do this. Divya says it wasn’t me. I am sorry for all I did. Drishti says I know Pisachini was in you and I killed you because of her. Divya says why did you take the decision. You also died because of me. They recall their childhood together. A fire lights in their hands. Divya says what is this? I am so scared. drishit says I don’t know what is it. Divya look at the moon. Drishti says I don’t know what is happening. Theyr recall their mother being stabbed. Drishti says I don’t know why God united us. Divya says we have to go now. drishti says but we will leave together. we came together. Their powers collide.

MIL says we have to do a pooja with Simran. She will go to temple alone. Ojaswan says alone? ML says yes that’s a ritual.. Simran says yes I will o.
The man comes downstairs running. He says what did you do. I am here to save you. I wont let you die. She says you can’t save me. Pisachini die with us. He says what. He looks at Divya dying. He says she is dying. Drishti says Pisachini is in her. He takes out the dagger. Divya screams. Drishti says what are ou doing.. He says I can’t let you die. Divya screams. Pisachini’s shadow appears. Drishit says you.. I killed my Divya because of her and you brought Pisachini back. He says youa re dying. Drishti says what did you do. Divya tries to breathe.
They see Pisachini forming again.

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