Divya Drishti update Monday 15 January 2024

Divya Drishti 15 January 2024: Drishti applies tikkha on everyone’s forehead. She sees in Mahima’s head, she says I want my kids to always live happily. Rakshit says I lost my heart. Never do this again. I thought I lost you. Divya pretends like she has a call. Drishti says where are you going. Se is about to apply tikka.

Drishit says I want to know what everyone is thinking in this house. She doesn’t apply it on Divya. Drishti applies tikka on Shekhar. she looks at Divya. divya wonders what she saw.

Divya comes to Drishti and Romi. Divya says what did you see? Drishti says I didn’t see anything. I saw in Shehkhar’s mind he is pretending to be with Pisachini. He is with us. Divya says let me try asking him. Divya comes out and says he is on their side? But why didn’t he tell them I am Pisachini. He is upto something else entirely.

Divya comes to Shekhar and puts a rope in his neck. She says you are fooling me. He says I am not fooling you. She shoves him in water.. shekhar is drowning. Divya says you are on their side and making a fool out of me. Drishti comes to pool and sees it. Drishit says Divya what are you doing. Divya is floating and drowning Shekhar.

Drishti says what are you doing. She says I am Pisachini. Drishti says yes my sister can never harm someone like this. Divya asys so smart. Drishti says I always knew you couldn’t be my sister. I saw the changes in you. Drishti says leave him. Divya says leave my hand. Drishti says I wont. Divya says don’t give me emotional lecture. She laughs and says you are so emotional. I am Pisachini. Pisachini says you can’t take my sister from me. I will take her back from you. Pisachini says you will see. This is me now. She throws water on Drishti. Drishti says i wont die until I take my sister back from you. Se says I am Divyachini.

Drishti comes to room. Rakshit says what happened? Are you okay? She goes to rest room and cries. Rakshit says what happened. tell me if there is a problem. Drishit says my divya.. I lost you again. Rakshit comes in. Drishit hugs him and sobs. Rakshit cleans her with tower. He says its okay. I don’t know what happened but everything will be fine. You are a good person and nothing bad happens to good. people.

Scene 2
Everyone is at breakfast table. Ojaswani says Drishti will help me n wedding preps. Mahima says to Drishti Ojawani needs your help. Rakshit says Drishit come eat with everyone. Drishti looks at Divya.
Shekhar wakes up in his room and recalls what Pisachini did. He says I am not bichu. You can’t do this with me. I wont leave yo now.
Drishti tells Roomi everything. She says we have lost everything. Roomi says what did you see in Shekhar’s mind. He says I only saw Dviya. Not sure if it was Pisachini or Divya. Shekhar loads gun and walks towards hall.

Drishit says you should have left that night you were roaming in hall He says no I left in evening. Drishti says that means it wasn’t you. There is some bbichu in this house who can take anyone’s face. Who will help us. She says there was a guy who saved me from fire. He saved me. I don’t know how he got me out of there. He can help me.

Divya says to bichu and says I made the plan already. Shekhar comes there and says really you made the plan? He points the gun at her. Divya says how did you even think it? You can’t kill me. Shekhar says I helped you in everything but I got nothing. I wont help you anymore. He shoots the bottle in her hand. Bichy throttles Sekhar. Divya takes the bubble from bottle in her hands. She puts it in another bottle. Divya says let him go Bicy. Sekhar leaves.

Drishti and roomi come to jungle. They see a book and read two days.. and then end. Roomi says will I die after two days? roomi says I would never let that happen. The man is following them.
Rakshit is worried for Drishti. Lava is crying. rakshit comes to hall. Lava hugs him. rakshit says what happened? Mahim says Sunny has an affair with someone.. Lava saw his picture with a girl. Rakshit says you are overreacting. Mahima says she loves you. that’s why she came to this house. Lava says there is nothing between you and your wife too. Rakshit says she ran from our wedding. Mahima says there is no marital relation between you and Drishit. She never tried to be part of this family. You should marry Lava. Drishti and Roomi are listening. Mahima says marry him. Lava says Rakshit please let’s get married. Drishti says what is she saying. Roomi says stay calm. Don’t go there. let rakshit speak for you. Drishit says first I lost my sister and now my hsuband.

Rakshit comes to room. Drishti comes there too. He says where do you disappear? She says what do you care? Don’t do this formality. We are nothing. There is nothing between us. Drishti says you should divorce me then. We all know what we want from each other. Go and marry Lava. Fix your date, I will fix our divorce date. Rakshit says what are you saying. Drishti says you hate me so divorce me. Drishti says if you don’t love me then lets just end it. He says so you think you know all I want? He comes close to her. e says should I tell you want I want. He kisses her face. He says I want you. He caresses her face and hugs her.

Lava says Rakshit said no because he doesn’t hurt people. We all know he isn’t happy with her. Sunny doesn’t care. He will divorce me. Mahima says if he said no.. Lava says please tai ji.. Convince Raksiht.
Divya floats and sees Rakshit and drishthi. Drishti sees her. She shoves Rakshit and says what are you doing. i don’t like all this. She says in heart I am sorry Rakshit.

Rashkit tells Drishti that he will soon find out the reason of her worry. Rakshit bumps into Romi and questions him about Drishti’s strange behavior. Romi asks Rakshit if he loves Drishti or not. He asks Rakshit to love Drishti by accepting her for what she is.

Rakshit takes away the book from Rakshit’s hands. He says he will keep an eye on him and so he cannot hide anything from him. Lavanya comes to Rakshit and talks ill about Drishti. Lavanya asks Rakshit he should dump Drishti to learn about her real feelings. Romi comes to Drishti and shows her a note in the book which says she should use her powers. Drishti gets a glimpse of the future.

Drishti comes to Shikhar. She questions him about Divya’s (Nyra Banerjee) presence. Divya senses a threat and escapes from her abode along with Bichhu. Shikhar takes Drishti and Romi to Pishachini’s abode. Drishti gets shocked to see the secret abode. Divya also comes there. Divya attacks Drishti and tries to throw her down the building.

Drishti uses her powers and counter-attack Divya. Drishti and Divya fight off. Drishti reads Divya’s mind. Later, Divya runs away. Shikhar asks Drishti what she saw while reading Divya’s mind. Rakshit sees Drishti and Shikhar together. Drishti tries to clarify everything. Rakshit says he fails to understand her.

Drishti compels Romi to follow her instructions blindly without uttering a word. Drishti locks the kitchen. She spills kerosene and lights fire.

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