Divya Drishti Starlife update Tuesday 30 January 2024

Anjan waits for Pisachini. She comes and says you’re so smart. He says that’s why you need me. Psachini says I will win no matter how hard you try. He says what do you mean? She says I will take off your mask one day. He says who knows.

Pisachini says those girl’s weakness is their family. Rakshit won’t be able to save them since his powers aren’t woken up yet. I will take kaal vijay from them. He says who would you harm? She says there are a lot of people. He says I don’t know all this. What do you need from me? She says nothing.

Drishti looks for Rakshit. Rakshit sees her and says where are you going. She says come with me. He says why do you have right on me? She says because I am your wife. Come with me. She takes him to temple. He says where are we? She says you know exactly. You thought you would marry Lava and our marriage would stop? Don’t take Lava’s name. I know you very well. I know you are not a kind of person who would use a girl. I know you would always protect me. I know you are Anjan. Rakshit is dazed.

Lava is looking for Rakshit. Mahima says he went out for some work. She says bring pooja stuff for 10 people. Lava says Drishti is 11th? Mahima says she isn’t part of our family anymore.

Drishti says you hid all this from me. He says you hid your powers too and that Divya is your sister. Drishti says you could tell me. He says yes I am Anjan. What should I do now? Apologize. She says your mind is still of a typical man. Tell me what is Pisachini going to do. I saw her seeing your face. Did your mask fall off? He says yes it did but Pisachini wasn’t there. She is looking for your weakness to take the ratan. She is planning to harm someone from family. Pisachini says she might do it in pooja. He says I have a reason to marry Lava. Drishti says we have to go home.

Lava is on her way to the temple. She goes to Pisachini. Pisachini says where is your pan? She says tell me your pan. She says I have this poison. It can take Drishti’s powers. Pisachini says you have started using your brain. Go and give this to her. Lava says my poison will speak tonight.

Scene 2

Pooja preps start. Pisachini sees someone attacking Divya with a slingshot. She says what did I see. Lava hits with her a slingshot. Drishti falls. Divya says are you okay? She says i saw something. I saw someone attacking someone. We have to stay together. We should tell Rakshit. Shekhar says I know. Drishti says I have to tell him everything.

Lava says to Rakshit I need your help in tying my blouse. Please you are my husband. Do it please. Rakshit ties her blouse. Rakshit says I think you should call a girl. Rashi comes in. Rakshit says Rashi lava needs your help. Rakshit leaves. Drishti makes oil spill on Mahima’s clothes. Lava looks for Mahima. Rakshit tries wearing his kurta. Drishti helps him.

She says to Rakshit I saw someone killing someone. I saw blood and sword. rakshit says try recalling whose hand was it. She says there was a red thread in the hand. rakshit says that’s everyone in the house. Drishti says Pisacini would have taken over someone’s mind. Drishti’s blouse opens. She says let me ask Divya. Rakshit stops her. He ties her blouse. He says I can do it for my wife.

Pisachini is in the kitchen. Lava comes there. She says where is Mahima. Divya says you’re here. Let me make juice for everyone. Lava says I will make it. Pisachini says to Lava you have to make everyone drink this juice.

Lava makes the juice. The pooja starts. Drishti comes. Mahima says what are you doing in this house? Drishti says I have right to be here. The divorce isn’t filed. Mahima says the process is started. You can’t be here. Drishti says a husband’s second marriage isn’t valid until first divorce is complete. I will sit in the pooja. This can send Rakshit to jail. Romi says should I call police on Lava? Lava says let’s start the pooja. She ties thread to everyone’s hand.

Rakshit sits with Drishti. Drishti takes the thread from Lava and says I will tie it on Rakshit’s hand.

Pandit ji asks son and DIL to start pooja. Mahima says Rakshit and Lava.. Drishti says Rakshit and Drishti. I am still his life. Mahima says do you have any shame? You signed the papers. Lava says let it be. Once the process is over she will have to leave this house. Let me make the juice. Mahima says won’t you say anything Rakshit? He says I dont’ want any drama. Drishti says to Rakshit sorry. He says I know why are you doing this dont’ be sorry.

Lava says Dristhi must have lost her powers by now. Rakshit and Drishti do the pooja together. Lava says have the juice everyone. Rakshit gets a call. Divya says to Drishti we have to find out who is with Pisachini. Pisachini calls Rakshit. He says where is Drishti. I have to tell her Pisachini is calling me. He leaves.

Anjan comes to Pisachini. He says who are you planning to kill? She says Divya. Make sure she doesn’t leave the house. Shekhar hears all this. Pisachini says Rakshit I will make a fool out of you. I know you’ll give this news to everyone. They will go out of the house and then I will execute my plan.

Shekhar comes downstairs. He tells Dristhi. Drishti is scared. She says we can’t let this happen. Divya tries using her powers. Her powers aren’t working. Drishti says I didn’t see anything. I only saw someone being stabbed. We have to do something.

Pisachini says they must be scared. Drishti says there is only one power. We have to bring kaal vijjay to fight her. take care and stay in the house. Shekhar says we are here to take care of Divya. Drishti hugs Divya.

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