Divya Drishti Starlife update Friday 2 February 2024

Divya Drishti 2 February 2024: Drishti cries. She says mama I don’t know what to do. Pisachini says give me the Ratan. Pisacini says yes I am your mom. You will be the reason of Rakshit’s dad’s death otherwise. Drishti says would you go away from this family then? Pisachini says oh have I heart too? She laughs. Pisachini says get me the ratan then we would talk.

Divya’s mom comes to her and says I know are angry. Shekhar comes to Lava’s room. She says what are you doing here. He says I want to talk to you. Lava says I don’t wanna talk.

Divya says this is my right. I won’t let anyone give the ratna to her. She goes out. The door is locked. Divya says you came here to lock. Shekhar says I will get ratan and heal my dad. Lava says I am more powerful than anyone. Do as I ask. He says okay.

Divya stops Drishti. She says you can’t do this to mom’s effort. Yoou all fooled me. I won’t let you compromise this ratan. She throws away everyone with her powers. Divya throws sand on her hands and runs. Drishti runs. Divya says I won’t let you go.

Drishti comes to temple. Romi stands outside. Divya floats him. Divya says you can’t be my sister. drishti says leave him, please.

Divya says I will kill yo. Diva’s mom comes and says kill me first. Drishti says you would fight your family? Divya says anything for my mother’s sacrifice. Pisachini floats them both. They both fall down and faint. Pisachini comes in the temple and tries to take the ratan. Nothing comes up. She looks for the ratan. Divya says I won’t let you have the ratan. Divya hits Pisachini with her powers. She says I won’t leave her. I won’t ever let you have the ratan. Pisachini says I will show you a lesson. Dristhi says we knew you would come after us. I gave that ratan to Rakshit. Divya says we fooled you. You are such an owl. Pisachin is angry.

Rakshit brings the ratan to his dad. It heals his wound. He opens eyes. Mahima cries. Mahima hugs him. she says I waited for years. You came back. Your son Rakshit. He hugs Rakshit and Rashi. They all cry. Rakshit says pisachini must be there.

Drishti says ;e’ts go from here. She tries to harm Dvya’s mom. Romi saves her. drishti says lets go frmo here. Divya stops Pisachin. Pisachini says you two will die at my hands.

Ojaswani says we all waited so long for this moment. Shekhar brings Lava downstairs. She says how did he heal?

Divya Dirhsit come in. Drishti is fainted. Mahima says is she okay? Rakshit says pisachini did all this. Lava comes to Pisachin. Pisachini says they ruined my plan. They fooled me. Lava brings Pisachin’s human ashes. she says my powers will come back now.

Doctor treats Drishti. Lava comes there. Rakshti has the ratan. Rakshit’s dad asks him to leave so they can sue the ratna. Rakshit touches the ratan to drishit. He says please talk to me. Get up; I know you are mad at me. Rakshit leaves the ratan next to Drishti.

Pisachini says what should I do now. They ruined my powers. Mahima and Rakshit’s dad pray for Drishti. She says Drishti would come back like you. Pisachinii says I will get out here. Her powers start coming back. Divya asks Raksht where is the ratan? Mahima says it was in the room.

Lava comes to the room and picks the ratan. SHe says I have it finally. I will be the most powerful. Drishti wakes up. Lava runs. drishit says I feel like something isn’t right. Please turn on light. Divya says lights are on. Drishti says I can’t see anything. Drishit says I can”t see.. she cries. Rakshit hugs her and says you will be fine. Divya screams and cries. She says we lost the ratna. And Drishti lost it.

Lava puts ratan in a jar. Lava comes to pisacini and tells her I hid the ratan. Pisachini says are you crazy. Pisacini says what if Rakshit eats it? His powers would end. Divya comes to Drishti. Dirshit says I am fine. DIvya says I know you are upset.

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