Destined by fate update Thursday 28 September 2023

Destined by fate 28 September 2023: Saroj asks Sayuri to bring Kusum to mandap soon. Dhanraj asks why she is in a hurry and asks her to wait till Kanha and Nakul come. Sayuri says Kanha and Nakul have waited for this day since many years, so we shall till they come. Saroj says they can’t miss muhurath, so Sayuri should bring Kusum down for jaimala ritual. Sayuri walks to Kusum and asks why she is doing this. Kusum asks her to always be as she is and asks her to drop her to mandap or else she herself will go alone.

Kanha and Nakul pick Vaishali and drive towards home. Nakul asks Kanha to speed up. Dhanraj takes Saroj aside and asks why she is so eager to finish Kusum wedding and is not waiting for her sons to return; he is sure that his children and Sayuri know something about Rishi and want to protect their sister. Saroj says she enquired about Rishi’s family and found nothing against them, she trusts both her sons and her would be son-in-law, but she doesn’t know why Kanha and Sayuri are hell bent to break this alliance. Dhanraj says his children are just worried for their sister and even he doesn’t want to give Kusum’s hand in Rishi’s hand. Saroj gets adamant.

Kusum walks to them and thanks them for their love and concern. Saroj gets emotional seeing her in bridal attire. Kusum asks her not to say anything to her brothers and Sayuri as they are just concerned about her and want to make sure that their sister’s post marriage life is peaceful. She asks Dhanraj to not scold Saroj again and treat her well in her absence. She asks Saroj to take her to mandap now. Saroj does so. Kusum and Rishi’s pheras start. Kanha walks in and stops their pheras. He unties gathbandhan and tells Saroj that she never trusted him, but today he brought someone who will reveal Rishi’s truth.

Nakul walks in with Vaishali. Rishi gets tensed. Kanha asks Rishi why he looks tensed. He asks Pandit to leave as the wedding is canceled. Saroj asks why he wants to ruin his sister’s life. Kanha asks Vaishali not to worry as he and Nakul will protect her and reveal truth. Vaishali says she and Rishi were college friends, but she didn’t meet Rishi since years; Kanha and Nakul met her yesterday and are forcing her to lie that she is Rishi’s wife, they even threatened to kill her mother if she doesn’t support them. Kanha and Nakul are shocked to hear that and request her to reveal truth. Vaishali refuses and says Rishi is a kind man who helps everyone, she can’t wrongly accuse him.

Rishi says he had many students in college and doesn’t even remember Vaishali. He asks Kanha to stop wrongly accusing him if he doesn’t like him and asks Kusum to describe how much he loves her. Kanha angrily holds Rishi’s collar. Saroj warns him to leave Rishi, apologizes Rishi, and requests him to forgive Kanha and marry Kusum. Rishi says he will not marry Kusum until the misunderstanding is cleared.


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