Destined by fate update Tuesday 18 July 2023

Destined by fate 18 July 2023: Sayuri imagines Kanha standing in front of her and signaling not to go away from her. She cries why she is unable to go away from Kanha. Her inner conscience emerges and asks why she doesn’t return to Kanha when she craves for him. Sayuri says she can’t. Inner conscience tries to explain her that she is doing wrong by punishing Kanha by going away from him. Sayuri refuses to understand and gets admant. Indu and Bhanu determine to make Sayuri understand her mistake and return to Kanha. Kanha while driving car determines to bring Sayuri back home.

Nakul meets Rashmi after learning that Sharma family is leaving Agra. He hugs he and says he will not let her go. She reciprocates and hugs him back. He asks why don’t she convince Sayuri to drop her plan. Rashmi says Sayuri wouldn’t listen to anyone. Nakul says they are bestfriends since childhood, he will not let her family go so easily and will make sure Kanha convinces Sayuri stay back.

Anjali determines to get Sayuri out of Kanha’s life. Indu and Bhanu ask Sayuri where she wants to shift and why she wants to trouble everyone. Sayuri packs her bags and thinks whhy she is unable to decide and why her heart doesn’t want to go. She looks at Kanha’s photo in her mobile. Kanha watches Sayuri via drone when Anjali enters and controls the drone. She asks him to forget Sayuri. Kanha refuses and says Sayuri is his wife and he considers her as a family.

Kanha is still busy looking at Sayuri’s pics when Dhanraj and Tej inform him that they incurred losses in business since their house Lakshmi Sayuri left. Kanha checks accounts book and says he had given goods on credit and will manage the situation. Nakul says he will help Kanha. Anjali walks to them and tells Dhandraj that she is the lakhsmi of his house and says if Kanha marries her, he can handle the whole business of her father and need not worry about the losses. Kanha refuses.

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