Destined by fate update Tuesday 30 May 2023

Destined by fate 30 May 2023: Kanha holds sleeping Sayuri’s hand and and expresses what he feels about her. He tells how she always troubled them and fought with them but never backed off. He says her face always turned red when she was angry and asks how can she look so beautiful even when she is ill.

Destined by fate 29 May 2023

He praises her intelligence when when the nurse walks in. She agrees that Sayuri looks very beautiful even when she is illl. He asks when did he say that. She says he is a cute husband who is taking care of his wife and loves his wife a lot.

Kanha says nurse doesn’t know their equation. Though Sayuri is pretty, he doesn’t love her. He continues blabbering continuousl, then feels sleepy but continues. Sayuri opens her eyes. He says she frightened them al last night and kisses her forehead feeling relaxed.

He calls doctor and asks him to check her as she gained consciousness.Pihu informs Indu and Bhanu that Sayuri is awake now and doctor said they need not worry. Nurse infors Sayuri that she is really lucky that her husband loves her so much and took care of her whole night. She describes how he called her cute, etc. Kanha feels nervous and signals her to stop.

Rashmi asks if they can take Sayuri home now. Doctor says he will discharge her. Nakul goes ot finish discharge formalities. Sayuri thanks Kanha. Kanha says she should say sorry as she frightened whole family. She says sorry.

While driving home, Nakul tells Sayuri there is a surprise for her at home. Kanha feels sleepy and rests his head on Sayuri’s shoulder, but then gets conscious and feels awkward. They reach home. Dhanraj and Tej perform Sayuri’s nazar and ask her not to get ill again. Dhanraj asks her to take care of herself for their sake as they will feel bad if she gets ill again.

Nakul says doctor asked her to rest as she is very weak. Kanha indirectly taunts frowning Saroj that one shouldn’t dump so much work on Sayuri. Sayuri holds Kanha’s hand to stop him, but leaves seeing Saroj watching them.

Nakul asks Dhanraj to show bhabhi’s surprise. Dhanraj takes her to the kitchen with ehr nameplate on the wall and says it belongs to her now. Sayuri geels elated and emotional. She prepares tea and serves it to everyone. Tej says she prepared a strong tea. Kanha says just like her and feels nervous.

Dhanraj and Tej laugh and give her nek/gift. Saroj feels jealous and tells Kusum that within 4 days, she divided the kitchen and soon will divide the house. Kusum says they should plan something big to get Sayuri out of the house.Sayuri and Kanha don’t get sleep recalling each other words in the hospital. Kanha thinks it’s good that she was not in her awake or else he would have been embarrassed.

Sayuri thinks how can Kanha change suddenly forgetting years of hatred. Kusum warns Saroj not to destroy Sayuri’s kitchen or else Dhanraj will be angry, but Saroj destroys the whole kitchen.

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