Destined by fate update Wednesday 31 May 2023

Destined by fate 31 May 2023: Kajal confesses in front of Satyakam that when Neel married her, she considered him as her husband in real. She says he didn’t have any pressure like her and when he agreed to marry her, she thought he really wants to marry her. She continues expressing her heart out and requests him not to reveal about it to Pallavi or else she won’t be able to handle it.

Destined by fate 30 May 2023

Satyakam says she is thinking about Pallavi, Neel, and everyone except herself. Neel hears their conversation standing near the door and realizes his mistake.He decides to take up his responsibilities. Kajal tries to pick water and slips when Neel enters and helps her. He says she could have asked him for water instead of herself trying to pick it up.

Pavitra comes to meet Kajal and feels jealous seeing Neel caring for Kajal.At Khurana house, Pari throws tantrums to rehease song. Dev expplains her that there is pooja downstairs for Bhoomi, so she should sing slowly without creating any hindrance for the poooja. Paria grees but sings loudly, irritating the family.

Neel says he will go away if she continues to disturb others. Pari agrees. Pavitra tells Neel that she will arrange an NGO for Kajal’s stay in Delhi. Neel thinks he will take Kajal to his house.

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