Radha Mohan update Tuesday 18 July 2023

Radha Mohan 18 July 2023: Mohan asks Ajeet to call Radha and ask her to come back leaving everything, Ajeet starts calling her which worries Damini.Raha enters the warehouse thinking she has to find kaka jee as soon as possible, she after entering sees the napkin lying down on the floor which Parthap left for her, she even finds the pill which assures her that kaka would be in this warehouse.

Ketki in the house suggests they can even delay the wedding if Mohan bhai doesn’t feel like it, Kadambari asks what is this rubbish, questioning if he does not want her brother to settle down as there have been a lot of problems in this marriage so it must happen under any circumstance as it is necessary for the custody of Gungun, Ketki leaves angrily when Kadambari informs that this wedding must happen under any circumstance as it is necessary for the custody of Gungun, Mohan asks what has happened to Radha and why is she not attending any function, Kadambari wonders how would she attend when even if she has accepted her fate it is impossible for her to see him getting married to anyone else.

Radha finds the watch in the warehouse, Parthap purposefully left it there so this would cause Radha to fall in their trap. Kadambari asks Mohan to come but Gungun explains that she agreed to attend the functions, but can he not listen to her one request, Mohan agrees that he would not go anywhere if this is the will off Gungun, she prays Radha should return as she will not be able to stop them any longer.Parthap closes the door exclaiming they managed to trap Radha, she immediately runs taking the name of Mohan jee which stuns both him and Gungun, Rahul comes explaining Pandit jee is calling him to the Mandap, Mohan decides to call her once.

Radha hides from Parthap and his men and is really scared, she manages to hide so Parthap exclaims they have closed all the doors out of this warehouse, and she will be caught, Radha is shocked when the phone rings so runs away, Parthap follows her.Kadambari taking the phone mentions it is enough as the time would end, Gungun mentions not without fulfilling the ritual when Kadambari replies she knows Gungun doesn’t want them both to get married but it is enough, Radha tries calling Mohan but he has already left with Kadambari, Radha manages to hide behind the box when Mohan mentions he would bring his mobile so rushes back, Radha feels someone has answered her call so informs she is in danger as she came to protect kaka jee but found out that the same person who planted the bomb in the bus is involved, she is shocked to see Parthap standing in front of her, he angrily pulls her and even throws the phone. Tulsi is stunned so drops the phone.

Mohan reaches back to the room w here he is shocked to see the mobile on the floor, Mohan eels it is because of Gungun but Tulsi informs that both papa and Radha are in danger, Mohan leaves.Mohan reaches back to the room w here he is shocked to see the mobile on the floor, Mohan eels it is because of Gungun but Tulsi informs that both papa and Radha are in danger, Mohan leaves.

Radha manages to hide, Parthap angrily asks her to come out when she starts praying, Parthap then puts the gun against the forehead of Mr Trivedi threatening to kill him if she doesn’t come out until he counts to three, Parthap starts counting which scares Radha so she praying to Bihari jee stands up requesting them to let go of Mr Trivedi, Parthap sends him away while walking over to Radha assuring this time she will surely die, they both take her to the corner where she is shocked to see a glass box, he informs he is going to put her in there when she requests him to let her go.

Mohan walks out with the mobile when Gungun requests him to not leave however he informs he has to go so walks away. Gungun wonders where is Radha, she prays to Bihari jee for her safe return.Radha is trapped in the glass box requesting them to let her go, Parthap then turns on the water which starts filling in the metal container. Radha is requesting them to let her get out.

Damini is seeing the video in her room thinking today the life of Radha is going to end while the person for the first time has done something good, Tulsi exclaims she is not going to let her get married to Mohan while even protect Radha.Pandit jee asks Kadambari to call the bride as she has still not arrived, Gungun thinks if Damini comes down then would get married to her father which is not at all a good thing, she prays to Bhagwan so he sends her back as soon as possible.

Mohan sitting in the Mandap is just thinking about Radha, she was always beside him whenever he needed help she stood by his side, Radha tried to console him whenever he left hope explaining he has won the battle this time defeating fate, she took out the venom from his body while putting her own life at risk, Mohan is just thinking about Radha sitting in the Mandap. Pandit jee once again asks them to call the bride, Mohan calls the name of Radha, Kadambari explains this Mandap is of his wedding and Damini so it is not right to remember Radha as this might hurt Damini, he must rest assured since Radha is not a child.

Damini exclaims she looks at Mohan with these eyes and even has feelings for him but to see her scared of death makes her really happy, Kaveri coming is glad to see Damini dressed as a bride and she even applies the tika, Kaveri exclaims just as the dress has made her more beautiful she must also turn the life of Mohan beautiful, Tulsi angrily exclaims she will punish Damini for all her crimes so she pushes Kaveri out of the room before closing the door, Damini is shocked.

Radha threatens them to let her leave because if Mohan jee finds out then he would kill them, Parthap with a smile asks if she meant the same Mohan who is about to get married today, saying he will not come to help her today. Mohan sitting in the Mandap feels as if Radha called him for help so gets really tensed.Radha calls Mohan for help, he wonders why it feels as if Radha called for help and where is she now. Kaveri asks Damini if they should leave since Mohan has reached the Mandap, Tulsi exclaims her daughter would not be able to reach the Mandap, she forces Kaveri out of the room before closing the door seeing which Damini is stunned. Kaveri getting up exclaims the ghost threw her like a football and her back is broken, Damini rushes to the door calling her mother, she hesitantly explains that today is her wedding with Mohan which has been her dream since long and Tulsi broke it once before, Tulsi replies it is not possible that she lets her go without doing anything when she tried to harm Radha because she wants her to stop all this madness.

Radha is constantly beating the glass trying to escape while Parthap along with his laugh as her efforts bear no fruit and she even injures herself. Radha starts screaming when she sees Mr Trivedi sitting in the corner drinking alcohol so she tries to call him but he doesnot respond to anything, Radha wonders what sort of problem she in is since she ahs to take Kaka jee home while also protect the life of Mohan and Gungun otherwise Damini would ruin the entire family. Parthap asks her to scream even more, so she must do it.

Damini with tears in her eyes exclaims Tulsi wants her to not do anything wrong with Radha but she would surely have to die just like Tulsi died and they should not try to stop the wedding of their husband because here the Agni will light for her wedding while the Chitta for Radha, Tulsi in anger exclaims it is enough as even Bhagwan would not forgive such an act but she is still a ghost, Tulsi is not able to harm Damini because of the Kankanchaura, Tulsi is thrown in the corner when Damini starts smiling.

Kaveri exclaims that the ghost is once again beating her daughter even today when she is about to get married, she requests Tulsi to not beat her daughter. The entire family is shocked to hear things falling, Kaveri immediately explains her daughter is so excited so is causing things to fall, Damini walks near Tulsi exclaiming she must get used to this pain as Damini can fight anyone for her Mohan, so today even Tulsi is going to suffer. Kaveri wonders if Damini is even alive. Damini explains Tulsi gave her a lot of pain but this time she is the one who would suffer because she did not even die peacefully and came back to this world but Damini hurts Tulsi who calls Mohan for help.

Mohan stands up from the Mandap, Kadambari questions where he is going as it is not a nice omen, Gungun calls Radha but her phone is on the floor., Parthap with a smile exclaims she is calling her and they both play a game with her mobile. Parthap’s friend exclaims they were not able to do anything about that girl, Parthap explains Radha acts like her bodyguard so once she is dead, they would also take her life, Radha threatens to kill them once she gets out if they think of harming Gungun, Parthap replies they are not working on her orders, he exclaims only her ghost will come out of this tank. Radha mentions a mother can protect her children even when she becomes the ghost, he orders his men to increase the speed of the water.

Damini mentions she tried to run away from Tulsi a lot of time but she did not let her leave and instead slapped her, she was even hanged from the house as Tulsi tried to punish her. Damini mentions but she is bound by the vow which Mohan forced her to make as she cannot come in front of anyone associated with Mohan or his relative, she is also going to get married with Mohan today.

Radha is trying her best to get out when they increase the speed of the water, Gungun is trying her best to contact Radha but her phone is not connecting and then it is switched off.Mohan explains he is really tensed and feels something is wrong however Kadambari warns that he would only leave after he is married to Damini, the Pandit jee asks Kadambari to call the bride as the time is ending, Mohan immediately asks where is Radha which stuns everyone, Kadambari is shocked when Ketki informs him that he is marrying Damini and not Radha, she asks him if he is fine when he replies nothing wrong has happened but where is Radha as everyone should have been here when they know there is a wedding.

Radha exclaims she would give her life when Bihari jee demands it but not under such circumstances because she still has a lot of responsibilities that she needs to take care off. She is seeing the water requests Parthap to let her go, he with a smile mentions they all must bear witness that Radha is requesting them to spare her life. Parthap is enjoying the situation mentioning now her time has ended and she will die.

Damini mentions even Tulsi cannot harm her, Tulsi wonders how Damini knows about this promise because she has already been away from all those whom she loves, Damini assures Tulsi would not be able to harm her in all the lives that are to come, Tulsi angrily exclaims that she would not let her get married to Mohan. Kaveri wonders if Tulsi has killed Damini when she slowly calls her to come out.

Ketki informs Mohan there are a lot of ways to win the custody case but Mohan bhai should not marry Damini if he is not ready, Kadambari warns her to not try and stop this wedding because this is the only way to have the custody of Gungun. Kadambari instructs Ketki to go and bring Damini, she leaves when Ajeet also asks her to bring Damini.Parthap goes to Mr Trivedi questioning why is he just sitting there as they must enjoy, they all start dancing seeing which Radha is really scared. Parthap leaves with his men while having a smile on his face.

Radha wonders what condition they have made of kaka jee since he is not even in his senses, she tries calling him but he doesnot respond at all. Radha is worried.Damini picks the mobile asking Tulsi to see how Radha is really trying to get out, she explains she is not that bad person and would kill her quickly after which they both should play the game together, Damini is laughing however Tulsi is scared. Mohan is really tensed standing in the Mandap.

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