Destined by fate update Wednesday 16 august 2023

Destined by fate 16 august 2023: Kanha succeeds in cheering up Sayuri. Sayuri laughs. Kanha says whatever happened is not her mistake, even Rashmi is not bad as Rashmi must have dreamt a lot about her wedding and must have been hurt not understanding Sayuri’s view. He says they will stand behind ready to help Rashmi and Nakul when they stumble. Sayuri thanks him for being his guide and hopes he will always guide her. Nakul asks Rashmi to stop misunderstanding Sayuri as she is worried about self-respect and knows the value of money as she worked heard to earn it. He says even he doesn’t want to spend unnecessarily for the engagement and call 100 unnecessary guests. Rashmi says guests bring more happiness. Nakul says they cannot gain happiness even if they spend a fortune if they make their dear ones sad, their happiness is with their dear ones. Rashmi realizes her mistake. Nakul suggests her to apologize Sayuri if possible.

Saroj calls sari seller and asks Sayuri to select a sari for her devar/BIL’s engagement or if she will wear what her mother and grandmother will select. Sayuri sits silently. Rashmi walks in. Sayuri gets nervous seeing her. Saroj asks if she get nervous when she called her suddenly and asks he to select a sari for her engagement. Kanha and Nakul walk down. Nakul asks Kanha if Sayuri is still upset because of Rashmi. Kanha says no and asks how does he know. Nakul says he knows and hopes there won’t be any issues between both sisters.

Saroj tells Rashmi that she need not worry about the price as she will pay it and not ask Sharmas to pay 50%. Rashmi says she will wear whatever Sayuri selects. Kanha and Nakul are surprised to hear that and hug each other happily. Saroj leaves from there and frowns in her room that her plan to separate both sisters failed. Sayuri happily selects a sari for Rashmi. Rashmi selects a sari for Sayuri. Man Mast Magan.. song plays in the background. Sari seller makes a bill. Kanha pays it smilingly. Sayuri and Rashmi laugh.

Indu feels happy that Nakul enlightened Rashmi and claimed her anger. Bhanu says Rashmi should apologize Sayuri for her misbehavior. Indu doubts if Saroj is trying to create a rift between Sayuri and Rashmi. Bhanu says Saroj gave good upbringing to Kanha and Nakul. Indu hopes Saroj accepts both children and let them prosper in peace.

Saroj calls jeweler next and asks Rashmi to select engagement ring for her and not bother about price. Sayuri walks in. Saroj taunts that let the people know that Rashmi is Chaudry family bahu. Kanha and Nakul walk in next. Saroj asks Nakul to select engagement ring for him. Sayuri says Sharmas will get ring for Nakul, in fact Indu bought one. Saroj says she forgot and taunts indirectly. Kanha and Sayuri select rings for Rashmi. Kusum selects one. Rashmi says its good. Sayuri signals Kanha that its not that good. Kusum notices that and walks away feeling upset. Sayuri notices that.


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