Destined by fate update Thursday 3 August 2023

Destined by fate 3 August 2023 : Dhanraj before leaving for office asks Kanha if he is not coming to office today. Kanha says he doesn’t have any important meeting, so he will work from home today. Dhanraj leaves. Sayuri walks to Kanha and says she wants to talk about Nakul and Rashmi. Kanha says he knows they are in love and informed her already. Sayuri says Rashmi is the most sensitive and soft spoke girl and may not be able to handle Saroj’s atrocities. Kanha asks her not to worry as Saroj will change soon. Sayuri says ok. Kanha asks if she wants to say something else, hoping she will say I love you. She says no and leaves.

Kanha takes juice for Saroj and asks her to rest well and get well soon. Saroj thinks she cannot tolerate his wife, but will manage for his sake. Kanha returns to his room and finds Sayuri’s letter to wear her gifted dress and reach to a place looking at the map. He thinks she is more intelligent than he thinks. Saroj notices Nakul and Rashmi chatting and feels frustrated. Kanha gets ready and thinks Sayuri got a perfect fit for him. He thinks he will make her confess her love for him this time and heads towards her looking at the map.

Dhanraj gets client’s calls canceling orders. Tej says Amitabh and Anjali must have provoked customers and asks him to inform Kanha about it. Dhanraj says let us not disturb him today as Sayuri returned home just today. Kanha reaches a place and calls Sayuri. Lights switch on. Sayuri walks to him wearing bridal dress. Kanha says she troubled him a lot, he will not melt down seeing her in bridal dresses even if she is looking so pretty. She takes him to a havan and says fire is most pure in the world and ends all the evils and wrong, this place is perfect to express what she feels for him. She says she cannot express what he is for her in words and he can experience it via her eyes; they both are KriSa now. She describes its not difficult for a woman to accept someone physically and mentally and she has accepted him by heart.

Sayuri continues expressing her feelings and takes oath on havan fire that she considers Krishna Chaudhry as her husband both physically and mentally. She says they will take new oaths in front of fire to be each other’s forever. They hold each other’s hands and take pheras. Taare Hain Barati.. song.. plays in the background. Kanha then hugs her happily after pheras.

Saroj feels upset recalling Sayuri’s words that she will never leave Kanha’s house and family again. Dhanraj walks to him and asks if she is fine. She says she is not getting sleep and asks him to lie down. Dhanraj hopes she doesn’t do any conspiracy again and cross her limits to separate Kanha and Sayuri. Sayuri gifts a diary to Kanha writing their love story. They both start a cute nok jhok and promises to be with each other forever and respect each other’s love.

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