Destined by fate update Sunday 30 July 2023

Destined by fate 30 July 2023: Kanha offers home-made tea to Sayuri and seeing her nervous asks reason. She says she is fine and thinks she shouldn’t inform the reason to Kanha. She asks how is Saroj. Kanha says she is fine and asks her to call Saroj as maa. Anjali watches them hiding and thinks people get closer in trouble, she will not let them reunite again. Kanha insists Sayuri to have tea to boost her energy. She agrees and sips tea. Kanha says they will go home after finishing maa’s tests. Sayuri says she will go on her own. Kanha asks her to go with Nakul and gives his debit card to Nakul to pay bills. Nakul asks its pin. Kanha says someone’s birthdate. Nakul asks if its Sayuri’s birthdate. Kanha says he has to remember this date his whole life from hereon.

Saroj feels excited to return home and tells Dhanraj that she needs to return home, prepare prasad for god, and food for children. Dhanraj smiles seeing her excitement. Kanha thinks he needs to control Anjali. Sayuri notices Anjali leaving in her car and thinks how to handle her. A passerby offers her a religious pamphlet in which she reads that one has to fight against evil for justice. She thinks she got an idea to handle Anjali.

Back home, Kusum voice chats with Bhanu and Indu informs that Saroj is returning home. Indu asks her to take good care of Saroj and not worry about food as they will supply it without Saroj’s knowledge. Kusum thanks them. Anjali returns. Kusum asks why did she shamelessly return here. Anjali warns her of dire consequences for her misbehavior and tries to pick Kusum rakhi kept on Kanhaji’s flute for Sayuri. Kusum tries to stop her saying its for her bhabhi. Sayuri enters and snatches rakhi from Anjali saying she is Kusum’s bhabhi and Kanha’s wife. Kusum ties rakhi on her wrist.

Sayuri and Anjali’s verbal tussle starts. Sayuri warns Anjali to dare not think of harming her family or eyeing on her husband. Anjali claims that Kanha is her husband an Sayuri is interfering between them. Sayuri asks her to get out of that delusion and become an old Anjali. Anjali says Sayuri killed old Anjali and now her only mission is to get Kanha and kick Sayuri out of Kanha’s life. Their argument continues. Kanha while driving home with his parents and Tej feels Anjali will do something wrong. Saroj recalls Anjali’s lunatic behavior and thinks Anjali can go to any extent to prove her words and prays god to protect them.


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