Destined by fate starlife update Saturday 6 January 2024

Destined by Fate 6 January 2024: Sayuri tells Kanha that she will meet him in another life. Kanha asks her not to say that. Sayuri says Vikrant is an evil and will not leave her easily. Vikrant asks her not to say that.

Sayuri says she belongs to Kanha and will love him in this life and thereafter and asks Kanha to let her go now. Vikrant takes her out and locks door from outside. He then gets her into his car and flees. Kanha gets out via window and follows him stealing a standing bike.

Chaudhrys worry for Sayuri and discuss where Vikrant would have taken Sayuri. Tej says he can’t imagine how Sayuri would have tolerated Vikrant’s torture for over a year. Saroj says Sayuri always had a bad luck and its ruined even Kanha’s life who always gets into trouble because of Sayuri. Dhanraj warns her to keep her mouth and racing thoughts shut. Saroj says she is just worried about her son. Indu hopes Kanha brings Sayuri home soon. Rashmi thinks if Indu’s one daughter comes to this house, her other daughter has to leave. She says she will call Nakul and find out what is happening there. Dhanraj asks her to put the speaker on. Rashmi calls Nakul who informs that Vikrant took Sayuri away at gunpoint, Kanha has gone behind them and we are following Kanha.

Yash and Nakul call police and update the situation to them. Kanha continues to follow Vikrant’s car and asks him to stop as he is taking Sayuri with him and not Sachi. Vikrant says he would rather die with Sayuri than losing the car. Sayuri sits senselessly. Car loses control and crashes to a tree. Indu gets worried when the lamp she light for Sayuri blows off. Kanha with great difficulty rescues Sayuri out of car.

Nakul and Yash with police reach there. Car blasts. Kanha shakes Sayuri and requests her to wake up. Sayuri opens eyes murmuring Kanha. He lifts her and says let us go home. She notices a burning car. He asks her not to look back and think it as her bad dream.

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