Curse of the sands update Wednesday 18 August 2021

Curse of the sands 18 August 2021: Gopika informs Siya that she made an evil child her son, now she cannot do anything. Siya is shocked to hear that. Gopika asks if she wants to hear this, can’t she trust her son, Mann did what Ram did and sucked Mansi’s blood,

she wouldn’t have doubted her biological son like this, but I am his mother and knows to protect her son. She then says she is like Mann’s mother and cares for her, it is not Mann’s mistake as he did what he learnt from the place where he came from. She continues her taunts and walks away asking her not to doubt Mann while Siya stands wiping her tears.

In temple, Guruji asks Mansi’s parents to apply gangajal on Mansi regularly and keep her away from Mann. Mallika asks Guruji why he is stopping Mann from meeting Mansi. Guruji says hunter loves his first prey, Mann will give some of his powers to Mansi, so they have to make sure Mann does not meet Mansi.

Mann in sleep dreams about sucking Mansi’s blood and repeats her name. Siya walks into his room and hearing him repeating Mans’s name checks his temperature and seeing him having high fever keeps thermometer in his mouth. Thermometer bursts into pieces. Siya thinks she needs to let him meet Mansi and walks away to inform Ram.

Gopika walks from behind the pillar and thinks nobody can stop Mann from meeting Mansi. Mann says Mansi is taken far away. Gopika asks him to relax. Mann shows his evil side and walks away shouting nothing can happen to Mansi as she is his friend. He jumps out of window. Siya returns to Mann’s room speaking over phone with Ram and not seeing Mann asks Gopika where is Mann.

Gopika says even she is searching Mann. Siya informs Ram. Ram asks her not to worry as he is reaching home soon. Mann runs behind Mansi’s car. Mansi sees him and requests her parents to stop the car. Father says they will not stop till reaching Mumbai. Mann continues running behind car.

Siya runs on road searching him and stands shocked seeing a speeding car crashing Mann. Ram reaches spot and runs to Siya and sees Mann unconscious on road. They both run to him and lift him up. Mann wakes up. Siya asks if he is fine. He says he is. Ram asks what happened here. Siya sees no injuries on his body and thinks how can he escape such a severe accident. They reach home, and doctor checks Mann.

Siya asks him to check Mann properly. Doctor walks away saying Mann is fine. Siya reminisces thermometer bursting, car hitting Mann and nothing happening to him and thinks how can this happen. Gopika thinks this woman doubts always, says she should be happy that Mann is fine.

Siya warns her to shut up when she cannot understand anything, she is Mann’s mother and doesn’t need Gopika’s advice. She walks to Ram and tells Mann was having 111 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. Ram says how can it happen. Siya says thermometer burst into pieces and Mann is uninjured even after a big accident. Ram says she is stressed and needs rest.

Gopika walks to Mann and asks how is he. Mann with evil eyes asks why didn’t she let him meet Mansi. Gopika says he has special powers and once he learns to control them, she will take him to Mansi. Mann agrees. Siya walks in with Mann’s food and noticing Mann hugging Gopika asks what is she doing here, she can go and have food. Gopika nods okay. She tries to feed Mann while he signals he wants to have food from Gopika’s hands.

Mann denies to have food from Siya’s hand and calls Gopika. Gopika says let her feed Mann. Siya says Mann is her son and she will feed him. Gopika forcefully sends her away and praising Mann for his daring act tries to feed him. Mann pushes her hand away and punishes her with his evil powers. Gopika says they have many enemies to fight and if he troubles his mother, how will they win.

Mann calms down and saying she is right, lifts her up and hugs her. Mallika packs her bags hurriedly thinking she has to leave before Gopika troubles her. Gopika enters opening door and Mann follows her from behind and via his evil powers make her dance to their tunes. Gopika warns her to dare not reveal their secret to anyone or else be ready to die. They both walk away smirking. Mallika collapses.

Thursday update curse of the sands


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