Curse of the sands update Monday 24 May 2021

Curse of the sands 24 May 2021: Ram enters Mohini’s room and imagines romancing her. He gets nervous thinking he is thinking wrong and walks away. Mohini thinks he is imagining their future. Ghagra paltan team says her plan may be failed by Siya.

Curse of the sands 23 May 2021

Mohini says her sautan cannot harm her at all and herself will be out of Ram’s life soon. On the other side, Dayimaa pleads Siya to ignore what she saw and just be with Ram always to protect him. Siya says Ram himself was not in his senses when hew was with Mohini, and she will always be with Ram. Dadimaa blesses Siya and walks away. Dayimaa suggests Siya to be careful when a third person is trying to enter between her and Ram.

Mohini prepares food for Ram singing son when Siya enters and asks her to go out, she will prepare food for Ram. Mohini say she already prepared food. Siya warns to do what is ordered. Mohini angrily obeys. Siya says she fell in love seeing Ram’s goodness and anyone can fall for him, so Mohini should not think Ram’s help as his love. Mohini says she knows. Siya says Ram is only Siya and his gaze just stops on Siya, anyone can love Ram, but he loves only Siya, so Mohini should not desire to get Ram as it is impossible. Mohini angrily walks out of kitchen and clashes with Dayimaa.

Dayimaa asks if she understood Kunwarrani saa’s warning, Siya is kind hearted and spoke calmy, but she knows how to explain it with punishment; she should not dare to eye on Ram. Mohini says she knows her limit and is a servant of this house. Dayimaa says she should not forget she is a slave and like a footwear which cannot be worn on head.

Mohini nods okay. Dayimaa warns to be in her limits here on, else be prepared for punishment. Once she leaves, Mohini thinks she should not let Rana saa eat Sautan’s prepared salt mixed food, else her black magic/bhura jaadoo will not work on Ram.

Ram sits for lunch. Dayimaa tells him that Siya prepared whole food for him today. Siya serves him food and says she prepared all his favorite dishes. Mohini does her black magic on Ram and does not let him eat. Ram stands up saying he does not want to have food. Siya holds his hand saying he should not insult food and have it today, she will not prepare it tomorrow. Ram sits again, but Mohini does black magic again. Ram throws thali. Mohini smirks thinking Ranasaa cannot disobey her and soon will be mad behind her. Dadimaa scolds Ram. Ram walks away. Mohini thinks her sautan does not know that Ranasaa is under her control.

Ram throws food thali and walks away. Family stands shocked. Mohini smirks and thinks this is just a beginning wait and watch what will happen next. Dayimaa notices her facial expressions. Mohini picks food thali from ground. Dadimaa says she will confront Ram. Dayimaa and Siya stop her. Siya then eats food. Mallika yells look at this woman, she acts as pativrata, but is munching food leaving her husband hungry. Siya asks what is connection between love and food, some leave food to satisfy their ego and she does not, asks everyone to finish their food.

Ram walks to garden thinking what happens to him often. Mohini emerges behind and requests him to have food. He denies and asks her to go away. She touches him and hypnotizes him. He sits silently. She feeds food and says she does not like him loving sautan.

Ram finishes food and hugs her. Mohini reminisces hugging her in past life 500 years ago. Ram’s hypnotism breaks due to Siya Ram’s bracelet and he gets conscious. Mohini disappears. Siya reaches holding food thali and seeing finished food thali asks if he ate already. He says yes, but does not know how. Siya walks away sadly and cries. Ram follows her and feels guilty. Siya sees Ram and aks what problem he has, he should share it with him. Ram , which he does not want to discuss with her. Ram thinks he cannot tell her about his psychiatric condition and wants her to go away from him to be safe.

Mohini lies on bed with injured back crying. Her ghagra paltan team asks why she bears so much pain and tries to trouble Siya even after knowing she cannot. Mohini says she will get Ranasaa at any cost. They ask Ram’s which sense she will control next, she could not control even one properly. Mohini says sautan’s love is breaking her hypnotism, soon she will control all senses. Her paltan disappears and Vivian hugs her from behind. She gets conscious and asks what is he doing. He says he brought gold anklets for her. She reminisces her past 500 years ago where her Ghagra paltan team warns her that she is born to wear iron anklets and not gold one and should stop dreaming about Rana saa as only Ranisaa has right on him. She says she cannot wear gold anklet as it is royal family’s right, she wants a talismi/magical flower instead. He asks where is it. She explains location, and he walks away. She thinks it is easy to misguide fools like him who fall for anyone, that flower is in secret place and is as old as her, she will use it to control Ram via black magic.

Siya continues confronting Ram and says she will find out what problem he has and will solve it, she knows he cannot be disloyal to her and loves only her.

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