Curse of the sands update Tuesday 25 May 2021

Curse of the sands 25 May 2021: Ram slips and falls on and gets hypnotized smelling Mohini’s kept black magical fumes. Mohini reminisces Ram in his past life 500 years ago promising her t hat he will be only hers in this life and all lives.

Curse of the sands 24 May

Out of flashback, Mohini tells hypnotized Ram that she can control even his 3rd sense now, she did not want to use black magic and insult their love, but she had not other choice, they will reunite soon and orders him to go and start the end. Ram walks out of her room. Dayimaa notices that, walks to Mohini and pushes her down. Mohini falls down. Dayimaa warns how dare she is to call Kunwarsaa to her room. Mohini says Kunwarsaa himself came to take his shirt. Dayimaa pushes her gain and asks if she is not afraid of her.

Mohini says yes, but Ram comes to her every night, how can she stop him. Dayimaa says Ram is pure and he will not fall for a servant. Mohini says kings usually develop this hobby since centuries and in the end they comprise; maybe Ram does not love Siya, so he comes to her. Dayimaa angrily tries to slap her, but she holds her hand and warns to stop dreaming of kicking her out of this haveli as Kunwarsaa will not let her go, so better Dayimaa forget what she saw and keep silent. Once she leaves, Dayimaa sees fingerprints on her hand and thinks even biggest wrestlers cannot tolerate her grip, how could this girl leave fingerprints on her hand.

Ram sleeps on living room floor. Siya sees him and insists to come and sleep in room. He yells at her to leave him alone. She says he can sleep on bed, she will sleep on sofa. Ram yells to go away. Dayimaa notices that and asks Ram what is he doing here. Mohini emerges behind and controls Ram. Dayimaa turns sensing someone behind, Mohini disappears. Dayimaa says she will fix his bed in guestroom. Mohini emerges again and signals yes. Ram gets up and walks towards guest room while Mohini smirks and Siya stands reminiscing Ram pushing her away repeatedly.

Dayimaa fixes Ram’s bed in storeroom and walks away asking him to sleep now. Once he falls asleep, Mohini emerges under his bedsheet and wiggling her fingers in his hair sings Aajaa re….song…reminiscing their past life’s romance. She sleeps hugging him. Siya cries loudly in her room reminiscing Ram’s hatred for her. She thinks what is her sin that Ram is hating her.

Mohini leans on sleeping Ram. Her Ghagra paltan team asks if she will just stare Ranasaa and will love him. Mohini says she waited for 500 years, Ranasaa himself will reunite with her soon, asks them to go now and leans back on Ram. Siya cries in her room reminiscing Ram’s hatred for her. Ram walks to her room. Next morning, gahgra paltan team taunts Mohini that her wait of 500 years was over last night, what did she do with Rana saa. Mohini says she just stared at Ranasaa. Vivian enters and hugs her from behind and then pins her to wall. She feels embarrassed and asks him to leave her. He says he brought her said flower for her and now will not leave her easily. She pushes him to floor and showing her chudail’s avatar and warns how dare he is to touch her, only Ranasaa has right to touch her. Vivian wakes up from sleep shouting and realizes it was his dream.

Mallika in her weird accent shouts what was it, why was he shouting like tarzan. Vivian says he saw a weird dream. Mohini walks in and says she brought hot choc milk for Kunwarsaa. Mallika yells not to pester her baby boy and orders to go away. Mohini walks away smirking Vivian saw truth and not dream.

Siya stops Ram and asks why he is ignoring her. He asks her to move aside and when she resists pushes her to wall. She hits wall and falls down shocked. Ram walks out of room. Mohini hypnotizes him and says he did right and should punish sautan. Ram returns. Siya says thank you for hitting her. He says how to prove that he hates her and breaks their wedding portrait and then throws Siya’s gifts on floor and burns them. Siya stands shocked and says he needs psychiatric treatment and she will take him to best psychiatrist in the city. Ram says she needs psychiatric help and not him. She says whatever he does, he cannot take her out of his heart. He says he can and pulls out Siya Ram’s bracelet. Mohini emerges on mirror and orders him to burn it as Siya is too proud of it. Ram throws bracelet into fire. Siya hurried puts her hands into fire and takes out bracelet, burning her hand.

Mohini orders Ram to let Siya burn. Ram gets out of hypnotism and panics seeing Siya’s burnt hand. Dayimaa walks in seeing fumes and asks what is happening. Siya confronts Ram that she will never forget what he gave her today. Ram continues apologizing and rushes out panicked.

Ram reminisces whole incident and thinks how to explain Siya that her life is in danger till she is with him and even psychiatrist could not help him. Siya tells Dayimaa that even she has self-respect and Ram cannot ruin it often, she needs answer from Ram for his misbehavior. Dayimaa requests her to calm down and not fight with Ram, else Ram will go more closer to her. Siya asks whom.

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