Ring Of Fire Update Tuesday 25 May 2021

Ring of fire 25 May 2021: Sanjay hides Revathi in a trunk and tries to take it out of house when Agni stops him and tries to check trunk. Sanjay’s aides come to take trunk. Sanjay asks them to take trunk away. Kishan hears sound and stops them. Sanjay hits his foot purposefully and shouts in pain to divert their attention. Kishan asks to take it away. Family gets worried about Revathi again.

Sanjay takes Revathi to his hideout and ties her to a chair. He starts his drama that he will kill her before she reaches anyone. Revathi warns that her granddaughters will find him soon and will punish her, her granddaughter Agni is a police officer. Sanjay says he does not care and makes her call Agni. Agni worried picks call and asks where is she. Revathi says she is going on piligrimage with her locality women, she need not worry. Sakshi says dadi would not go anywhere without informing her, something is wrong,, she does not befriend any locality women. Agni says Kishan there is definitely some problem and they need to find out. Kishan says let us find out if there is any problem.

Sakshi thinks Daadi does not go anywhere without informing her, but since Agni came into their lives, she is trying to snatch daadi from her. She calls her aide and orders to check 2 temples and see if Revathi is there. Agni walks in and says Daadi already informed that she is going out on pilgrimage, then why Sakshi is still adamant. Their argument and fight starts. They throw makeup on each other. Kishan enters and gets afraid seeing their face. They both try to hit each other and hit Kishan instead an continue arguing, then show their concern for Kishan. Kishan shouts it is paining.

At night, Sakshi wakes up feeling mosquito bite and thinks they will not let her sleep, she continues her baseless oud overexpressions and dialogues and thinks because of her and Agni, Kishan gets hurt, she will sort out issues and get well soon. She walks to get water when she hears someone entering house and asks who is it and sees Sanjay going out of house.Shristi’s aides inform her that they did not find Revathi in any temple. Agni returns from duty. Yashi asks why she returned early from duty, if she is alright. Agni says she is worried for Revathi daadi, so she came home informing Mukhri to call her if needed. Yashi asks her to have food. Devi asks Sakshi to have food. Sakshi says she is not hungry. Agni says Revathi told she is going on pilgrimage, then why they are worried. Hrithik asks Kishen to play cricket with him with Kishan and Agni in one team, Sakshi and him in another team. Kishan says not now. KD starts drama and asks how will play with her. Shristi says KD is dramebaaz, let us play cards then. Everyone agree. Sakshi starts her overacting and loud expressions and distributes cards. She and Agni fight after a bit and throw cards on each other.

Kishan asks them to stop fighting, he will trapped always between their fights.Vaishali asks Sanjay where was he last night, she did not see him on bed. He yells that he had gone to washroom and asks to get him ginger tea. Shristi thinks chachaji always fools Chachi, he came from outside last night.After sometime, Sanjay takes food for Revathi. Revathi asks him to free her hands, she will have food herself. He says he cannot. She resists. He says she is so strong even at this age and her granddaughters are also strong like her. He returns home later. Sakshi notices him coming from outside.

Kishen wakes up in the morning and finds him sleeping next to Agni. He realizes they consummated last night and says he is very happy at last. Sakshi joins Agni and kisses him. Kishan says they both, it cannot be.. Agni and Sakshi see murmuring and wake him up. Kishan realizes it was his dream and walks out shouting he does not want to stay with them. Agni and Sakshi’s nok jhok starts again.After some time, Sakshi asks Sanjay from where was he returning late last night. He lies that he has gastric trouble, so he went out for walking. Family performs pooja. After pooja, KD tells since Agni and Sakshi’s daadi has gone on piligrimage, she will not give any tough task for them now. She gives them 10,000 rs each and says they will take care of house from laundry to grocery and cleaning and whoever does better within budget will win next test. Sakshi thinks she will defeat Agni again easily. Agni thinks she has to win even if she has to risk her life.Agni travels in her car and gets stuck in a traffic jam. Two men fight. A wealthy man sitting in his car asks his driver to go and check. Agni unable to bear men’s drama walks out, trashes them and clears traffic. Wealthy man notices her silently. Once Agni leaves in her car, man asks drier to overtake that car. Driver does. Agni gets out of car and scolds man to get out of car. Man gets out and camera zooms repeatedly on his face.

He comments if anyone has to see drama, bravery and intelligence, they should see her. Agni asks if he is insulting her. Man reveals his name as Sam and says he does not get impressed by anyone easily. Agni warns him to back off and leave her way. He insists for a coffee. She asks if he has gone mad, how cheap he is. He says he is not cheap and offers 10,000 rs for her 30 min to have coffee with him. She asks if he is really mad. He says he will add one zero. Agni keeps his cheque in his pocket and walks away.Agni returns home after ordering cotton to make mattresses. Sakshi with her loud overexpressions and irritating style taunts Agni. Man delivers cotton and Agni pays 3000 rs. Sakshi says she bought same cotton for 1500 rs.

Man says her cotton is inferior. Sakshi yells at him. Agni warns to stop her drama and not pester her. Sakshi says she should prepare 8 mattresses as Kishan and she will use single mattress. Sakshi says there are 9 memmbers including maid Savita. Their nok jhok continues.Sanjay walks to Revathi daadi and says she must be cursing her, now her granddaughters are starting next test of taking care of family, soon they will play who will be Kishan’s widow. His aide delivers cotton separating machine and says he has fixed electric wire in it and whoever touches it without slippers on will be electrocuted. He asks aide to deliver it to Singh mansion and pays him double. Revathi acts as unconscious. Sanjay thinks she is dead, then sees her pulse and walks away saying she should not die before he returns.Agni and Kishan’s romance starts. They dance on subhanallah..song. On other side, Revathi frees herself once Sanjay leaves and escapes.

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