Curse of the sand update Wednesday 6 October 2021


Curse of the sand 6 Oct 2021: During Shiv’s Vish-manthan he spits huge dark clouds and gets normalized. Amar peeked from behind the tree. Shiv had fallen on the floor. Ananya drops the rope and moves to take up the clouds. Amar stares at her as the cloud gets towards Ananya. He pushes Ananya away and instead gulps the cloud inside himself. Sunanda and Ananya were left in shock. Amar laughs devilishly over his victory. Soon, he undergoes fits and his body ablaze red. His eyes turn black and suddenly he turns to ashes. Sunanda and Ananya screams of worry. Ananya goes to Shiv who was unconscious.

Mohini says Shiv has performed a huge Vidhi, but soon he will be conscious. She boasts that with Shiv’s powers, Amar’s ill also burnt to ashes. Ananya was worried that Shiv would never be able to forgive himself for what happened to Amar. Sunanda reassures that everything will get better with time.At home, Kamal and Amma ji were worried. Amma ji asks what is cooking, they claimed they were in temple when they went missing last time. Kamal dials the number inquiring about them. Ketki thinks Nani is right and decides to call Amar.

The cell phone rings in the forest. She wonders where Amar has gone. There, the ashes of Amar reassemble into a burning body with shining black eyes. Ketki redials the number. Amar was able to hold fire balls in his hands and howls like a wolf.In the room, Ananya puts Shiv to sleep, covering his body under the blanket. Sunanda was also in the room. The family knocks at the door. Ananya signals Sunanda to open the door. She convinces the family to let Shiv take rest, he felt dizzy may be because of tiredness. Kamal takes the family away. Sunanda shuts the door once again.

She tells Ananya that her purpose has been achieved. Everything is fine now. She wish Shiv regains consciousness.Amar enters the street of Panday Nivas, with his shining black eyes and a devilish laugh. Ketki thinks about him.Sunanda insists on Ananya to go and take rest, she will stay with him. He will be conscious before tomorrow. Ananya wasn’t convinced. Sunanda takes her into a hug. They were alert by a door knock. Ananya goes to answer. It was Ketki who shows concern for Shiv. Ananya hurriedly replies he is fine, and shuts the door. Sunanda says if Ananya doesn’t have to take rest, she must do Maha-Mitanjan’s paat.

Ananya was concerned why she must pray for Shiv’s life when Sunanda claims Shiv is fine. Sunanda says it’s for him getting conscious soon.Ananya comes to the temple corner. There, Sunanda held Shiv’s head in her lap and rubs his hair.Amar had reached the street. He toss the fire balls, the street light blinks.Sunanda comes to Ananya and says Shiv has regained consciousness. Ananya cries in thankfulness.Ananya runs to her room and laughs as Shiv sat on the corner of the bed. She says she was sure she and MahaDev will fix everything. Their love has won. Today, Shivanya is will begin a new day of their lives.

She walks towards Shiv, recalling every time Shiv had saved her. She comes to hug Shiv from behind, moves to his front and was shocked to see Amar sitting there in place of Shiv. Amar replies, I love you too. Ananya was terrified and screams where Shiv is. Amar forcefully hugs Ananya and says Shiv’s story has ended, the new story is only Shiv and Amar’s. Ananya was badly panting and tries to escape. Amar forcefully clothes her arm and locks her hands above herself. All of a sudden, Amar vanishes. Ananya was shocked but he reappears once again. Amar asks how she felt, Amar 2.0. He tells her to go if she wishes to leave. She runs away. Amar’s eyes flashes.

Ananya walks downstairs, then stops at once. She turns around, startled and notices her dupatta was stuck with a nail on the stair. She finds Mishra ji throwing bunch of money over Radha who enjoyed the raining money over her. In a weirdest act, Dadi sat in front of temple corner hysterically praying over her jewels. Amma ji laughs. Ananya asks about Shiv, and questions how Amar came to her room. Amma ji laughs that Amar had to come to her room. Radha says Ananya had agreed to marry Amar after Holi. Ketki comes to tell Ananya forget Shiv and start loving Amar. She says Ananya has brought all the money home and is lucky for them. She does Ananya’s aarti. Amar comes to Ananya and asks if she liked the surprise he planned for her. Ananya clutches his neck. Ketki asks Ananya whom she is talking to. Amar had vanished. None in the family was ready to trust Ananya’s story that Amar took a rebirth.


Ananya runs to Sunanda’s room upstairs. She was trembling and cries hysterically. Sunanda was tensed and asks Ananya what is wrong. Ananya was unable to take a single sip of water. She narrates the whole incident of Amar and the hysterical family downstairs. Sunanda understands that Amar is using his black powers to control the family. Ananya asks about her Papa. Sunanda replies she is looking for Kamal. She tells Ananya not to worry, her mummy is there with her. She takes Ananya along and says Amar can’t do any harm to Shiv in her presence. Kamal was tied with ropes under the bed, and struggled to take everyone’s attention.

Outside in the hall, Ananya looks around but no one was there. She insists on Sunanda that she had just seen everyone in the hall. They hear Amar call Ananya from multiple places at a time. Suddenly, the chairs in the hall begin to move on their own. Sunanda tells Ananya not to worry, she is there to help. A wooden cupboard rolls towards them and Ananya had to push themselves aside. Amar was inside the cupboard and wishes them, Hi. He jumps off saying Ananya was thinking of him and he had to come. Sunanda stands between Amar and Ananya. Amar mocks that a teddy bear must have been better than Sunanda. He shows a tiny mirror revealing a devilish face of old woman. Amar says she is even unable to stand on her own feet, she is only prolonging her life.

He intends to kill her now. He clutches her neck. Sunanda boasts that he can’t harm her. Amar repeats, he couldn’t, previously. But now, the situation is changed altogether. He offers to show a demo. A huge scalpel blade appears in his palm. He gives a 10 sec time to decide if she would marry Ananya and Amar, or die herself. Sunanda accepts death over giving her hand into Amar’s. Sunanda says if people like him could have killed her, she must have been dead long ago. He is only a child in front of her. No one becomes powerful only by getting powers, one must have a brain to use them. He has shown multiple times that he lacks a brain. Amar now holds the blade over Sunanda’s neck.

Sunanda laughs that he can only deter, but can’t kill anyone. She challenges him to kill her now. Ananya cries denying this. Sunanda tells her to stay silent, it’s a matter between them. She now shouts at Amar to kill her. Amar stabs Sunanda, pushing the black deep inside her abdomen. Ananya screams in agony and fear. Sunanda lay on the floor. Amar laughs that she challenged him, and turned out to be a fool herself. Ananya cries besides Sunanda and tries to wake her up. Amar bids a Bye to Little Mummy, as he loved meeting her. He claps at once and her body flies as ashes. Ananya screams and cries. Amar pulls a handkerchief and tries to wipe her tears. Ananya was now hysterical and beats him, then runs to the temple corner and prays for Sunanda’s return.

Amar boasts that it’s useless to cry now. Only a devil can get her mother back now. Ananya hears Sunanda’s laughter from multiple places now, calling her name. The chandelier and lamps start to blink. Ananya could hear dancer’s anklets approach her. She turns back to see the ashes gather again. Mohini was back again in her customary attire. Ananya was scared of her.

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