Complicated Love Update Wednesday 20 January 2021

Complicated Love 20 January 2021:Kunal bends to kiss Mauli who was blindfolded. Mauli impulsively push him back while he falls back on the bed. Kunal was offensive and asks what’s wrong with her, what if he was hurt. Mauli stands up and questions where he brought her, and what’s this all around. Kunal says this is a hotel room, he had planned this anniversary for her. He asks the reason for her reaction, and what’s wrong in all this; they are husband and wife. He decided to spend the night together but she behaves as if she isn’t his wife. He tries to hug Mauli.

Kunal asks what the problem is, he isn’t hugging Mauli for the first time. They are married for past seven years. Mauli says he was shot with a bullet, he fall from such a height; it’s a miracle that God saved him. He got internal injuries that aren’t
yet recovered and all he thinks about is romance. This isn’t the right time, even doctors advised to be careful. Kunal argues he is a doctor himself and he can feel if he is fine. He shows her jogging and jumping and insists he is completely fine. Kunal says couples often get bored of one another after seven years of marriage, but its good they still want to be close to each other. Mauli convinces Kunal to be careful till doctors give them green signal and he recovers completely. Kunal finally agrees. Mauli asks to return home but Kunal says she won’t go anywhere, she will spend the night with him here. Mauli nods while her eyes filled in tears.

Pari enjoys ice cream. Mishti also wants berry ice cream but Ishaan says Mishti is allergic to berry. They argue with each other. Pari suggests Ishaan to call Mauli and confirm if she is allergic or not. Radhika attends Ishaan’s call. Ishaan wanted to speak to Mauli, Radhika tells Ishaan that Mauli and Kunal have gone out for anniversary and might not return till morning tomorrow. She confirms Ishaan that Mishti is allergic to strawberry only. Ishaan was distressed and wonders if Mauli would be fine?

Mauli lay in the bed awake. She thinks she never thought Kunal would surprise her in such a manner. Kunal’s hand held Mauli by waist while he was asleep. Ishaan decides to text Mauli. Mauli was typing the reply but Kunal takes the phone and says even doctors sleep. She can reply any of her patient tomorrow. Mauli was tensed about what Ishaan must be thinking.
The next morning, Kunal asks Mauli about his shirt. She shouts from the room that it must be in the cupboard. She dials Ishaan’s number. Ishaan was annoyed that she didn’t reply to his message last night. Mauli continues trying the call. Radhika comes to the hall. Ishaan takes the call but Mauli cuts it as she speaks to Radhika. Mauli was tensed. Radhika says Ishaan is also a human after all, but he can’t deliberately ignore her call. Mauli gets an idea.

Mauli stood at the door when Ishaan opens the door in an off mood. They walk in side by side. Ishaan doesn’t greet her, nor does he speak any word. Mauli makes him sit and apologizes for not being able to reply to his message. Kunal snatched the phone, else she won’t do this ever. She holds her ears forcing him to smile. Mauli was offensive if he wasn’t angry at all. Ishaan says at least he is rightful that someone makes him up when he is angry. Mauli asks him to cheer up, say some cheesy lines and then eat this breakfast. Ishaan says this breakfast is really special, it contains the nutrients as well as a dose of love. He asks about her anniversary date. Mauli forbids him even discuss it, it was a torture she has to bear daily. Ishaan says he isn’t either interested, he was jealous. He is sure she will do it right, but he is rightful of being jealous sometimes.

Pari sat with her lunch box on the bench of her school. She thinks about Kunal preparing lunch for her, then getting the bullet shot and forgetting her all together. A boy comes to Pari. She offers her lunch to the boy. Mishti runs to Pari and asks why she gave her lunch? Pari says she doesn’t feel like playing or doing anything, she requests Mishti to leave her alone.

At home, Mauli asks Pramilla about Kunal. She was tensed for Kunal’s medicines. Kunal returns home and says he went to bring her a surprise gift but wasn’t far away. Everyone gathers around. Kunal gives her the box. Mauli says it’s not an occasion, then why this gift. Kunal says he doesn’t need an occasion to gift her. She unwraps the box. Kunal says he dreamed last night in which Mauli wore white dress, she looked so beautiful dancing under the rain drops and trying to fill those rain drops into her dress. Mauli understands Kunal had dreamt about Nandini. She confirms Kunal if he is sure it was she? Kunal says he can’t betray her even in his dreams. Radhika says Mauli doesn’t feel comfortable wearing sarees. Dida says Mauli gets tensed even at the name of saree. Kunal asks Mauli if she won’t wear this saree. Mauli was haunted by the memories of Nandini in the saree.

Dida says Mauli’s face reveals severe tension hearing the name of saree, thus Kunal shouldn’t force her. Kunal asks Mauli if she won’t wear this saree. Mauli replies she will. Mamma, Dida and Kunal were waiting in the hall when Mauli comes draped in the white saree. Kunal gets vague flashes of Nandini dancing in rain in white dress.

Pari sat in her bed holding her locket with Kunal and Nandini’s photo. She speaks to Nandini that her Buddy isn’t with her anymore. She requests Nandini to help her.
Kunal tells Mauli that it wasn’t a dream, she has work this saree. He recognizes she didn’t wear these earrings but the jhumkay. Mauli thinks Kunal is now comparing her with Nandini. Kunal says she even draped this saree differently. Mauli was offensive and asks if he is sure it was she, because she drapes a saree only in a single way.

Kunal assures Mauli that she needn’t be offensive, he was with her only and will always remain so. Kunal tries to recall who else was there with them the other day. He complains his head is spinning. Radhika at once comes to take Kunal into the room for rest. She then comes out and tells everyone that Kunal is asleep. She notices Mauli was upset. Mauli says Kunal was remembering Nandini in his subconscious, it was the moment he fall for Nandini. She doesn’t want to hear all this about their love story. She sobs holding her head in distress. Radhika consoles Mauli that she is a strong lady. Mauli says she was being blinded by love and friendship, it was the moment she lost Kunal. And even today, she is crying. Nandini housed Kunal’s house in this white saree and broke her house all over. It took her years to come out of that trouble, but the past stands again in front of her. She says she can’t live each of that moment all over again. Radhika and Dida were worried while Mauli leaves the house.

At Ishaan’s home, Mishti watched cartoons. Ishaan comes home with donuts for them. Mishti tells Ishaan that Pari is really upset. She doesn’t speak to anyone in the school as well and slept without eating anything. Ishaan takes Mishti to Pari, he is sure she will eat up the donuts when she gets them. Pari was in the bed and opens her eyes. Mishti was excited about the donuts. Ishaan asks Pari to eat these donuts up. He touches her forehead and notices she suffered from fever. He hurries to bring her medicine. Pari holds Ishaan’s hand and says she only wish to go to her Buddy. Ishaan goes to make a call. The receptionist at the hospital says Mauli is in OT. Ishaan now gets an idea. He calls Mishti and tells her to get Pari ready, they will go outside.

Radhika massages Kunal’s shoulders while he enjoys hot Pakora. Radhika scolds him for using phone, eating Pakora and having massage as well. Kunal tells Radhika he is searching for a name, he wants a daughter for himself and wish to promote Radhika and Dida to grandparents. He wonders what if there is a baby boy. He then cheers up that they will name their daughter as Nandini. Mauli will be extremely happy to hear this.

There was a door bell. Kunal goes to answer the door as it must be Mauli. Ishaan stood outside with the girls. Kunal doesn’t recognize them. Ishaan introduces himself and says he went to hospital but Kunal wasn’t on duty. This is Pari, Kunal’s patient and doesn’t get treatment from anyone else and is suffering from fever. Kunal invites them inside. Kunal checks on Pari. He says he can hear from Pari’s stomach that she hasn’t eaten anything since morning. He gives her a bitter medicine. Pari jumps up. Kunal says she will get a sweeter one when she eats up. Kunal asks Mishti if she is Pari’s elder sister, didn’t she give her anything to eat. Kunal asks Pari if her mother didn’t come along. Pari looks towards Kunal blankly.

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