Complicated Love Update Monday 5 April 2021

Complicated Love 5 April 2021: Veer follows his father to a godown where he brought the bag of money. A box fells over as Veer moves carelessly. He hides himself behind the boxes, while his father cautiously moves back. He continues following Dad till they reach a group of goons, all in mask. He takes a seat and opens the bag of money. Veer wonders why his Dad is paying these goons money. The goons warn his Dad one must be straight in this business, they kidnapped the girl for him. Veer thinks if his parents got Mishti kidnapped, he couldn’t imagine his parents could ever do so. Someone holds Veer on gun point from behind. Veer turns around cautiously. The police arrests hand cups Veer and spread across the godown. The goons flee as there was an air fire by the police, Veer’s father was kidnapped instead.

The policemen raids the godown and captures a number of goons. Veer’s father was shocked to see him there. Veer complains why he fall down to such a low, he is extremely disappointed in him. Veer’s father requests the inspector to kidnap him and not his son, his son is innocent. The inspector tells him to prove this in court, they must spend this night in jail.
The next morning, Mishti was upset. She wonders how she would convince Rohan that he must love Pari. She must ignite hatred in his heart for herself, only then he would get close to Pari. She wonders why she couldn’t see love for him in Pari’s eyes. How she will live without him now. She holds the bouquet and says I love you Rohan, I love you so much. She hugs the bouquet, and wonders why I love you so much. She plucks all the flowers from the bouquet, spreading them across the room. She was clueless what she must do. Pari is the most important person for her, she can’t win all the love for herself. She wish she was able to tell Rohan how much she loves him and will continue to, for the rest of her life. She lay on the floor, over the flower bed. Her phone bell rings, it was inspector.

In the police station, Naina tries to convince Veer they were troubled by his pain. Veer says they had been fighting with someone else’s life because of this love, it was better they hadn’t loved. Naina tries to convince the inspector that she and her husband are the culprit, but Veer is innocent. She was filled with hatred for Mishti for whatever she did. Mishti had reached the police station. Veer stops Naina and questions how she even thought about doing so with any girl, he was also angry with whatever Mishti had done and even insulted her, but he couldn’t hurt her. Those were real goons, and not any filmy scene. Naina insists that she had asked those goons to only terrify Mishti. The inspector spots Mishti and says they were also shocked to know all this. They got their phones taped, and caught them red handed when Veer’s father talked to those goons. They were irritated whenever Mishti’s name was mentioned. When they came to know about Mishti’s relationship today, they realized it was the feeling of revenge. Naina joins her hands to Mishti to save Veer, he is innocent and unware of everything. Veer also joins his hands to Mishti. She convinced him that loving someone isn’t wrong, misbehaving is. He accepts it today. His ego disabled him understand her point of view, he wish he could change everything. He promises she will not face any tension from his family anymore. She can give her statement against them and leave, they should definitely get punished.

Mishti recalls how loving and understanding Veer had been. She asks to speak to Veer, outside. Radhika was worried at home. She answers the door bell and asks Mishti if everything is fine. It was Rohan, and asks about Mishti. Radhika says Mishti has gone to police station, her kidnappers have been found. Rohan leaves for police station. The inspector asks Mishti how she can forgive these people. Mishti says she knows what she is doing, and wants to withdraw her complaint. The inspector tells her not to get under any pressure. Mishti was firm, and signs the papers. Naina was thankful to Mishti but Mishti leaves without a word. Rohan’s car didn’t start. He tries Mishti’s number but it was out of reach. He walks out of the car. Mishti reaches the parking lot from behind.

Rohan spots Mishti in the parking lot. He asks if she is fine, what the kidnappers told her; did they harass her. Mishti was speechless. Rohan hugs Mishti but she pulls her hands back and looked nervous. She fells faint over his shoulder. Rohan tries to wake her up, then carries her into his car. Pari and Arnav sat at a local food café (dhaaba). Pari gets hiccup at once. Arnav says Pari always take hot ginger tea and gets the hiccup. He takes her attention over the roof and the hiccup is relieved. Arnav asks Pari if she would still remember his ways of this hiccup relief. Pari asks where she is being parceled. Arnav says she is going to marry Rohan, and shift from their neighborhood. Pari says she won’t move any far away, in fact she would ask Rohan to take an apartment in their
building. They hug and leave.
Rohan was concerned for Mishti. The doctors say it seems a case of dehydration or a minor stomach infection. Rohan asks them to hurriedly give her saline, she is unconscious for past two hours. The doctor signals the nurse to take him outside. The nurse convince Rohan to wait outside in the corridor.

The doctor sends Mishti’s blood sample to laboratory for testing. Outside, Rohan’s phone bell rings. Radhika asks how Mishti is. Rohan says Mishti is fine, only a few formalities are left. Radhika asks about the kidnappers. Rohan says kidnappers were caught, it seems to be some business rivalry. Rohan comes into the room. Mishti finally opens her eyes. The doctor takes Rohan aside to speak to him. In the corridor, the doctor inquires Rohan if she had some fight with him, she seems to be stressed or under pressure. He must take her somewhere for vacation, it’s a good way to relieve her stress. Inside the room, Rohan doesn’t Mishti sit. He holds her hand and asks if someone said something to her. Mishti thinks about Pari’s love for Rohan, her happiness and impatience to be with him. Rohan asks if Veer said something. Doctor also thinks Mishti is under pressure, though everything was fine two days ago. He offers to go for a vacation for two or three days, doctors also thinks so. Mishti says she needs to speak to him. Rohan agrees to listen to her but demands a promise for vacations first.

Mishti thinks that vacation would be a good chance to speak to Rohan, else now he might go to Dadi and discuss about them. Rohan says he is really impatient to ask for her hand from Dadi. He suggests Mishti to make up to Dadi any excuse. He asks if he should look for the destinations. Mishti nods. Rohan was happy and says I love you. He hugs her in the bed and promises he won’t leave her alone anymore. Mishti says she thinks they must not tell Dadi about their relationship right now, they can share with her when they are back from vacations. Rohan was ready and hugs Mishti. Veer stood in the window of his room, upset about his behavior to Mishti and her attitude in the police station. Naina comes to Veer and requests his apology, even Mishti has forgiven them else they would have been in jail. She requests Veer to look towards his mother.

Veer didn’t want to speak to his mother. Naina asks what Mishti said to him that she took the report back. Veer asks his mother not to think about him and Mishti, she need not think for his betterment anymore.Rohan comes home. He looks towards Mishti’s and Pari’s room, then comes to unpack the bag. He thinks Mishti didn’t mention about the flowers, she spares no chance to tease him. He must go by himself. He notices that the door from his balcony was bolted. He walks to Mishti’s room. She lay in her bed upset. Mishti sits up cautiously and asks what he is doing here, Dadi is home. Rohan tells her to relax, he only came to inquire about her health. Mishti says still, Dadi doesn’t know she was unwell. Rohan agrees. He asks Mishti about the flowers he had sent.

Mishti was about to reply. Rohan says he understands they must be in balcony, that’s why she locked the door to balcony as well. He demands the keys. Mishti says the balcony door won’t open, it’s not good that they meet this way. Rohan replies Ok, fair enough. He would speak to Dadi at earliest, this would liberate them to meet openly. He holds Mishti’s hand expressing he can’t live without her anymore. Mishti withdraws her hands. Rohan spots the flower bouquet in the dustbin. He complains how she threw the bouquet in the dustbin.

Radhika comes to the room speaking to Pari on phone. She tells her that Mishti was called to police station but Rohan is back now. The kidnappers had been caught. Radhika asks Pari if she told… Mishti interferes and takes the phone from Radhika. Mishti asks Pari to return as soon as possible. Pari asks if Rohan is also missing her. Mishti replies, yes a lot. Pari says she is missing him dearly and is unable to live without him. Mishti replies she shouldn’t as well. Radhika asks why they are talking to each other in code words. She takes the phone and advices Pari to return as soon as possible. Before Radhika could leave the room, Rohan says Mishti had to go somewhere tomorrow. Radhika asks where? Mishti was speechless.

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