Complicated Love Update Tuesday 6 April 2021


Complicated Love 6 April 2021: Rohan mentions in front of Radhika where Mishti has to go tomorrow. Radhika also asks Mishti where she has to go. Mishti was shocked, then stammers a bit. Rohan says Mishti had to go to bachelorette of a friend. Radhika says she never forbid Mishti from going anywhere. Mishti explains its out of station, and might take one whole day. Rohan qualifies Mishti said it was a two days function. Mishti explains her friend told her to take two days off. Rohan jokes with Radhika that these sisters have a genetic disorder, first Pari took two days trip and now Mishti has to leave for two days; but these sisters are over worked and must take this off. Radhika allows Mishti to go, she has no problem. She tells Mishti not to worry about home, she should have a lot of fun there. She and Rohan laugh together.

After Radhika has left, Rohan demands Mishti to say a thank you, he made her task easier. She is lucky that she will get two days with him. Mishti was upset that his laughter will be short lived, she might not be able to give him the happiness he expects; its going to be the end of their relationship. At night, Mishti lay in her bed and thinks about Rohan and his excitement. She takes the keys of balcony door and reaches Rohan’s room, then wonders what she upto is; she can’t break the limit she created herself. She looks towards a childhood photo of herself and Pari and thinks Pari will surely get her love, she will go to any limits to get it for her.
The next morning, Rohan leaves with his bags. Radhika tells him to have breakfast, its ready. Rohan says he has a shoot, and delivery in two days; it’s a lot to do. Mishti also leaves with her bags. Radhika stops her for breakfast, but Mishti was in a hurry.

She greets Radhika, then returns to hug her and says a sorry before leaving.
Rohan was waiting for Mishti in the parking. They get into the car together. Inside, Rohan tries to cheer Mishti. She might feel bad for lying to Dadi, but Radhika would be happy when Mishti would be happy with him. He tells her to smile. They pass by Pari and Arnav’s car. Mishti bends down the dashboard. Pari spots Rohan’s car. Rohan stops the car and asks Mishti what’s wrong. Mishti says she didn’t want Pari to spot her, else Dadi would have known she lied. Rohan promises Mishti will never have to lie again. Pari returns home cheerfully and greets Radhika. She was happy that clients were happy and paid them more than expectations. She comes to the room to freshen up. She notices the bouquet was nowhere to be seen. Radhika says Pari must have taken care of it. Pari looks for the bouquet in the balcony as well. She now asks about Mishti. Radhika tells Pari that Mishti has gone out of station for a friend, Nirja’s bachelorette party. Pari thinks she knows all of Mishti’s friends, she has none named Nirja.

She takes the rose from her bag, then goes to open the cupboard and place it there carefully. On the way, Mishti thinks about texting Veer to call me in ten minutes. Rohan asks why Mishti lost is, they are all alone for past one hour. He wish to spend each of his time with Mishti, since he fall in love with her. Veer reads Mishti’s text message in his office. Rohan tells Mishti he has been working day and night to purchase the house for her. Mishti says it was extremely expensive and will take a lot of time. Rohan says they can live on rent meanwhile. Mishti was upset and looks outward. Rohan kiss Mishti’s hand, and asks her to share if there is something in her mind. He is unable to bear her silence. Mishti asks for Rohan’s promise that he won’t be angry for whatever she says to him. Mishti cuts the call and wish Veer calls her again. Rohan tries to snatch the phone furiously. Mishti tells him to watch out, he has been driving. The car had moved on the wrong way, they skip an accident with a biker. Rohan pulls the brakes of the car, Mishti hits the dashboard. The biker had fallen.

In the police station, the three drivers explain their stance. The inspector says they will have to inform each of their families about the incident, so that they take precautionary measures from now onwards. Mishti was worried what if her family finds out about their outing. Rohan tells the inspector that his parents aren’t alive, nor are Mishti’s. He asserts she isn’t his girlfriend whom he needs to impress, she is his wife. Rohan tells the police inspector that the girl isn’t his girlfriend, she is his wife. He doesn’t need to prove himself to his parents. Rohan joins Mishti who was fearful what if her family knows about them. Rohan says there won’t be any problem, and it’s good that their family come to know. Mishti was annoyed that he makes a joke of everything. Rohan says he has always made things lighter for her, why she is behaving so weird. Mishti says she is fine, it’s just that her conscience doesn’t allow her to come out with him like this. Rohan convince Mishti that his family will be happy knowing about their relationship.


He goes to speak to the inspector again. Mishti thinks none would be happy, Pari would be heartbroken. She has promised to get Pari her love, and had given up her own love for Rohan. She had decided she would tell him as soon as he will return. She wonders why she was unable to tell him then. May be she was afraid to lose him, and wished to spend a few days in his laps before losing him forever. Rohan returns to Mishti and says there is nothing to worry now. He told the inspector that she is his wife. Mishti confirms what he said. Rohan says that she is his wife, then explains they are soon going to marry; he was only practicing. Mishti looks disturbed. Rohan says Mishti is scaring him now, why she behaves so awkward. He wished to marry her within a month, then why she is overthinking. He suggests about leaving. Mishti follows Rohan outside and tries to stop him. Rohan says a lot of their time was wasted, why she can’t speak to him on the way. Why she didn’t tell him about the goons, she has been behaving awkwardly since that day. If it was Veer? Mishti says she isn’t tensed because of those goons.

She only wants to say that their Pari is extremely nice, and she dearly loves. Rohan asks whom? Mishti replies, ‘you’. Rohan says off course Pari is a good friend of his, and would love him. He requests Mishti to focus on their own vacation. Mishti thinks to herself that Rohan doesn’t understand Pari loves him like a partner. She wonders what she must do, how to convince Rohan for Pari. Mishti gets into the car with Rohan.Pari decides to call Rohan. Rohan was driving the car. He doesn’t take the call. Rohan thinks he can’t answer now, else Mishti would go in another mode again. Pari tries his number repeatedly. Mishti tells Rohan to take the call, else she might get tensed. Rohan replies sure, its ok; he will take the call later. Mishti argues what if Pari is in some problem. Rohan says Pari must have called Mishti if in a problem. Mishti gets annoyed. Rohan finally takes the call. Pari asks Rohan if he is busy, and offers a lunch. Rohan says he is extremely busy in the studio, shall we meet sometime later. Pari says she is aware he is busy. She had spotted him outside the society in morning, and she is present outside his studio for a quick lunch. She explains she is free for the day, and even Mishti isn’t home. She says it’s alright, he might get free and then they can go together. Rohan makes up that he isn’t at his own studio, and he has a huge pressure of work for today. After the call, Mishti tells Rohan this isn’t right. They shouldn’t continue to lie to everyone this way. Rohan asks why Mishti is punishing him, why he can’t spend even two days with her. Doctors suggested she must take an outing, and some off.

He wonders why she doesn’t share the problem with her. He wish to spend two days with her, and relieve her from all the stress and tension.Mishti says Pari would be hurt when she will find out about his lie. Rohan asks how Pari will know, only they know that they are together. He requests her for two days only.

He convince Mishti that they need to give their relationship sometime as well.In the room, Pari thinks Rohan told Dadi that he is going to shoot in his own studio. Then why he said he is some other studio. Radhika comes to ask Pari about their IDs as society officials need them for data update. She asks Pari to get Mishti’s ID from her cupboard as well. In Mishti’s cupboard, the bag filled with bouquet flowers fell over. Pari was at once worried why Mishti kept the flower petals like this.

In the hotel, Mishti asks Rohan if he booked two separate room. Rohan replies he booked only one. Mishti tells him to get two rooms, it’s not right for them to two together. Rohan smirks that look at herself, off course he booked two separate rooms. He walks towards the reception thinking what’s wrong with Mishti, he had decided to keep her happy. Mishti was shocked to see Sukhmani in the lobby. She hides in a corner and calls Rohan to leave the reception. Rohan tries to hide his face but was caught by Sukhmani. He looks absolutely shocked. Sukhmani asks what he is doing here. Mishti was tensed what if Bua tells the family about it. Rohan says he has a shoot here, and is here with the crew to check in. Sukhmani was excited and requests to show his photo shoot to her and her friends as well. Rohan gets a call, and takes a leave from the reception that his client has arrived. Outside, Mishti calls for a Taxi for Prabha Devi and leaves in the cab. Rohan was left behind.

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