Complicated Love Update Tuesday 26 January 2021

Complicated Love 26 January 2021: Pari and Mishti say they aren’t alone, Popsy is also there. They wave towards Ishaan. Kunal asks the girls to go, they will join them in a while. Pari takes Kunal’s promise. Pari and Mishti make up for washroom and go for rehearsal.Kunal asks Mauli to leave the restaurant. Mauli says he just promised the girls. Kunal wasn’t ready and says they can argue in the car, he doesn’t want to stay. He holds her hand and drags her out.

Ishaan hurries to them and asks if everything is ok. He invites them to join him. Kunal drags Mauli, she had almost fallen. Ishaan asks in concern if she is fine. Kunal comes in between them and pushes Ishaan away warning him to stay away from other’s wives. He points a finger towards Ishaan to watch out and drags Mauli out of the restaurant. Ishaan
was badly hurt and takes his seat. Pari and Mishti come to their table and inquire about Kunal and Mauli. Ishaan says they had an important work and had to leave. Pari was upset that Kunal never breaks his promise. Ishaan convince the children that they are doctors and had to leave for some important task. He says he is extremely hungry and was excited to see his pizza.

He serves the girls and asks them to eat, else he would finish their share as well. Pari and Mishti say they aren’t hungry. Ishaan requests them eat and understand, then gives up saying he is also not hungry.
At home, Mauli and Kunal argue with each other. Mauli says they were there in the restaurant before them, and it’s Kunal who is crossing the lines. His behavior wasn’t appropriate. Radhika and Dida were quizzical. Mauli says Kunal was upset and misbehaved with Ishaan in the restaurant and pushed Ishaan. Kunal asks if Ishaan is a real gentleman. If Ishaan will tell him how to behave with his wife. Who is he to teach him his behavior? He says he is irritated with Pari and Mishti, he is even annoyed by them both. They are attention seekers.

Mauli says Kunal must shed love for those girls, he is a doctor who treats children with their heart. She says those girls are extremely cute. Kunal was stubborn and says they don’t let them live together, it seems their father teaches them. It’s his decision that they won’t meet Ishaan, Pari or Mishti again; neither personally nor professionally. He goes into the room. Mauli questions how Kunal can assert his decisions over her, she could have fought him if he was fine but she feels helpless in this situation right now.

At night, Mauli lay awake till Kunal had slept. She then takes her phone and comes into the balcony. Ishaan takes Mauli’s call and was concerned; he says he was waiting for her call for long. He asks why Kunal reacted this way. Mauli says Kunal sensed his feelings in picnic, he doesn’t want to meet him or the girls. And it was a coincidence that they came to the same restaurant. Ishaan apologizes Mauli for intervening. Mauli understands that the three of them are helpless in their own positions, she was extremely sorry for his insult. Ishaan says he is worried about the girls. They were sad and didn’t eat anything as well. He feels helpless, he realizes the girls need their family, and parents; not him. He breaks into tears. Ishaan asks how she will meet them now. Mauli tells him about Kunal’s order. He cries that he doesn’t feel right. Mauli hope and pray they find a solution to these problems soon.

Kunal wakes up and goes to look for Mauli, not finding her in the washroom. He comes to the balcony. Mauli had just ended the call. Kunal asks what she is doing so late, and why she gets so alert. He says he understands she is tensed because of his aggression, but at least she shouldn’t punish herself. He takes her inside as it was cold out there. The next morning, Mauli calls Ishaan from the hospital’s car parking. She asks Ishaan to drop Pari and Mishti to clinic. She wants lunch with them. Ishaan says he is going nuts over her as well, can he not accompany them. Mauli was happy and allows him to be there.
Radhika was trying to pay online bill payment. Kunal comes to the hall. Kunal was in a hurry and leaves. Radhika and Dida were tensed. In the restaurant, Kunal had ordered lunch and thinks Mauli didn’t eat anything in dinner and breakfast. Now he will have her favorite lunch with her. He takes the parcel and leaves.

In the clinic, Mauli confirms the reception if there are any other appointments. Mauli and Pari come into her clinic with an upset face. Mauli holds her ears to the girls then hugs them tightly. She says it doesn’t matter they couldn’t have dinner with each other, but they can do lunch together. She asks them to guess what she would have ordered for lunch. Pari judges it must be pizza. She asks about sweet. Mishti says ice cream. Mauli says ice-cream may hurt their throat. Kunal reaches the clinic and was shocked to see Mauli with the kids. He wonders why Mauli is again here with the kids.

Kunal watches the girl enjoying pizza with Mauli in her clinic. He wonders why Mauli is with the kids though he had forbidden her. He turns furiously then calls on Mauli’s number. Mauli forbids the girls to speak. Kunal asks where she is, Mauli replies she is in clinic and busy with patients. Kunal says he was only thinking about coming over to her clinic, she didn’t either have breakfast or dinner last night. He was only thinking about lunch together. Mauli says it’s difficult to take time for lunch, she will order something to eat here. After the call, Mauli joins the girls. Kunal angrily leaves the clinic.At home, Kunal lay in Radhika’s lap still thinking about Mauli. Radhika asks him about the matter. Kunal asks if Mauli has changed. She seems changed and different.

Mamma says Mauli is a little more busy these days, Kunal is free and finds it strange; he will also be the same once he joins again. Mauli arrives home. Radhika asks for tea, but Mauli says there was a lot of rush and had enough tea as well. She denies having dinner as well. Late at night, Kunal lay awake and thinks about Mauli’s lie.It was morning, Kunal comes out looking for Mauli. Radhika says she left for clinic already. Kunal says he got fresh and thought about having breakfast together. Radhika says he was fast asleep in the effect of medicines. Kunal calls Mauli and asks where she is. Mauli says she will first go to temple then hospital, and is in the car. Kunal asks which temple. Mauli says Durga temple near her clinic. Kunal leaves home.

Mishti and Sweety were playing with each other when Sweety arrives. Mishti says Ishaan has left for some work, and Pari offers her a glass of water. Sweety argues she isn’t a guest in the house; then scolds the girl for all the disorder. She tells the girls that Sandhya had to leave this house only because of them two. Mishti argues that Sandhya left on her own, they didn’t ask her to leave. Sweety clarifies Ishaan made her go. Pari suggests about calling Sandhya and invite her here. Sweety asks how they feel when their parents sent them out, how would Sandhya have felt. Mishti asks where they must go. Sweety says they must go to an orphanage, or anywhere; but let Sandhya live here. She blames Pari’s mother took advantage of friendship, Mishti’s father took advantage of trust and now they are taking advantage of Ishaan’s good will. She leaves in annoyance. Sweety stood behind the door. Mishti and Pari discuss that they never thought about Ishaan, he must also miss his mother. They hold hands to leave. Sweety was thankful that finally they have left her brother.

Kunal was driving the car while Mauli was in the temple. He calls on Mauli’s number asking where she is. Mauli says she is just leaving the temple and will go towards hospital. She disconnects the call and gets into her cab without looking around. Kunal curses himself for being suspicious of his own wife. He decides to call Mauli and apologize. Mauli was busy on a call with Ishaan. Kunal decides to go to temple and personally apologize there. Pari and Mishti were walking across the road alone.
Mauli comes out of the cab. Ishaan stood waiting for her. He tells Mauli that her patients are ready to allow her go on a lunch date with him. He asks her to come for a lunch date, they have not spent quality time together for quite long. They get into the car. Kunal reached the clinic and doesn’t notice Mauli and Ishaan leave.

Kunal watch Pari and Mishti walking alone on the road. a car approached them. Kunal runs to save them and carries them to a corner. He scolds them and questions if their father knows where they are. He takes them along.Mauli and Ishaan reach home. Mauli calls Mishti and Pari around, but they weren’t home. Ishaan decides to call their maid as the girls might be in park. There was a door bell. Ishaan opens the door to find Kunal standing outside.

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