Close to my heart update Tuesday 21 March 2023

Close to my heart 21 March 2023: Ginni comes to the den and says seems like Adi keeps his memories here. She looks around and says he kept everything here with so much care, it means he loves deeply when he does. She finds some clothes in the cupboard along with a box. She recalls Adi having it. She opens it to find some toys inside. She looks at baby Adi and his mother’s photos inside and smiles. She says he looks cute when he smiles, I just need to find out what’s giving him pain now. She opens a diary and sees it’s his mother’s diary. She reads the messages for Adi which says to always smile. Adi arrives there and snatches diary from here.

Close to my heart 20 March 2023

Ginni gets scared. Adi says you want to make me angry, do you like to be insuthe lted? Ginni says but this diary.. Adi says come with me. He takes her out of the den and says let’s go.
Sharja tells Sam that they are keeping a reception tomorrow, I think Darji and Supreet are behind this plan. Darji, Supreet and Amber come there. Darji says it’s time to announce to the world.
Adi brings Ginni to his room and sits with her. He says I will remind you last time that you are in this house because of Darji so don’t touch my things. Ginni says I want to talk to you. Adi says who told you about my den? Ginni says I saw you going there. Adi says why do you keep spying on people? I am doubting that maybe you did marry me deliberately, maybe Sharja is right that you are greedy.

Ginni says I don’t care what others think, I know you are trying to act like tough but you are not. You think I am selfish and a fraud but what are you doing? Getting fooled by Sam? that’s why you can’t hear me. You have kept your mother’s room with care but have you read her words for you? You have become an angry man but she never wanted that for you. Adi asks her to stop it, I have become like that because of Amber Raj Singh. Ginni says yes throw blame on your father for your deeds, you are always angry because you are angry with yourself for not being able to save your mother, your anger is killing you from inside, you are hiding a scared baby behind your scary face. Adi asks her to stop it. Ginni says you can’t hear the truth? Come out of this anger, at least for your mother. Adi gets angry and is about to punch the wall but sees his mother’s photo there.. he stops himself. Ginni says break things around to take out your anger. Adi says don’t talk about my mother. Ginni says I will talk but why are you calm? Shout at me all you want, take out your anger and pain.

Sorry for entering your personal space but I wanted to see what you are hiding. If you keep pain hidden inside you then people will use it against you, like Sam is doing. Armaan hides and hears all that. Akash comes there and says Darji is calling you both. Ginni starts leaving with Akash, she finds Armaan outside the room, she leaves from there. Ginni comes to the family. Darji thanks Akash for bringing Ginni there and asks him to go away. Akash makes Ginni promise to play with him later on and leaves. Supreet tells the family that people are questioning about Adi’s marriage so we will arrange a reception gala tomorrow and introduce Adi’s wife to the media. Sam thinks if Ginni has convinced Supreet to accept her?

Supreet says we have decided that.. Adi comes there and says one minute, this is my personal matter and I have already decided what I will do. He tells Ginni that she has 24 hours to stay here and then she will leave so goodbye. Sam smirks. Adi tells the family that I will introduce my life partner to the media tomorrow. He holds Sam’s hand and glares at Ginni. He takes her from there. Ginni prays to God to stop Sam from fooling Adi. Sharja says Adi has already decided so let’s start preparing. She says my husband Anand was sent for work as he is gullible. Amber says at least he is trying to be useful for once. Darji asks him to shut up. Sharja says I am happy that we will be free from this dhaba girl after the gala. Ginni thinks I have to bring out the truth within 24-hours.

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