Close to my heart update Monday 20 march 2023

Close to my heart 20 march 2023:Ginni tells Sam I wish your true face was seen before so my brother wouldn’t have been destroyed because of you. Adi is sitting alone and recalls Sam’s words that his baby would live like an orphan. he is folding a fire stick to burn a bonfire but is about to burn his hand when Ginni comes there and pushes it away. Adi glares at her and says leave my hand. She says no, you can’t do all this in front of me, I know you are filled with anger but you can’t hurt yourself. I know I have done stupid acts but please listen to me, Sam is like that. She emotionally blackmails people, she did it with my brother and she is doing it with you.

Close to my heart 19 March 2023

Why can’t you see her truth? Adi says leave my hand. Ginni says I won’t, you can do anything you want. You call me stupid and I thought you are a stone man without any feelings but I know you are a smart person so how can Sam fool you? make you believe all this? Adi says just leave my hand. Ginni says fine and leaves his hand. She pleads with him to trust her, I am not lying and trying my best to make you see the truth, at least think I was ready to apologize to Sam till yesterday so why I am against her today? Adi says if you want to change your lie to truth then don’t put others down, don’t beg to me. You keep changing your facade, why are you doing all the rituals? You married me to save your brother’s life but why are you against Sam now?

Give me one reason to trust you, I don’t have any. He leaves from there. Sam comes there and smirks at Ginni, she says Adi put you in place, you were insulted and still here? you are saving a man, fighting for him but you don’t know his truth. You still have time to leave from here. Adi comes to his room and looks at his mother’s photos. Ginni recalls about Sam’s words and says she is right, I have to find out about Adi’s past, he is hiding pain behind his anger. There is something in his past that is making him trust Sam as he is a smart man. Sam must know something about his past that she is using for her benefit. I have to find out about his past pain to bring out Sam’s truth. How will I do that?

Supreet comes to Adi and says I have to talk to you about something. Adi says you didn’t need to come here. Adi is packing his mother’s box and drops a box. Supreet says we are trying to find a solution for your problem. Adi says this is my problem and let me remind you that you are not my mother Gurkirat Kaur so don’t try to act like my mother. Ginni comes there and hears that. Supreet tries to talk to him but he leaves from there. Supreet wipes her tears and asks Ginni when did she come? Ginni picks up the photo in which baby Adi is standing with his real mother. She looks at Supreet. Supreet says I couldn’t say anything to Adi ever but I can talk to you. She looks at the photo and says this is Adi with his real mother Gurkirat, she is no more but she is alive in his heart. She is his mother so it makes sense. Adi used to be a happy baby with his mother but he has forgotten how to smile after she left. Her mother was everything to him.

She says look at my fate, I tried to fill in the gap and be his mother but I couldn’t do it. She gets emotional and leaves. Ginni says Supreet might have done some mistakes but she is not a bad human. One thing is clear, Adi’s everything is associated with his mother so the pain must be related to that. I have to find out what that pain is. In the morning, Ginni thinks to talk to Darji but he is talking to Amber so she waits. Supreet comes to Darji and Amber. A reporter calls Darji and says we are still waiting for the reception. Amber says I know they just want free food. The reporter says there are two women seen with Adi so it’s better for you people to introduce his wife. Supreet takes the call and says we will inform you when we arrange the reception, you are invited. Ginni hides and hears all that.

Akash comes to her and says we have to put monster in place. Ginni says I couldn’t find monster’s childhood photos. Akash says he keeps his items in the den.Darji asks Supreet why did she invite the reporter, we have to postpone this reception. Amber asks Supreet who will she introduce as his wife? He tells Darji that this is happening because of you, you have spoiled Adi. We are getting disrespected because of him. He is putting us all down.

Darji says we have to think about our family first, Adi is like this because of you and I couldn’t stop you when you threw Adi out. He tells Supreet that we have to announce a reception and think about the girls too. Ginni enters the den and finds some old furniture there. She says why does Adi keep things here?

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