Close to my heart update Monday 20 February 2023

Close to my heart 20 February 2023: Gulabo is elated and thanks Darji for inviting them to the wedding. Ginni gets a call and leaves from there. Gulabo thanks Darji for giving the contract to Ginni. She says my Ginni has worked hard since her father left us, she takes care of everyone and this dhaba, her friends all got married but she is taking care of her family. Darji says everything will be fine. He leaves from there. Ginni is cleaning the house and is about to see Goldie’s papers but doesn’t. She takes the file from there. In the morning, Ginni is at Darji’s house and preparing for the food. Chachi scolds her and says if any mistake happens then I won’t spare you. A kid Akash comes to her, Ginni asks if he can inform Adi that the catering team is here. Akash says he is a monster so I won’t talk to him.

Ginni comes to Goldie and asks him to take care of the expenses. Ginni starts cooking and sends a picture to Adi. He video calls her and is shirtless, he says what is all this? You should be careful about dressing. Ginni says I am not taking your classes. Adi asks her to stop working, he will come there. Ginni ends the call. Gurleen is getting ready for the function, Chachi says she has bags under her eyes so make her look good. Gurleen is tense so Chachi sends the makeup artist away. Chachi asks her to not faint. Gurleen says I am trying.
Adi comes to Ginni and glares at her. He starts helping with the plating. He asks for ingredients. He holds Ginni’s hand and helps her in cooking. Ginni is conscious due to closeness but keeps cooking. Adi shows her how to dress a plate. Ginni looks on. Adi asks her to see the difference between his and her dish.

Ginni says your dish looks pretty but my dish has love. Adi says dishes are prepared to create an impression, your dishes should look like mine. Armaan comes to Adi and asks why is he stressed? Adi says what am I doing in this house? These people don’t care for me. Gurleen comes there and says I was checking the menu and the dishes don’t have your specialty, can we add those? Adi says how do you know? Gurleen says I used to follow your show so I know what your specialty is, can we add those? Adi says for sure, Gurleen leaves. Adi smiles. Armaan says I was telling you that people do care about you here.

Gurleen is getting ready. She is going through the hallway and faints. Ginni sees her fainting and rushes to her. Chachi runs to her and thinks people can’t find out about her. Adi comes there too. Chachi pushes Ginni away and gives some medicine to Gurleen, she wakes up. Adi asks what happened? Chachi says this girl was about to steal Gurleen’s earrings, she is holding them now. Ginni says no, she was fainting so I saved her. Darji comes there. Chachi whispers to Ginni to remain silent otherwise I will send you to jail. Ginni silently cries so Darji asks what happened? Chachi says nothing, she asks her to get lost and do her work. Adi says relax Chachi, she is a caterer, not a servant, Ginni is surprised to see support from him.

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