Close to my heart update Sunday 28 May 2023


Close to my heart 28 May 2023: Ginni is packing her bag, Adi comes there and says what are you doing? Ginni pulls him closer and says you said that you want to marry me again with all rituals and your consent. So the ritual is that I have to go back to my family’s house. Adi says we can go out for some days and then come back to marry. Ginni says a bad idea.

Close to my heart 27 May 2023

Adi says you have to reconstruct the dhaba so don’t follow the rituals, focus on the dhaba. Ginni says if I go there then I will focus on the dhaba more. You promised to help me so you have to do it. Adi says you will miss me. Ginni says I will enjoy my bachelorette life.

Adi pulls her in his lap and says I promise to come and meet you every day, you have to see how to meet me then. Promise me that you will meet me every day. Ginni blushes and saysI promise. She runs from there. Adi stops her and says do you really have to go?

Ginni says I do. Adi is sad so Ginni kisses his cheek and leaves from there. Adi smiles.Amber comes to meet Sam and says don’t focus on the game, just focus on making Ginni lose. She will come home so it’s your chance to bring her down.

All your games failed so you have to decide if you want to win now? If yes then you have to make a deal with me. Sam says what’s my gain in this? You might go on your son and Ginni’s side soon. Amber says my game is solid. he shows her the video of Sam starting the fire in the dhaba.

Sam is stunned and says what do I have to do? Amber says Ginni is coming back home so.. Amber tells Sam that we have to stop Adi and Ginni’s marriage. I don’t want Adi to even look at her. Sam says why do you hate her?

I can make a deal with you if I know the reason for all this. Amber says I have a proof against you so you can’t demand anything from me.Gulabo is at Adi’s house, she says we should leave now. Akash is sad that Ginni is leaving.

Adi says it’s useless, she is not staying back. Gulabo says you can come soon and take her after marrying her. Gulabo says we will leave now.Ginni is leaving the house. She comes to Adi, they both stare at each ot her. Ginni smiles at him and leaves.


Amber tells Sam that Ginni shouldn’t return to my house and that’s your task. Sam makes a deal with him and thinks I know he is using me as a pawn but I need to find out what his game is.


Amber tells Sam that I won’t let Ginni return and marry Adi. Sam says Adi likes her now what’s your issue? Amber asks her to not use her mind, just think of the way to destroy Ginni. Sam says don’t worry, I won’t spare her this time.

Ginni comes to the dhaba and starts cleaning it with her family. She is sad but Gulabo says worry about your wedding, it’s your days to enjoy and you are doing all this? You have got a prince so think about him.

Sam brings a dress to Goldie and says I bought this for Ginni, you can give this to her in her wedding. Goldie says I don’t think she will even allow me in her wedding. Sam says she is your sister so she will forgive you soon.

She shows him the famoly photo and says nobody can take your place in the family and I don’t want you to be away from your family because of me.

Ginni tells Gulabo that I am lucky to have a life partner like Adi but this is my duty. I can’t get wed when dhaba is in this condition. She looks at her father’s photo and says I will make this right for him.

Goldie asks Sam what is she talking about? You wanted to stay away from my family. Sam says people change with time. Ginni is liked by Adi and Amber. If you make things right with Ginni then Adi might help us with money. Goldie says it’s about Ginni forgiving me which I don’t think she will.

Sam hugs him and says you have to work hard to earn her forgiveness. You can earn her trust, will you do this for me? Goldie nods and leaves. Sam smirks and says he is still a fool.

Ginni tells Gulabo that our dhaba will start again and people will come here again. Gulabo says just focus on your wedding. Ginni says no, this dhaba needs me and I won’t go till I make it right again. I will find the person behind this and won’t spare them.

Adi is working in his room but keeps missing Ginni. He says the day is long with Ginni. She didn’t even call me.Ginni is waiting for Adi’s call and says he didn’t even message me.

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