Close to my heart update Saturday 27 May 2023

Close to my heart 27 May 2023: Ginni tells Adi that he is her partner now. Suddenly electricity goes off, Ginni says what a time. Adi says it has no time. Ginni turns on a lantern, she tries to leave but Adi holds her hand and makes her sit on the bed. They both stare at each other. Adi caresses her face and pulls her closer.

Close to my heart 26 May 2023

He kisses her forehead. Ginni starts crying recalling the fire incident. She hugs Adi tightly. Adi says don’t take my advantage. Ginni blushes and says you kissed my forehead. Adi tries to go to change his clothes. Ginni recalls the incident, she thinks if someone was behind the fire? I have to check.

Ginni comes to the dhaba and sees everything burned. She recalls her family moments there and cries. Adi comes there and sees her crying. Ginni says I had so many memories with my father in this place but everything is finished now.

Adi says I trust you reconstruct it, he holds her hand and shows support. Ginni thanks him and says I lost my father’s diary and now his dhaba is gone. Adi hugs her and says don’t think negatively. Maybe this was an accident, Ginni says maybe it was planned. I am connected to this dhaba so I know everything here. I can still smell kerosene here and I saw a can here. It means someone started the fire here.

Adi says only you take away your dreams from you. He asks her to promise that she will find her father’s diary and she will reconstruct her father’s dhaba. He says I promise I won’t let anyone stop you from doing these things. Ginni hugs him. Amber sees them and thinks the game is on.

In the morning, Gulabo tells Dimpy that I am going to bring Ginni back home as Adi and Ginni will get married soon. She asks Santo to clean Ginni’s room. She glares at Sam and says Goldie needs to start working on the dhaba. She leaves. Sam is washing the clothes and says they have made me into a maid. We have lost dhaba so all money is gone now. She gets a call and is shocked.

Adi is shaving his beard but his arm is hurting. Ginni comes to him and says you have a wife. She takes the razor and makes his beard. Adi pulls her closer and says your fragrance is making me dizzy in love. Ginni laughs and says this is your romance? Adi says yes. I told you that in the dhaba. Ginni says I didn’t hear it. Adi says really? He pulls her closer and is about to kiss her but some family members come there so they move away.

Supreet tells Ginni that your belief saved Adi. Amber says you both matter to us. He says we will do your marriage with all rituals so Ginni has to go back to her house for some days. Adi says why? Santo says you have to be patient now. Adi looks on.

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