Close to my heart update Monday 29 May 2023

Close to my heart 29 May 2023: Adi and Ginni are missing each other. They are angry that the other one didn’t call yet. Adi is hungry but doesn’t eat. Gulabo brings food for Ginni but she says I am not hungry. Dimpy says she must be missing Adi, he didn’t even call her. Ginni says it’s not like that. Gulabo says you can call him if he didn’t.

Close to my heart 28 May 2023

Akash comes to Adi and says you are missing Ginni right? I can help you, I can call her. Adi says she must be busy. Akash says you are brooding because you are missing her. Just call her.

Ginni says Adi must have been busy so I should call him. Adi calls her at the same time so their number is busy. Adi says she didn’t even try to call me and is busy with other things.

Amber tells his brother that it’s good to surprise Adi. Supreet comes there and asks what’s the surprise. Amber says you will have to wait.Adi looks at his mother’s photo and says I wish you could meet Ginni, she is different.

I should give your bangles to her. He checks his box but couldn’t find his mother’s bangles. He gets angry and goes to ask Sharja. She says I think Amber gave everything to Supreet, she handles everything here. Adi gets angry and leaves.

Adi comes to Supreet and asks where is my mother’s bangles? Supreet asks him to calm down. Adi shouts you have no right to touch my mother’s items, just give me the bangles and I am telling you to stay away from me and my wedding.

In the morning, Gulabo is preparing for Ginni’s wedding. Goldie and Sam come there. Gulabo says I have no hopes from you both. Goldie says I am missing my sister and I want to be a part of her happiness. Ginni comes there and says you are blinded by your wife.

Goldie says I have done a lot of mistakes but you can forgive me. Ginni says we had many memories but you forgot everything. Goldie says you have always supported me. Ginni says because you loved me always. I still remember how you used to take care of me but I have lost my brother.

Goldie says just give me a chance and I will become your good brother again. Ginni says I kept trying to give you chances but you have disappointed me. Goldie sits in her feet and says just give me a chance. Ginni says then you have to change, I am giving you a last chance. Sam says we have done a lot of mistakes but I have realized that this is my family.

Ginni says you are part of this family because of Goldie, I am giving you a last chance. She tells Goldie that she is your responsibility. Sam says please forgive me. Ginni looks on.Amber and the family is ready to leave for the function. Amber asks Supreet why is she not ready? Adi comes there. Supreet says I am not going today.

Ginni and the family get ready for the function. Manveen and Gurleen arrive there. Ginni asks where is the rest of the family? Gurleen says they are coming. Manveer says Supreet is not coming, actually Supreet gave Adi’s mother’s bangles to you to surprise Adi but he got angry at her thinking she gave it to someone else.

Ginni says I am wearing those bangles. The flashback shows how Supreet talked to Ginni and said that you have brought happiness back in Adi’s life, you have done a lot for the family. I couldn’t become Adi’s mother but you have given me that right. Ginni says I just tried to lessen Adi’s pain. Supreet says I want to do something as a mother. She gives Gurkiraat’s bangles to Ginni and hugs her. The flashback ends. Ginni says Adi doesn’t know that?

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