Close to my heart update Sunday 19 march 2023

Close to my heart 19 march 2023: Supreet tells the family that they have to control Sam and Ginni. Adi comes there and says you won’t decide that. Sharja says only Darji can take decisions in this house. Darji asks them to stop fighting. He tells Supreet you are right, we have to keep both the girls here. Adi says but.. Darji says this time is about managing things. He leaves from there. Supreet says if they both stay here then we will find out who is telling the truth soon.

Close to my heart 18 March 2023

Ginni is crying in her room recalling Adi telling her that she is a fraud. Sam comes there and laughs at her. She grabs her and says soon I will throw you out of this house. Ginni glares at her and says you can lie but soon the truth will be out. Sam says don’t forget that you are here because you fooled Adi. Ginni twists her hand and says I can’t stoop like you, you won’t be able to lie for longer. You are playing with Adi’s emotions but this game will end soon. Sam says you want me to bet? You can try but the truth won’t be out. I will throw you out of the house before that. Sam starts to leave. Adi comes there so Sam acts like falling down, Adi holds her and asks her to be careful. Sam cries and says I want to go away from here, you married Ginni and now she is putting blame on me.

Adi says you can’t go anywhere in this condition. Sam says you can stay here with your wife Ginni, who married you, took the rights from my baby and is called illegitimate, your baby will stay in an orphanage now. Adi says enough, I have talked to Ginni so don’t worry. Sam hugs him and says I am stressed, please take me to Guradwara. Adi says okay. Sam smirks at Ginni and leaves with Adi. Ginni says she is fooling Adi but what can I do?
Adi and Sam are leaving for the guradwara. The media arrive there and take their pictures. Amber comes there and asks them to leave.

The reporter asks if he married a common girl but has an affair with a foreigner? Adi shouts at him to stop it. He tells Sam that we will go tomorrow. They go back inside. Amber shouts at Adi why did he leave the house with Sam? You have no manners? Adi says who told the media about me leaving with Sam? Amber says you don’t leave a chance to insult us.

Sam messages the media to stay outside and thank them for coming for money. Sam thinks now media will plast our pictures and everyone will be confused. The Singh family will have to accept me now. Ginni is looking for a proof. She finds a file and it’s Sam’s pregnancy report but Manveen stops her and calls everyone there. She says Ginni was spying in Sam’s room. Adi and Sam come there too. Manveen says she might have come to steal something. Ginni says it’s not like that. Sharja slaps her and says why did you come here then?

Akash comes there and tells Adi to have some sense, Sam looks like a cheater and Ginni is an angel. Are you senseless? Adi asks him to leave. Sam says Ginni has filled Akash’s mind against me. She fooled us all and now spying on me. She cries and says I am tired of all this. I am begging you if you have problem with me and my baby then I will leave but I can’t bear this insult. Sharja consoles her. Supreet asks Ginni if she didn’t come to steal then did she come to spy? Sam says she will lie only. Supreet says you are tallking too much, you won’t decide who will stay here or not. You both are doubtful. Supreet shows the video to her and says you went to the media with Adi so your photo goes viral? You both have a chance to be thrown out so stay in your limits.

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