Chasing my heart update Monday 4 May 2020

Chasing my heart 4 May 2020: The Episode starts with Naina buying the garland. The man informs Harjeet about puja starting. Naina prays in temple. Khurana says I will clean all junk in your office. Raghav asks how did you get interest in my business, you were saying big things that day, did you change mind seeing my stocks.

Khurana says you got scared of me now. Raghav says I m not scared of anyone. Khurana says I don’t run away from fields. Raghav says you have to go, maybe you don’t know, my company is Austria based, the stocks did not go on Armaan’s name yet, you have nothing to do with this company, till transfer happens, I would like to take all decisions, as its my company and my place, wild animals are not raised, they are hunted. He asks guards to take Khurana out. He applies sanitizer and taunts. Khurana smiles recalling past moment. He shows money to the guards.

Naina does charity at the temple. Harjeet sits as beggar and blesses Naina’s child. Naina worries and asks how do you know I m pregnant. Harjeet says this baby’s soul is great, baby brought a glow on your face, many pregnant women come here, I did not see such glow, its because of this baby, this baby is Lord’s avatar, I want to touch your feet. Naina says you are elder to me, you can’t touch my feet. Harjeet cries and acts. Naina says I want you to bless my child.

Harjeet gives her an apple for the baby. Naina smiles. Harjeet asks her to have the baby. Naina says see baby, you thought your life is in danger, even strangers are blessing you, how can anything happen to you. Harjeet recalls injecting medicine in apple. She says one bite of this apple, you won’t know how you lost your baby. Naina is about to eat apple. Her phone rings. She keeps apple in purse. Raghav asks don’t you want to come office, come fast, ad campaign meeting is going to start. Naina ends call. Harjeet asks will you eat this apple. Naina says yes, I will eat this apple, I promise, you take care, I m getting late. She goes. Harjeet says baby will go to Ahana and stay happy in heaven.

Raghav is in meeting. Naina comes there and collides with the bottles. She smiles and arranges bottles. Raghav tells about the ad. He says man has duty towards the house, a clean atmosphere, I was not in India when I made this product, man and woman can use this product, I want to tell men to do duty towards the women, share the burden. Naina recalls Raghav. Kal ho na ho….plays…….. Raghav says you come late and daydreaming here, meeting ended, you are busy in thoughts. She says I was thinking of your words.

He says I was talking of such wives, who are loyal to their husbands, this does not suit you. She says this suits you, you were saying about man sharing loads, you don’t even respect women, you are a playboy. He says I would expect you to work here. She says your standards are very high. He asks her to start work, send lunch for me. She goes.

Khurana says impossible, how can this happen. Doctor says yes, there is no one pregnant there, we did all female employees checkup. Khurana says fine, go. He says maybe that woman left the job, or took leave that day. Harjeet comes. He asks where were you. She says I went to pray, I was in temple. She prays for baby. He sees dirt mark on her face. She says I love kids, I got a poor kid in temple and played with him, leave all this, why did doctor come here. Khurana says its my first step to find the surrogate, I got to know where is she.

Ahana’s doctor told me, I got to know she is in India, she works in Raghav’s company. She gets shocked. He asks are you fine, shall I give you water, I can understand, even I was shocked, I promise I will find her, I will get your grandson here. She blesses him.

Naina asks Raghav to start dictation. Raghav asks her to add line in ad campaign. She corrects him and says I focus on work. She gets apple to eat. He asks her to keep apple and work. He says I want to explain people, that its husband’s love for wife that he saves her from all dangers. He asks her to have food if she is hungry. She asks how did you know I have picked apple to eat. He says I have extra eyes for employees for you, get your lunch and eat, I don’t want to hear any sad story. She thanks him and says I will order food, I woke up late and could not get food. She calls and orders food.

He thinks she has to eat restaurant’s oily food in this state. Raghav says what’s this nonsense food, I don’t want to eat this roti, its overhealthy, send it back. She takes that food tray. He says wait, food should not be wasted, you have it, thinking its punishment. She says if I eat this, what will you have. He says don’t think much, sit quiet and eat. Kal ho na ho….plays…… She says its not punishment, its my fav food, that too homemade. She sits eating. He smiles.

She takes the food tray and leaves the apple on his table. Khurana gets guard’s call. Guard says its medical emergency here, I don’t know, I m keeping an eye here. Khurana says medical emergency. Harjeet hears this and asks did anything happen to that woman, I feel restless, you take me there, till I see myself, I will be worried. He says no, that woman was not there, relax, I will ask driver to get car. Harjeet says Ahana, your child is going to come to you soon. She smiles and says its good news before Rahukaal ended.

Khurana and Harjeet coming to Raghav’s office. They see the crowd. Khurana sees Raghav unwell. Raghav holds his stomach and lies in pain. Harjeet gets shocked. Raghav asks what are you doing here. Khurana says you are forgetting even I have share in this office, I don’t need your permission to come here. Pandey says let Raghav rest.

Harjeet goes. Raghav argues with Khurana and asks him to get lost. Khurana says I m not interested to argue, I got my mum to show my new office. He sees Harjeet gone. Harjeet looks for Naina. Khurana goes out and asks what are you doing here. Harjeet says I was finding that girl, Raghav is in pain here, its Rahukaal. Khurana says you don’t talk this here, you don’t know Raghav is very clever. Raghav says Khurana is right, I m clever, my lawyers are more clever, please leave. Harjeet says lower your tone, none dared to give orders to my children except their mum. He says of course, you, your sons and your rules, so Armaan is such ill mannered, maybe he went on his mum.

Khurana shouts. Raghav raises hand on him. Harjeet holds Raghav’s hand. She says what did you see about us, you go and get your treatment done, you will need courage to fight with us. She gives him water. She asks Khurana to come. Raghav asks Pandey about doctor. Khurana says till I get legally entry here, I can’t find that woman and my child. She says don’t worry, we will leave now. He says I have to reach that woman soon, why did I not think of this idea before, I paid money to security guard, I can ask him if any female staff came late or if she was on leave. She thinks to stop Khurana.

She says our Rahukaal did not end, we will not succeed, we shall leave now. He says its okay, I will ask. He asks guard did any female staff came late or got absent today. Harjeet sees Naina and thinks if she identifies me, if guard tells Khurana about Naina then… She makes peon put tea on Khurana. She sends the guard to get tissue. She moves Khurana aside. Naina goes. Harjeet asks Khurana to come. Khurana says this is disgusting and goes.

Raghav asks Naina and her doctor to leave. Naina asks what’s bad in this doctor. Raghav asks do you have degree or not. Doctor says who gets degree along. Raghav says I m sure you are not right, please leave. Doctor says how to check him, he is asking my degree. Naina asks him to show degree and shut Raghav’s mouth. She signs doctor. She says sorry to waste your time, my boss does not need treatment, he has no pain. Doctor says fine, he has to bear pain for 72 hours. Raghav says come on, do checkup, I was just saying. Doctor asks are you sure and smiles.

He checks Raghav. Raghav says I just had an apple. Doctor says I think I should do your blood test, I will take your blood sample. Raghav says no need. Naina signs doctor. She argues with Raghav for stealing her apple and diverts him. Raghav says I will buy a tree and give you, don’t scold me for an apple. Doctor says I have taken the sample. Naina says you are welcome Sir, remember I did this before… She recalls old moment and gets quiet. Doctor gives medicines. She thanks doctor. Doctor goes.

Raghav asks Naina to drop him home. He gives her car keys. Khurana talks to Shukla and says no, we need professionals, hire the top investigators, find that girl, till I get my child, I will not sit quiet. Harjeet hears him and thinks he will find Naina, I have to do something, I will trap him in a plan. She goes to him and blesses him. She says I will not sit quiet till I see my heir I will keep maha yagya at home. He goes. She says this is my promise, I will blow off the Kuldeepak of this house.

Naina takes Raghav home. She makes him sit on sofa. She says I will leave now. He says I did not ask you to leave, you are always in hurry, no leave, there is much work. She sits playing game and says till you think the task to give me, I will play game. He says playing games is your work. She says you said right. He says shut up and go to get cold compressed back, its in Dadi’s room. She asks shall I go to Dadi’s room. He asks why, any problem. She says no. He asks her to go. She says I will just come. He thinks I won’t let you shift here permanently, I know Dadi can get fine when you are here, if Dadi feels happy, I will let you come here, I hate you, but I love Dadi more.

Naina meets Dadi. She talks to Dadi and says I prayed for you on holi day, I have out garlands on radha Krishna to keep your traditions, today an old lady blessed me in temple and said good things that my child is Lord’s avatar, I was very happy hearing it, you know she wanted to take my baby’s blessing, if you saw me in this state, you would have taken care of me. She makes Dadi touch her baby. Dadi smiles.

Naina asks her to get fine soon. She says I need you Dadi and cries. She says I know you will get fine soon. Raghav looks on. Harjeet blows the shank. She calls someone and says Rahukaal ended, you should do the work soon, whatever happens, don’t let Naina reach home, follow her like shadow. She talks to Ahana and says you have no work in heaven, you came to help Khurana in finding your child, you know what I can do, you will see how I ruin Khurana’s life. She sees album. She says Khurana wanted to know that girl’s pic, I will show him such girl, that Khurana will get convinced that this girl is close to Raghav’s family. She says I m smart, see this girl is beautiful. She shows a picture and says once I give this pic to Khurana, he will get busy in finding this girl, I will play my move, Naina will lose your child, I will earn good deed to make you meet your child in heaven. The goons sees Naina and stop her. Naina gets shocked.

Naina thinking to show pepper spray to the goons. Dilraj comes and scolds the goons. Naina says don’t know who are they, they are asking address. Dilraj says you are asking address in GPS times, I will ask my inspector brother to help you and explain such way that you will never forget. The goons go. Dilraj asks Naina to not talk to strangers. Naina says I always keep pepper spray with me. Dilraj says you did not get this for me. Naina says I will get two for you from next salary. They talk and go. The goons see them. The man says some day Naina will leave alone.

Khurana talks to investigator. Harjeet stops him and says I got a gift for you, I know you are eager to find your child, I did not know the puja will show good result soon, this photo of that surrogate, I used my contacts in Austria. He gets shocked and sees the pic. She says Ahana kept this girl in a house, the landlord gave this photo, she shifted to India some months before, we got the child, now we don’t need any investigator. He thanks her. She thanks Lord.

After some days, Raghav asks the doctor are you sure. The doctor says yes, it was a case of severe poisoning, person could die by that poison. Raghav says I just had an apple. Doctor says I don’t know, its good you are healthy, if any pregnant lady took a bite of that apple, she would have lost her baby. Raghav asks what. Doctor says yes, this poison is dangerous for pregnant women. He goes.

Raghav says how is it possible, if I did not eat that apple, if Naina had it, her baby…. He recalls Naina’s words and says Naina and baby’s life are in danger, I have to do something to save them. Naina is on the way. She says its good I got medicines at chemist. The goons stop her and trouble. They say you will lose the baby, what’s the need of vitamins. Naina gets shocked. Harjeet tells the goons that I want to hear Naina’s screams when she loses the baby. She tells Ahana’s pic that very soon her child will come to her. She laughs. Naina runs on the beach. The goons follow her. She hides from them. Naina reaches some place.

She knocks door and asks for help. She finds the door open and asks is anyone there. She hears goons and enters the house. The goons look for her inside the house. The goon asks her to stop this hide and seek. She sees goons gone. She goes out of the house. She says why are these goons after me. She diverts the goon. She gets ache in her stomach. Her dupatta stucks in the wood. The bamboos fall. The goon see her and say its not good to run in this state. She hits him between the legs and runs away.

She hides and thinks I promised Ahana to save the baby, I promised the baby that I won’t let anything happen to him. She sees goons and thinks where to do. She enters the pool and hides in the water. The goons look for her. Goon catches her and dips her in the water.

She pulls the goon and throws him in the pool. She goes out of the pool. She tries to run away. The goons stop her. She takes a digging tool in hand and asks why are you after me, don’t come close. The goon holds the axe and throws it. They catch her. A kinner comes there and scolds the goons for troubling a girl. Naina asks kinner to help her. Goon argues with kinner. Kinner asks them to leave the girl. Kinner beats the goons. The goons attack the kinner. Naina asks are you fine. Kinner says I m fine, you run from here. The goons catch the kinner and Naina as well.

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