Chasing my heart update Tuesday 5 May 2020

Chasing my heart 5 May 2020: goons catch the kinner and Naina. Harjeet hears Naina’s screaming. Goon asks Naina to shout aloud. He asks Harjeet to hear her. Raghav says you will scream more than her. Harjeet says Raghav Mehra came there, its good thing, you know what to do now.

Chasing my heart 4 May 2020 update

Raghav says you call yourself a man, if you have courage, fight with real man and show. He beats the goons. The goon holds Naina and says don’t come ahead, I will kill her. Raghav beats him and says police is going to come, your game is over.

Naina tears her dupatta and ties to Kinner. Raghav says tell me who has sent you. He beats them. Naina says who are these men, why are they after me. Naina calls out Raghav and shows a man. Raghav catches the man near the pool and asks to whom were you talking. The goon says I will say and throws his phone in the pool. Raghav asks what are you hiding, tell me. Naina comes there. The goon says you gave me money to attack on Naina. Naina and Raghav get shocked.

Raghav asks what happened, you are lying, tell me who has sent you. The goon says I m not lying, you asked me to kill Naina’s baby, if you did not know, how did you come here. The goons runs. Raghav says Naina, that man was lying, its not true. She says you hate me so much, you are giving me such big punishment. He says no, that man was lying.

Harjeet says Raghav did not know who attacked Naina, and Naina thinks Raghav is her enemy, it happened as I wanted, good. She says sorry Ahana, you have to wait to meet your baby, who is this Naina, where did you get her, and why does Raghav come to save her always, he ate poisonous apple and saved her from goons, which employer worry for employee so much, I felt this that Raghav can spoil my plan, so I made this backup plan, if goons kill your child, blame will go on Raghav, what’s relation between Raghav and Naina. She gets a call and says fine, come and meet.

Raghav gets water for Naina. She throws it away. He says that man was acting, you believe him more than me. She says you did not make me believe you ever. He says fantastic, think anything, I will not explain. She says its not first time you lied, why will that man make story. He says they were not ordinary thieves. She says I know, they came after me on your saying.

He says that man was clever and lied, why would he throw phone in water, someone is after you, I don’t know who. She says I just know one such man, you hate me and my child, I left you because of this child, so you can’t tolerate this, you always insult me, I fired Parth from office and insulted me, this is hatred. He says you cheated me, you don’t know keeping relations, you think I attacked you, fine, I have sent the goons, what will you do. She says take revenge from me, not my child. He says I did not do wrong, I m not scared of you. She says even I m not scared of you, a mum can take Durga Maa avatar to save my child, remember this. He says fine, get lost, don’t give me this attitude. She says I hate you, I did not know you can fall so low. He says maybe I was such before. She says yes, I did mistake in knowing you. He says you know me now. She says stay away from my child, else none will be bad than me. She goes. Kal ho na ho……plays………..They cry.

Pam and Ira come to meet Harjeet. Harjeet says you know what you did with my son. Pam says we have to do something to trap this golden bird. Harjeet says Raghav arrested my son by using his secretary. Ira says no, they both did this. Pam says Raghav and Naina have aim to take revenge. Harjeet asks what enmity she has with you. Pam says Naina and Raghav are husband and wife, she is Raghav’s ex wife, their divorce happened, but they want to ruin our life. Ira says I will die if I don’t marry Armaan.

Harjeet says I understand everything now, love you. Ira says it means Armaan and my marriage will happen. Pam says we will meet to discuss things. Harjeet says of course, you can leave you. Pam thanks her and leaves with Ira.

Harjeet says Naina is Raghav’s ex wife, Ahana’s baby is in Naina’s womb, so he always saved Naina, they are like Rahu Ketu, they don’t know with whom are they dealing, I know what to do now.

Zeenu says what does Raghav think, come with me Naina. Dilraj says sit down. Naina cries. Zeenu says I will not leave him. Dilraj says we have to think well to win this fight. Naina says I took decision, I will go away from here, away from Raghav. Dilraj says you want to leave us, I will slap you. Naina asks what shall I do, Raghav is my ex husband, he wants to kill my child, because the child is of someone else, he hates me, how can I stay here, how will I secure my baby. Dilraj asks where will you run, this way you will encourage him, we are with you, Raghav can’t do anything, I m a social worker and saw such cases, I know how to handle such people, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you, now smile.

Pandey says you will trap me in big problem. Khurana says problem won’t come on you. Pandey says Raghav will fire me. Khurana says I m half owner of this company. Pandey says I will do what you say. Khurana says very good, you are smart, see this pic and tell me does this girl work here. Pandey says keep it inside, Raghav will not leave us if he sees us, this girl is Raghav’s GF. Khurana gets shocked.

Dilraj, Naina and Zeenu get socked seeing police. Naina asks inspector what happened. Raghav says they came to help us Naina. Naina asks how dare you come here. Dilraj signs who. Naina says his name is Raghav Mehra, he has sent goons after me and now got inspector, maybe he has new plans. Raghav says our differences should not affect baby, tension is not good for our baby. Naina gets shocked.

Raghav saying tension is not good for our child. Naina asks our child, are you drunk. Raghav asks inspector to see her annoyance. Inspector says why is she denying about child. Raghav says she is angry and does not want to say this is my child. Dilraj says you should have been an actor or politician, you act well, we were going to complain about you, and you came here. He says Dilraj, can I call you Didi. She says no, call me Miss. Kaur. He says fine, I m not acting, I realized my mistake, I really changed, so I came here. He asks Naina not to be angry. She reminds their divorce happened. He says yes, you gave me divorce, but I did not give you divorce. She asks what.

He shows the papers and says it has your signs, I never filed it, my signs are not there. Naina checks and says its a lie, you signed first and sent me papers, its fake papers. He says you are blaming me, I m law abiding citizen, I can’t think to break laws, Naina signed papers, we are still married. Naina says I will kill you. She gets dizzy. Dilraj says this man is troubling Naina. He says its my new plan to take care of our child. Naina says but this is…. He says come home with me, don’t be angry, think if this was my game plan, why would I get police, I want to take Naina with me. She asks is this any joke.

Pandey says this girl is Raghav’s GF Sonali, who said she works in our office. Khurana asks where does she work. Pandey says she is doctor, you please leave, Raghav can come anytime. He goes. Khurana says Raghav claimed to love his wife in Austria, here he has a GF, strange, if this girl is doctor, why will she become surrogate of Ahana, anything can happen, I have to reach her anyway for my child, I can’t be away from my child.

Inspector says Raghav will prove you wrong, you have to come to us, if he says he will take care of you, go with him, give him a chance, if he does not stay well, you can contact us, I called social worker to help you. Dilraj says I m social worker, I m there for Naina, I will go with Naina. Raghav says fine, come, we will stay together. Zeenu asks will I stay alone. Raghav says no, come with us, my house is big, I m glad to get two sister in laws. Dilraj says my eyes will be on you, if you hurt Naina, I will not leave you.

He says I will not give you chance to complain, Naina we are going our home. Naina goes to pack bags. Khurana goes to meet Sonali and rehearses. He says you have my child in your womb. He sees papaya plate and says how can she eat papaya, she does not care for my child. He rehearses again and says how can you eat papaya knowing it can be dangerous for baby. He asks a man about Sonali. The man says she left, she would be waiting for taxi outside. Sonali waits for auto. She thinks she forgot patient file and collides with Khurana. He says you can’t be careless in this state. She asks what. He says I m Rehaan Khurana, I had appointment with you. She says yes sorry, there is an emergency. He asks shall I drop you, we can talk on the way. She says sure, I will get file.

Sudha says don’t know what’s going on in Raghav’s mind, he ordered on phone to get room cleaned, and healthy food. Pam says I think he is bringing Armaan from jail. Sudha laughs and says you clean your mind, go to spa, you really think Raghav will get Armaan. Raghav comes. Sudha says you came, we decorated master bedroom and got everything from market, can we ask, who is coming. Pam says we made aarti plate ready, maybe Raghav wants us to do this for him. Raghav says you have to pamper Naina. They get shocked.

He says Naina, Zeenu and Dilraj will stay with us here. He asks them to take care of Naina. Sudha asks will they stay here. Pam says you made Naina leave. He asks them to welcome Naina by all rituals as she is bahu. Sudha and Pam go to get kalash. Raghav assks are you sure now that I changed. She says I believe the goons whom you sent to take my life.

Sonali and Khurana are on the way. Sonali asks Khurana what’s the matter. He says I prepared speech to talk. She says I m doctor, if I have to treat you, you tell me everything clearly. He says I don’t need treatment, how to say, its so difficult, you have my child in your womb. She asks what. He says I know you are shocked, my wife did this treatment by hiding, you know its illegal in Austria, why did you help my wife. She says stop the car, are you fine, you think I will become surrogate, I mean I m unmarried and you think so, how did you think this. He says you mean you don’t know Ahana. She says I went Austria on holiday, I don’t know Ahana. He says you will say you won’t know Raghav, someone from his office called the doctor. She says Raghav and I are just dating, you are wrong. He says who can it be. She says Naina Batra works in his office, she is pregnant. He asks do you know her. She says yes, she is his secretary. He says Naina Batra.

Sudha and Pam do Naina’s aarti and welcome her by all rituals. Naina steps inside the house. Zeenu asks Sudha to make pizza for her. Dilraj says make butter paratha for me. Naina says I will manage. I m getting late for office, I have no time to plan revenge. She goes. Dilraj and Zeenu go with her. Sudha says Raghav, whatever Naina did, you got her home. Pam reminds what Naina did. He says I remember, this is my house, even you two did a lot, shall I make you leave, why will I make my wife leave, Dadi gets fine because of Naina, that’s the reason. Sudha says great. He thinks I m sure someone does not want Naina’s baby to come in world, I won’t let anything happen to baby, his life is more than my hatred.

Khurana coming to Mehra office. He sees Pandey and goes to him. He asks does Naina Batra work here. Pandey says yes, but why. Khurana holds his collar and says your work is not to ask, just to give answer, where is Naina Batra. Naina comes and says I m Naina Batra. He turns and sees her. She recalls their meeting. He sees her stomach. He says you… are Naina Batra. She says yes, so? He says how can you be, you are Naina Mehra, Raghav Mehra’s wife. Pandey and everyone get shocked. The lady asks how, did we see them talking, it means they fooled us. Rajan says Raghav favors Naina always and change rules. Pandey says I did not think this in dream, that Raghav and Naina have such relation.

Khurana asks how did you become Naina Batra suddenly. She says its none of your business. He says its absolutely my business. He shows Ahana’s pic and says you know her. She says Ahana. He says yes, the late Ahana Khurana, married to Rehaan Khurana, you will remember you have our Amanat.

Naina recalls Ahana’s words and thinks he does not want Ahana’s child to come in world, how did he reach me, I have to do something. He asks why are you silent, why did your face turn pale. She says you thought I will be glad meeting you, we should talk. He says exactly, we have to talk.

He says you have my baby in your womb, I m the father of the child. Naina gets shocked and holds her tummy. She says what rubbish, stay in limit and talk. He says you can’t hide truth, I can see you are pregnant, Ahana made you surrogate. She scolds him and asks how dare you say such cheap thing, I m pregnant with my husband’s child.

She says I m a happily married woman and shows her ring. She says I m married to a rich and successful businessman, why will I do this, if my husband knows this blame, you are saying its your child, then even Lord can’t save you. He says I m not scared of Lord and devil, none can stop me from finding my child, you will say you don’t know Ahana. Naina says I know her, we were friends, it does not mean I m her surrogate. He asks what about calls made from this office to Austria’s doctor.

She says this is my phone, check, I did not call any doctor, what happened, you are shocked. He says no, I m angry on you, you are lying, I don’t know why are you doing this. Naina says I know you are rude and clever businessman, who can go to any extent to fail rivals, you are doing this as Raghav is equal to you, Raghav does charity everywhere, maybe our staff called doctor from here about charity, this can happen right. He says enough. She shouts enough, leave from here, I will call Raghav, don’t think of doing this discussion again. He leaves. She says did you see, he is your dad, Ahana told me he does not want this child, what shall I do, I will not let anything happen to you, you are mine, none can separate you from me.

Pam and Sudha see the long list. Pam asks will three women eat so much food, we have to go. Sudha says just see, what I do, I ordered food from restaurant. Pam says I love you. Sudha says if Raghav sees us, he will give us work. Zeenu stops them and asks where are you going. Sudha says I m not your aunty. Pam says we did not tell even our Saas, who are you. Dilraj comes and asks why are you angry, your Saas is bed ridden, I will ask Raghav. Sudha says no need to ask him, we are going for high tea. Dilraj asks what. Pam says we are going for event. Dilraj jokes on them.

Sudha and Pam argue. They say we are pure now by gangajal. Dilraj pours gangajal on them. Pam says its enough, thanks. Sudha and Pam go. Zeenu says you are amazing. Dilraj says now they will know what’s sprinkled on them.

Raghav keeps a phone. The guy says thanks, I don’t want new phone. Raghav says its damaged, you have to fix this, it fell in water, I can give this to shop, I don’t want anyone to know the secrets, I want to know call log, I trust you. The guy thanks him. Raghav thinks maybe I can find out why Naina was attacked and by whom.

Pam and Sudha hide food boxes and lie to Zeenu and Dilraj. Dilraj says it was not gangajal, Gaumutra. Zeenu tells them. Pam and Sudha get shocked. Dilraj says all evil go away by it, you got pure, you can wash your sins, cook food soon, talk less. They go. Pam gets angry. Sudha says calm down, we should be calm, I will make them have such food that they faint, I will make food more yummy. She adds salt and chilli powder. Pam and Sudha mix it.

They serve food. Sudha says we worked hard and hope you like it. She asks Naina to have green leafy veg dish. Raghav comes and says you both worked a lot, get my plate too. Sudha says you came early today. He asks for food. Pam serves him. They worry. He asks them to have food first as they made food by hardwork.

He holds Naina’s hand and stops her. He asks Sudha and Pam to take first bite. Sudha says I m on diet. Pam serves dish to Sudha. Sudha and Pam eat roti. He asks them to eat with curry. They eat and cough. They go.

Raghav leaves Naina’s hand. He says did you see, I m not your enemy, I m saving you from enemies. Naina says I don’t believe anything you say, Sudha and Pam attacked on face, your attack is not seen. He says I wish I could clear misunderstanding.


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