Mehek update Tuesday 5 May 2020

Mehek 5 May 2020: Mahek says to Kanta that I wanted to say that Ajay.. Pammi comes there with Ajay and Pundit and says should we join breakfast? Kanta says come inside, this is your house. She greets Pammi, Ajay greets everyone. Kanta asks Mahek to touch Pammi’s feet, Mahek does, Pammi blesses her.

<< Mehek Monday 4 May 2020

Pammi says to Kanta that I was missing daughter in life but Mahek is coming in our house, I thought why to wait for wedding now so I have brought pundit with me to fix Ajay and Mahek’s wedding date, Mahek panics and says wait, she says to Kanta that I want to talk to you.

Pammi and Ajay get tensed, Pammi says we are not taking you rightnow, we have come to fix date of wedding only, you will get time to talk to Kanta, don’t disturb her now. Mahek says I want to talk to Chachi now. Ajay says I wanted to talk to you Mahek, let them do this but I have to talk to you something important. Mahek says first I will talk to Chachi, Ajay says try to understand, I have to talk to you something important alone, Kanta says go and talk to him, Mahek glares Ajay and goes, Ajay nods at Pammi and goes behid Mahek.

Mahek comes terrace, Ajay comes there too and sits in Mahek’s feet, Mahek says what are you doing? Ajay says baby forgive me, beat me with your boot, I should get punished. Mahek says stand up, he does. Ajay says I cant even look at you that’s why wearing glasses, we met on this terrace first time, you can beat me, he gives her his shoes, she throws it away, Ajay says don’t leave me, I did mistake once but wont happen again, I cant find girl like you on google too, i am sorry for what happened last night, Mahek says i am plain girl wearing shalwar suit so don’t waste time on me, Ajay says don’t say this, my whole life is dedicated to you, Mahek says do you even know what you did with me last night?

Ajay says its wine’s mistake, i will never touch it again, you have to trust me, i can promise to not repeat last night’s mistake again, do what you want but think about our family’s respects, everyone knows about our roka, anything can happen to me but think about your family’s respect, your respect was questioned when poster incident happened and if this wedding breaks too then your family wont be able to bear it. He shows her ring(which Pammi gave him) and says i brought it for you, please wear it, i wont do any mistake again, think about your and my family, what will they think? please wear it, Mahek thinks and looks at ring.

Nehal comes on site’s roof, she comes on edge of roof and recalls Ajay’s words that boys dont marry characterless girls like her, how Pammi insulted her. Shaurya is leaving site but he sees Nehal standing on edge of roof and says oh my God.. she is.. he runs to go on roof.

Nehal recalls how Ajay said that he only have fun with girls like, dont marry them. Shaurya comes roof and says Nahel stop.. but Nehal jumps from high roof, Shaurya is shocked.


Kanta tells family that her feet has pain. Mansi says dont worry about wedding this much, we should hire wedding planners. Balwants says rich people hire them but they dont have love in their lives, divide work and do it. Kanta asks Mahek to go to shopping with Nehal in evening, Mahek nods. Kanta asks her if she wants to say something?

Ravi says she must be worried about wedding expense, Jeevan says she must be sad to leave us, Kanta says let her talk. Mahek recalls Shaurya advising her not to marry anyone but after thinking right, then how Ajay apologized for his behavior, she says can i go to meet Sonal? Jeevan asks her to go.

Shaurya is sitting with Nehal in car, she is injured, Shaurya says it was so cheap suicide plan, couldnt you see there was cement on ground, did you really want to commit suicide or was it joke? Nehal cries and says you think i was joking? i am a failure, Shaurya says yes you even failed in suicide, you should have done suicide but would it matter to guy you love?

You are ready to die for guy who doesnt love you but cant live for family that loves you. Nehal says you dont understand, he has hurt me so much. Shaurya says trust me i know what pain is but the one who cant love you, you shouldnt die for them, not everyone gets love in return for love, i wont ask you who that guy is but it will be fine, Nehal nods.

Shaurya says trust me i know what pain it is but the one who cant love you, you shouldnt die for them, not everyone gets love in return of love, i wont ask you who that guy is but it will be fine, Nehal nods.
Sonal says to Mahek that this is girls problem, you were talking about women empowerment but he kneeled down and said sorry, so you agreed to him,

Mahek says i feel like i am making big fuss of small issue, he is the one i am going to marry but i dont like to see him, Sonal says and the one you want to see, you dont want to admit about that, Mahek says what you mean? Sonal says close your eyes, Mahek does, Sonal says imagine a person is coming out of darkness, he is person who brings smile on your face, Mahek imagines him and sees Shaurya’s face, she opens her eyes and gets tensed, Sonal says should i guess who it was?

Mahek says i have to leave, Sonal says you can runaway from me but where will you runaway from your heart and the person whose image in embeded in your heart? Mahek blushes.

Mahek is thinking about Sonal’s words when Shaurya comes on door. Mahek comes there, Shaurya moves aside and Nehal is revealed, she is injured. Kanta asks what happened to her? all family members come there. Shaurya says she was crossing road while looking at phone and got in accident with my car, your family has to bump with my car always, Mansi scolds Nehal for being careless, Ravi says dont scold her, he says i am sorry daughter, i should have taken care of you, Nehal says i am sorry, i wont do this mistake again, Kanta says girls are heart of house, dont give us this shock again, Nehal thanks Shaurya and leaves.

Kanta thanks Shaurya and says we didnt even realize that Nehal was not home, tomorrow is Mahek’s mehndi ceremony and its her wedding after 2days, dont know what would have happened if you didnt bring Nehal today. Shaurya gets tensed hearing all this and asks Mahek if he can use her laptop for minute? his phone is not working and he has something important,. Kanta says its in Mahek’s room, she asks Mahek to take him, Mahek nods and goes with Shaurya.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to her room, he closes door, Mahek asks what are you doing? Shaurya grabs her shoulders and says why you are marrying him when he misbehaved? Mahek says its my life and i can do anything i want, i am marrying him and its my decision, why you keep interfering in my life? save me from goons, help me out, why you keep doing it? why dont you leave me alone? you are no one, its my life and i will marry who my family wants me to marry, i will marry Ajay only, Shaurya glares her and says okay die then, he pushes her away and leaves, Mahek is tensed.

Shaurya is punching punching bag in his room and recalls Mahek’s harsh words to leave her alone and she will marry Ajay. Servant comes there and knocks, Shaurya shouts on him for disturbing, servant says your friend Ajay has come to meet you. Shaurya gets angry and recalls how he forcefully made Mahek drink vodka, how he misbehaved with her.

Shaurya comes in hall to meet Ajay. Ajay sits in his feet and says forgive me brother, i lost my mind due to drinking so much, i made mistake, i am in your feet, please forgive your brother, this mistake wont repeat, Pammi pleads with her eyes too. Shaurya asks what is this drama? move away, Ajay is disappointed that his words are not working on Shaurya. Ajay says i did mistake brother, Shaurya says shut up.

Pammi says he made mistake, please forgive him and have big heart. Vaitlana comes there and asks who are these ill-mannered people? Ajay is mesmerized seeing Vaitlana, he is bowled by her beauty. Shaurya asks Vaitlana if she is not going to any Page-3 party aunty? Pammi says aunt? you look like his sister, rich people can look so good even when they are aged.

Shaurya smirks and says its her ability, nobody can say that her age is of playing with grandsons but she is playing parties, Vaitlana says someone has to maintain standard of this house, you keep roaming in old Delhi. Ajay sits in Vaitlana’s feet and asks her to request Shaurya to forgive him, Vaitlana sits on Sofa’s headrest and shoos away Ajay, Ajay is kneeling infront of her and pleading.

Pammi gets call from vendor who tells her that their hall booking for Mehndi ceremony is cancelled, she ends call. Pammi asks Vaitlana to request Shaurya to forgive Ajay, Vaitlana says Shaurya ask them to leave else she will call security to throw them out. Pammi tells shaurya that she got call from hall manager and he has cancelled out booking for mehndi. Pammi says to Shaurya that i thought your house’s lawn is so big so can we do mehndi ceremony here? we will just do arrangements in corner and wont disturb you. Vaitlana hears it too, Shaurya narrows his eyes at Pammi.

Vaitlana says this is not charity house, leave or else i will call police. Ajay says to Shaurya that if you allow it then i will know that you have forgiven your younger brother, Vaitlana says this is not charity home and dont make fake relations. Shaurya asks if they will end ceremony soon? Pammi nods, Shaurya says i care of my younger brothers a lot, right Vaitlana aunt? you can have ceremony here but it should wrap up in 6hours, what if media gets to know that Vaitlana is mingling with middle class people?

Mahek says we have to stop them from doing the mehndi at Shaureya’s place. Mahek comes to shaureya’s place and calls him. He is taking shower. Mahek knocks at the window. The servant opens the door. Mahek goes to shaureya’s room. He is topless. Mahek says shame on you. He says its my house my room I can do whatever I want. Mahek says why you said yes to pami. He says your in laws and husband to be came here and asked me for it. Mahek says cant you say no to them? He says I have other things to do. Do it yourself. Mahek leaves.

The mehdni starts. Pami arrives and says wow the arrangement is so good. Mahek comes out of her car. Shaurreya sees her from the balcony. Mahek sees him too. Pami say she looks so good. Shaureya is still in the balcony. The mehndi starts. Pami and all the women dance.

Mahek is having mehndi put on her hands. Shaureya comes downstairs. By mistake the girl writes shaureya’s name on her hand. Mahek says oh God no. She runs towards the garden and washes her hands with a garden pipe. Shaureya says what tragedy happened to you now? Mahek says nothing I will manage. She turns the pipe to his side. He says you ruined my suit. He pours the water on her.

Mahek slips and falls on Shaurya, Shaurya looses balance and they both fall in mud. Pammi sees Shaurya and Mahek lying on mud. She says to Mahek that seems like you both slipped, Mahek be careful, come with me. Mahek gets up from Shaurya and goes with Pammi.

Shaurya is standing in his room and says Mahek is like storn, he sees Nehal talking with someone, he is not able to see that its Ajay. Nehal says to Ajay that i was fool to try to kill myself for you but now dont you dare come near me, dont touch me. Shaurya comes out of his room and sees its Ajay whom Nehal had affair with, he says oh God, Nehal tried suicide because of Ajay?

Mahek is wearing Shaurya’s blazer. She is cooking something in kitchen at night. She looks at mehndi filled hand and recalls ajay dancing with her and how she and Shaurya fell in mud. Shaurya calls her and says i want to meet you, i am coming to your house in 20minutes, Mahek says but.. he cuts call. Shaurya sees Ajay drunk in his living room and takes him to room.

Mahek is waiting for Shaurya on terrace, she says he said he will come in 20minutes, why did he not come till now? what work he has with me? he is not picking my call too. Shaurya comes there, its dark out there. Shaurya says i want to ask one question, tomorrow is your sangeet and wedding after two days, why you are doing this marriage? Mahek says because my family wants me to, Shaurya and says you?

Mahek looks away from him and says me too. Shaurya says look in my eyes and say this, Mahek says you came here for this joke? she turns away from him but Shaurya holds her hand and pulls her impossbily closer, Mahek says leave me, Shaurya says look in my eyes and say you love Ajay, Mahek says leave me, anyone will see us, Shaurya grabs her tightly and says look in my eyes and say..

Mahek looks in his eyes and says yes, i love Ajay, they both keep looking in each others eyes, Ae dil hail mushkil song plays, they are close and sharing eyelock, Mahek helplessly looks at him. Shaurya says next time give this answer wearing glasses so i wont be able to see your eyes, Mahek looks down, Shaurya moves away from her and leaves. Mahek is tensed and worried.


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