Chasing My Heart Update 9 February 2021

Chasing My Heart 9 February 2021: Naina apologizes to Gauri. Roopa says its not your mistake, our relation is getting strong, we will face them like one family. Gauri says no, I lost, I will do what they say. Naina says we are not weak, we will face them, they gave us sorrow, its giving us strength.

Pam says you are wasting time, you feel I will help you in freeing Naina from ashram, you were in coma, you did not know what Naina did, I want Naina to be in ashram, Ira is sure that Naina did wrong with Armaan. Dadi says you are still foolish, you hate Raghav and Naina, you can’t see their goodness, you did wrong with them, they always wanted to do good, when I went in coma, Raghav supported you all, if Raghav wanted, he could have left you on road, Naina and Raghav were against Armaan, there was a reason, Armaan made bad MMS of Ira and was blackmailing Raghav for money, if Raghav did not give money, MMS would have leaked, Raghav named half his business to Khuranas. They get shocked. Pam asks how do I trust you, you can’t fool me by any story, you can do anything for Naina and Raghav.

Dadi says fine, you can do this for Ira, you can take revenge from Harjeet, she has insulted you. Pam says I m sorry. Dadi says I know what will be enough for you, if you do my work, I m ready to give you 2 percent shares. Pam asks for 5 percent. Dadi says done and shakes hands. Dadi says you are foolish, I would have given 100 percent for my Naina. Dadi asks Shaurya did he get anything. Shaurya says yes, I did research, this ashram and baba are fraud. Dadi says we have to expose him. He says if we have to get Naina out, we need more people. Pam says I will call Sudha. Dadi says no, don’t tell her anything. Pam promises. Dadi says I know what to do. They join hands.

Harjeet does aarti and says you made me fail to make me determined, Naina has gone out of this house, Biji has come, I m sure you will help me in getting rid of her. Khurana comes and asks where did Dadi and Ahaan go. She says none can harm Ahaan. Dadi went to temple with him. He asks did Biji go along. She says I don’t know why she is upset with me. He asks did Dadi go to ashram to meet Naina. She asks how can this happen, visitors are not allowed there.

She thinks that’s jail, Naina can’t come out of it. He apologizes to her. He asks her to call friends on lunch, all misunderstandings will get cleared. She praises him. He hugs her and says love you too. Ashram lady teases Roopa and gives the food to Gauri. Gauri throws the food and laughs. Lady slaps her. Lady gets a call and leaves Naina. Dadi, Pam, Shaurya and Zeenu come there as big client. Swami says your son will be cured, you can leave now. Pam asks how will you treat without knowing illness. Swami says we will find the illness. Dadi says listen to us, we are giving any amount. Swami says some imp people came, we will meet later. Pam says Shaurya is caught by woman’s spirit, keep him with women. Swami agrees.

Zeenu says I m his elder sister, I will stay with him, he listens to me. Swami says fine, you also go. Naina tries to cut the rope.Dilraj coming as the new rich client and meeting Swami. The man takes Shaurya to lady’s ward. Zeenu says I will handle him till he settles. She tells Shaurya that they have to do something to distract them and find Naina. Shaurya acts like a girl and asks the man to get makeup bag for him. He asks the lady to get chilled cold drink for him. The lady goes. Naina gets free and frees Gauri. Dilraj bribes the Swami and offers partnership.

Pam and Dadi look on. Pam tell Dadi that Dilraj’s friend’s goggles have camera, I will get entire footage. The girl records everything. She says its time to work together, we came here to meet you. Swami says you are right, I have scared them of Lord and ghost, and made this small ashram. He accepts their offer. Pam gets footage on her phone. It plays on loud volume. Swami hears this. They get shocked. He asks how did our conversation get on her phone, something is wrong. He goes to Pam. The girl scolds Pam. The lady tells Swami that Zeenu and Shaurya are missing. Swami says find them, I will see them. He points gun at them. Naina asks Shyam to wake up first, they have to leave. Ashram lady looks for them. Naina and everyone beat the ashram people. The man catches Gauri. Shaurya and Zeenu help Naina. They all leave.

Swami asks for whom are you working, who wants to trap me. Dadi says give us Naina, we will leave. Swami says none will go alive from here I will kill baby first. Naina comes and scolds him. Everyone support her. She beats up Swami. Swami apologizes to her. Naina says I m a mum, I can give birth to a child and also take someone’s life when time comes. Zeenu calls police. Swami gets arrested.
Shyam thanks her for freeing them. Naina says we are one family, call me if you need any help, you all go now. Shyam and others leave. Naina hugs baby and cries. She says how to thank you all, I don’t know, thanks. Dilraj and Zeenu ask her not to thank. Pam goes. Dadi asks Naina how did she get courage. Naina says its time we end the chapter. They all wear goggles. Naina smiles.

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