Chasing My Heart Season Finale 5 March 2021

Chasing My Heart 5 March 2021: starts with Tai asking Naina to have snacks. Naina says I think Sudha and Pam will not come here as you scared them. Tai says they are clever, they will not lose so soon, they will come here by hiding. Naina says how will we find them. Tai gives her tea and says leave everything to me. Ira gets Pam’s call. Pam says we are in slum area.

Ira asks what, why did you go there. Pam says we got to know Raghav is alive, we came here to find him. Ira asks what, Raghav is alive. Dadi gets shocked hearing this.Naina says Sudha and Pam won’t come. Tai says keep calm, they will come. Naina sees two burqa clad women and asks Tai to see them, don’t leave them easily. Naina asks her to be careful. She whistles.Dadi asks Ira is Raghav really alive. Ira says yes, mom and Sudha are sure. Dadi asks Lord to return Raghav to them. Naina scares Pam. Pam says Raghav is alive. Dadi calls Naina and says our Raghav is alive. Naina says Pam told me just now, I will find Raghav.

Dadi asks her to find her husband. Tai says I pray that your Raghav is alive, we need info to find him. Naina asks her to help in finding Raghav. Tai says don’t cry, you have to be strong. She takes Sudha’s phone and calls. The man says I know Naina is with you, does he want to hear Raghav. Naina says don’t touch him, I will kill you. He asks her to find him.Tai’s man tells her something. Tai and her men come to the kidnapper’s den. Naina asks where is my Raghav, tell me. They get someone with face covered. The man stops Naina and says you married someone else, why love for this man. She says I loved Raghav and will always love him, I can give my life for him, I can give my entire property to see him once, Raghav don’t trust them, my marriage with Rehaan is just a drama, all the marriage rituals were fake, I was taking revenge, you are my true love. Harjeet hides and looks on. Naina goes to the person. He pushes her and gets up. He removes the cloth. They get shocked seeing Khurana. She asks what’s all this.

He says you thought just you know playing games. At home, Dadi slaps Khurana and scolds him for playing with their emotions. Khurana says I did a joke with you, you started cursing me, think of what you both did with me, you made my life a joke, do you have an answer, Naina is not Raghav’s company’s MD, her lie came in front of me, I felt she is lying as she is feeling lonely, so I named POA to her, to make her feel secure, I lost a lot in life, Harjeet warned me about your plans, I always denied it, I did not see any devil in you and just saw Ahaan’s mum in you, so for Ahaan’s sake, I gave you a chance and named everything to you, you made this marriage a joke, knowing I started loving you, you cheated me.

Naina shouts I hate you, whatever is happening with you is the result of your deeds, you are wrong, you gave me everything, not because you love me, but because you are scared to be alone, you want to keep people by money, did you give me second chance when I begged to you that I will explain Raghav, you did not listen to me, did you give second chance to Raghav, if my life is ruined, its because of you, if you agreed to me that day, Raghav would have been here, I can never forgive you. Harjeet comes there and calls Khurana a fool, if you agreed to me that day, this would have not happened, she came here to ruin you, she succeeded too, she played game to make me and Armaan away. Naina says you are a stain on mum’s name, you look at yourself, you have no soul, tell your son, his wife did not die in any accident. She tells Khurana that Ahana’s death reason was Harjeet, she did not let Ahana live in peace, she has killed Ahana, she has tortured her, she has broken your relation, she tried to kill me too, because she wanted to kill your son.

Harjeet signs no. Naina says you always trusted wrong people. Harjeet shouts no, this woman is lying, open your eyes, don’t trust her, she is Ahana in Naina’s body, she returned to break us, see Ahana’s spirit has controlled her. Naina says yes, Ahana hates you, her spirit was a lie. Dadi asks did you get shock. Harjeet says it means you did this together. Naina says yes, I had to do this to save myself and my child, so that you stay in your limits, I got info from Ahana and used it. Harjeet asks Khurana did he hear this, see she is so clever, don’t tell me you will trust her. Khurana gets angry and scolds Naina. He asks her to leave from his house, I want my old life, I m happy with my son, I don’t need anyone.

Naina says you maybe forgetting you have nothing now, you happily named everything to me, this is my life, get out. She calls security and says throw this man out away. Harjeet says I m still with you, I love you a lot, come. Naina shouts get out.

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