Chandra Nandini Update Tuesday 16 March 2021


Chandra Nandini 16 March 2021: Chandra teases Nandini saying that she makes his heart stop. Nandini and Chandra romance with each other and Chandra carries Nandini to the bed. Chandra and Nandini share romantic eye-lock. Chandra caresses Nandini with a feather. Chandra is about to kiss Nandini but Helena suddenly comes there. Helena apologizes to them for disturbing them. Chandra asks Helena what is the matter. Later, Chandra and Nandini are talking to each other and Bindusar comes there and Chandra is angry.

Nandinicalls Bindusar her son and he asks her not to call her that. Bindusar warns Nandini not to tell her about the past incident at the cliff. Nandini says she does not remember it. Bindusar asks whether she does not remember anything. Nandini says she remembers everything but she will not tell Chandra. Bindusar tells Nandini they can never patch up.Chandra arrives at sabha and proclaims Nandini as chief queen. FB shows last night Helena asks Chandra to make Nandini chief queen since she has done so much by saving Chandra and Magadh. Nandini is coronated.

Bindusar denies. Chandra asks how can he decide right or wrong as Bindusar himself is not in his senses most of the time. Bindusar walks out. Chandra stops him and says by walking out he not only misbehaves with Chandra but also with all those who have gathered over there. Bindusar disobeys and walks out.
Chandra standing sad. Nandini comes there and says for whatever condition of Bindusar today, she is the only responsible as Chandra was lost in her thoughts and thus not was able to care for Bindusar. Chandra cries and says, yes he is the responsible but now Chandini together
will guide him to the right path and give all the affection, love and honors from which he was devoid of all these long. Nandini gives Chandra a back hug. Both cries.

Adonis, Helena, and Alice talking. Adonis asks Helena if she knew Bindusar only tried to kill Nandini, then why she kept it as a secret this long. Helena says how could she reveal such a truth so easily. She wants Chandra and Bindusar to be life long enemies and fight with each other and Helena become the queen of Magadh.
In anger Bindusar confess to Dharma that he only tried to kill Nandni a decade ago at the hill top. Dharma shocked and leaves.
Helena trying to instigate Bindusar against Chandini. Bindusar tells her, he will go against Chandra and get her all her rights back. Helena happy thinking she has achieved what she wanted.

Chanakya, Chandra, Nandhni and Helena discussing about akhand bharat plan and its time to implement it. Chanakya says, they need to perform a yagna before the commencement of akhand bharat. Nandini suggests to make Bindusar also a part of the discussion. Chandra says, he will not be in his senses now that he is sure about and it is not suggestable. Chanakya agrees to Chandra. Nandini feels bad.
Seeing Chandra coming, Nandhni walks away through the pool bridge and comes to other side of the room. Chandra follows her and asks, didn’t she know, a King’s lover should always stay with him and should not go away from him. Nandini teasingly says, she didn’t knew but now only she came to know. Chandra says now that she came to know, he asks her to hug him. Nandini asks now? What if some one sees? Chandra says let them see. Nandini is about to hug when a group of honey bees come from nowhere. Like in the lizard scene Chandra hides behind Nandhni, their nok jhok of whom to save whom and finally Chandini get inside a trunk.

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