Can you see me update Tuesday 3 may 2022


Can you see me 3 may 2022: Cylinder blasts. Mohini holds Daadi and runs out. Vikram holds Shona and rushes out. Shona falls unconscious. Whole family get worried for her. Mohini alleges Anandita that she tried to kill her own daughter again and is a witch. Vikram warns her to shut up and rushes Shona to hospital. Pihu prays Gopal to save Shona. Shona is taken to ICU. Daadi alleges Anandita that she is a chudail/witch and tried to kill her daughter twice and killed her husband. Anandita cries. Daadi continues alleging Anandita and says she will not let her near Pihu.

Anandita pleads. Daadi pushes her away. Doctor comes out and asks why they are fighting here, there are many patients here, they should go away and fight, orders nurse to send them away. Nurse pushes Anandita while Daadi walks into ICU.Anandita cries sitting on floor. Sooraj comes with Mohini and asks her not to cry, Pihu will be alright. Vikram comes and consoles her and says he heard maa did not let her meet Pihu, he will speak to maa. Nurse asks Anandita not to cry as other patients are getting disturbed. Doctor omes out and informs that Pihu’s condition is critical for 24 hours and he cannot guarantee anything.

Pihu cries more and tries to walk into ICU, but Daadi pushes her again and verbally abuses her. She asks Mohini to bring chair and sits outside ICU.Pihu walks into ICU and cries that she should not have blown off lamp even after Gopal’s warning, Shona’s condition is because of her. Anandita continues crying outside ICU. Daadi prays Gopal’s idol to send chudail Anandita away from her children, she snatched her son and granddaughter earlier and now granddaughter again, she does not want her near her children and emotionally blackmails that she always prayed her and he should fulfill her prayers.

Pihu also prays Gopal to save Shona. Gopal emerges. Shona apologizes for not listening to him and requests again. Gopal plays flute and smiles. Daadi, Mohini and others fall asleep. Pihu asks Anandita to go and meet Shona now. Anandita senses it and walks into ICU. She pampers Shona. Shona reciprocated and opens eyes. Pihu excitedly says mamma Shona is opening eyes. Anandita gets emotional.Anandita gets emotional seeing Shona/Pihu waking up and informs doctor.

Doctor says it is a miracle and goes out. Pihu thanks Gopal and he disappears. Daadi walks in and drags Anandita out and yells at her as usual that she is chudail, insane and will kill her daughter. Anandita resists. Daadi tries to slap her, but Vikram holds her hand and warns. Daadi continues yer yelling. Vikram warns that Anandita is Pihu’s daughter and nobody can stop her from meeting her daughter. Daadi yells Anandita snatched even her second son and continues she will make Anandita’s life a hell and will force her to get out of Vikram’s life. Pihu holds Daadi’s stick and frightens her.

Daadi gets afraid. Vikram takes Anandita to Pihu’s room.Daadi returns home and sitting on rocking chair schemes how to get Anandita out. Mohini walks in. Daadi asks if Pihu came home. Mohini says she came alone to take care of Daadi and keeping pillow behind her neck gives her milk. She then taunts soon Anandita will marry Vikram, and apologizes. Daadi fumes she will not let that happen. Mohini suggests her to bring third person then.Next morning, Vikram brings Shona with other family members.

Shona as usual shows her arrogance Anandita asks Vikram to keep Shona here and goes into bring aarti. Daadi is busy muching prasad laddoos and cannot utter anything. Anandita picks aarti thali and walks out to do Shona’s aarti. Daadi enters and starts her usual yelling and alleging Anandita. Vikram tries to stop her, but Daadi continues. Shona walks in continuing her arrogance and asks Neelam to play music and dances on Ghoomar dance. Anandita brings food and says enough of dance now, let us have food. Shona throws food away and continues misbehavior. Daadi yells as usual and says she will prepare biryani for Pihu/Shona. Pihu determines to spoil Daadi’s plan.

Daadi walks into kitchen followed by Mohini to help her. Pihu drops things. They both get afraid and prepare food hurriedly. Pihu mixes wrong spices. Daadi serves food to Shona. Shona tastes it and throws it away as usual…. Drama continues..

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