Can you see me update Tuesday 26 April 2022

Can you see me 26 April 2022: Pihu hears sound in kitchen and asks who is there. Shona hides with Mohini and Bobby and makes cat sound. Pihu says there is a dog a home, cat should run away. Shona makes sound again and acts as leaving. Pihu walks away. Shona in tapori style asks how was her acting and tells chirkut/Bobby this his entry is from main door.Neelam opens door yelling hearing door bell and sees Bobby standing. She yells at him why did thief come back. He shows her 100 rs note. Greedy Neelam accepts it and asks if he has few more 100s, she will serve him tea. He walks in. Sooraj sees him and asks what is he doing here.

Vikram comes and holds his collar. Sooraj shows power of attorney papers.Pihu sees Shona and thinks it is her image. Drama ensues. Shona enacts Pihu. Pihu thinks who kept mirror here. Shona sneezes. Pihu asks how can image sneeze. She then sees Mohini and asks what is she doing here. Mohini kidnaps her. Shona acts as Pihu next.Bobby says this house belongs to him now. Soooraj says it is Anandita’s. Bobby says even he is saying it is Anandita’s, but since she is insane, it belongs to her daughter Pihu, but since Pihu is a minor, she needs a guardian and will choose him. Barbie laughs.

Vikram says Pihu will never accept him as guardian and calls him as thief. He pushes Vikram and warns to get out. Shona as Pihu walks in and asks what happened to him, who pushed him. She scolds Vikram that he is bad. Anandita says he is good and Bobby is bad. Pihu/Shona shouts to shut up and asks Bobby where was he. Bobby says to get her fits. Anandita asks hat happened to her, why is she acting weird. Pihu asks to shut up. Barbie asks how can she trust thief Bobby who calls me fat. Pihu says she is obese instead and insults even Damroo.

Bobby asks whom she will make his guardian. She says him. Bobby asks Vikram to get out of this house now. Vikram says he does not know what Bobby did to Pihu, he will go to police. Anandita says she will become evidence. Bobby court will not listen to mentally unstable person.Mohini kidnaps Pihu and ties her to a chair in store room. Pihu calls Gopal and thinks she should not have fought with Gopal. Neelam opens store room door and is shocked to see them. Mohini asks her to keep quiet, she will give her lots of money. Neelam asks 10 crores. Mohini asks to be in her limits and says 10 lakhs.

Greedy Neelaam dances. Something falls. Sooraj asks who is there, what broke. Neelam says it is her and she dropped something.Pihu/Shona cries that Vikram is bad, he scolded her, call police. Anandita says Vikram is not bad. Pihu says she is hungry. Anandita takes her to feed food. Bobby asks Damroo to br ing water.Pihu tied in store room hopes her mamma should identify her doppelganger and calls Gopal.

Neelam goes to store room and asks Pihu if she is hungry. Pihu nods yes. Neelam feeds her roti and milk. Pihu says she is too greedy and sold her loyalty for money. Neelam says she is feeling guilty, so came to feed her. Pihu says she will give her money, if she can free her. Neelam does not agree. Pihu scolds that god is her friedn and she will complain god against her. Neelam walks away. Pihu pleads to come back and requests her to send Shona here.

Shona looks at Pihu’s room and her soft bed, gets tempted, and jumps on bed. Anandita scolds her what is she doing. Shona speaks in tapori language. Anandita twists her ears and asks who taught her this. Shona says midget Damroo. Anandita twists her ear again and scolds not to use this language and not to meet Bobby and Mohini as they are bad. Mohini watches hiding. Once Anandita leaves, Mohini walks in. Shona angrily punishes her and says mad woman tortured her because of Mohini and says she will not stay here. Mohini pleads to continue drama.

Shona goes to store room and frees Pihu’s mouth. Pihu tries to brainwash her and asks her doll Shona. Shona gives it. Pihu silently hides a note for Anandita in it. Shona takes back doll and tears it. Pihu warns not to harm her doll. Vikram passes by calling Pihu. Shona runs away and joins him. Pihu reminisces Gopal warning that she has to sue her magic and free her house in 4 days, else she will be bhooth permanently. She tbhinks what she should do now. She calls her doll with different name. Vikram says as per he knows, doll’s name is Mishty. Shona says she changed its name.

Anandita brings red dress for Shona/Pihu and says it is her favorite color. Shona throws frock and says she hates red color. Anandita says it was her favorite color. Shona says her choice has changed now. Anandita says she will bring another frock tomorrow and pampering her sings Mai teri maa song. Shona shouts she does not like this boring song. Pihu hears song and emotionally thinks mamma got her note or not. Shona plays bollywood song and dances. Note falls down from doll. Gopal’s idol glow.

Shona then goes to store room and throws red dress on Pihu saying Pihu’s mother brought it, she likes white and pink color. Pihu says this is Deepika Padukone’s dress gifted to her papa. Shona says she does not like it. Pihu says she will wear it. Shona frees her. Pihu wears red dress and runs out. Mohini and Bobby see Shona wearing Pihu’s dress and ties her. Shona shouts it is her and shows her broken teeth. Pihu runs towards Anandita.

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