Can you see me update Monday 21 February 2022

Can you see me 21 February 2022: Suchi returns to her room and thinks good she did not tell Rishab anything, ghost is gone. Pihu speaks and calls her burbhuri. Suchi asks if she did not go yet. Pihu says she is not bad bhooth and wants to meet her mamma. Suchi gets dizzy. Pihu asks her to relax and says she did not trouble her today, she just wants to meet her mamma, even bhurbhuri loves her mamma and got concerned when mamma got afraid. Suchi asks if she will not trouble her again if she takes her to her mamma. Pihu says no.

Suchi calls property agent and takes Subodh/Pihu’s father’s address. She takes her down and tells Sarita that she is going to meet Rishab. Pihu stops seeing Gulgule munching snacks and warns not to eat much, his tummy will burst. Suchi says shut up. Gulgule asks what did he do. Suchi says let s go now and Pihu walks behind her. She takes Pihu in scooter. Pihu’s parents lock their house and leave in car towards airport. Suchi’s scooter stops at a signal opposite to their car. Pihu is excited to meet mamma, but does not see them. Mamma senses Pihu, but stops. Signals gets green and Pihu reminds Suchi.

Sheetal munches Gulgule’s pencil. Gulgule informs his mother. Suman comes and says even she used to have rubber and pencil when she was pregnant with Gulgule, she will prepare Multani mitti soup. Sheetal says yuck..Suchi and Pihu reach Bose house. Pihu knocks door and calls mamma, please open the door. Watchman informs that family left for Singapore forever. Suchi sees Pihu busy knocking door and calling mamma to open door, thinks bhooth will find her own way and runs away to escape from her.

Sheetal complains Sarita that Suman is not going from their house at all. Sarita asks to ask who brought her here. Father comes and says it is a marriage house and Suman will help her. Sarita says when she gets free from serving him. Vimla comes asking if bride’s mother is there. Suman attends and then says she is maasi. Sarita greets her. She taunts if wedding preparations are going on or they are just munching food. Father says they are and asks her to sit. Rishab also comes. Sarita says Suchi went to meet him. Suchi returns. Vimla taunts she is lying now. Suchi goes to her room. Rishab follows her and says he expects truth from her.

She reminisces Sarita telling Rishab and his mother will not believe her ghost story. She tells she went to meet her friend. Rishab goes down and informs his mother that he and Suchi had planned meeting, but he forgot and a bit of confusion happened. Mother says he is lying. He says he is not and takes her along.Suchi tells Sarita that bhooth has gone from house. Sarita prays for her happy life. Family’s nok jhok starts. Suchi does not find her wallet and searches it everywhere. She thinks she must have left it in Bose house and leaves in her scooter. Suchi’s mother comes there next. Sarita asks who is she. She says she is Mrs. Bose, this is her house. Pihu is seen still knocking door. Madhav smiles looking at all incidences.

Pihu’s mother Anandita enters home and introduces herself as owner of house to Sarita. Sarita greets her in. Suman takes over and starts her jokergiri and says she know this house has ghost, so she gave them this house for half price. Anandita angrily asks why don’t they return house then. Sarita takes Suman aside and scolds her. Suman says even that woman disappeared now.Suchi returns to Bose house and finds her wallet there. She happily gets into scooter thinking Pihu has gone. Pihu sitting in sooter calls her bhurbhuri and asks why did she left her alone here. Suchi says she did not. They both argue. Watchman looks at them. Suchi drives home. Pihu insists her to send her to Singapore to her parents.

Suchi says she is not a parcel that she can send her to Singapore. Pihu says she can sit on parcel and go. Suchi asks if she will not trouble her again and not return back. Pihu gives pinky promise. Suchi asks how will she find her mamma in Singapore, then thinks none of her concern. She makes a parcel for her friend in Singapore.Rishab meets Suchi’s friend and gets to know that Suchi did not meet her and lied. He calls Suchi and insists to meet her at a cafeteria. Suchi agrees but gets tensed. Pihu insists to drop her to Singapore parcel office first. Suchi says she has much bigger problem before and reaches restaurant with Pihu. Pihu sits on chair.

Suchi tries to sit on it, but Pihu alerts her. Rishab tries to sit on Pihu, but Suchi stops him. Rishab asks Suchi if she is sure about marrying him. She says yes. He asks their honeymoon destination in Europe. Pihu says Singapore. Suchi repeats. Rishab says it is not in Europe. Suchi says she is sending parcel to Singapore, so is thinking only about Singapore. Rishab says his friend is going to Singapore, he will send her parcel via him, asks address. Suchi shows address and goes to get parcel. Rishab takes her phone to check and does not find any clue.

Suchi takes Pihu to gift shop. Pihu gives her moral gyaan not to each much chocs or trouble mamma, she will leave her. Suchi makes parcel and gives it to Rishab. Pihu gets into Rishab’s car and yells that she has to spend a day with him. Rishab reaches home and seeing his clothes all over angrily throws parcel and calls his mom to clean his room. His sister Mona comes and he yells at her. She says today is her birthday. He shouts her birthday comes every year. Mona says he cannot talk to her like this. Vimla comes and takes Rishab’s side. Pihu silently looks at their drama.

Suchi gets Pihu’s scrap book and reminisces Pihu’s moral gyaan. Door closes. Suchi thinks it is Pihu and scolds. Gulgule hides and smirks. Sarita comes and scolds that she asked him to bring Suchi, but he locked her door. Suchi fumes and thinks Pihu is much better than him, she is so innocent and hopes all children are like her. Madhav reminisces Suchi hating children earlier and now changing her perception. Sarita enters and feeds her food and pampers. She says she is going away. Suchi says what if she dies. Sarita scolds her and says she will die before her. Suchi reminisces Pihu’s words that she will realize her pain if her mamma goes away. She emotionally hugs Sarita and pampers her. Sarita informs that house owner Anandita Bose had come.

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