Broken Hearts update Monday 15 November 2021


Broken Hearts 15 November 2021: The Episode starts with Ahana thanking Lord for the new hope. She hugs Saloni and says I m really happy. Saloni says once baby comes, all the distance will end, your love will increase. Ahana says don’t tell this to mom, I didn’t tell this to Anant till now, I will tell him, he loves me a lot, he is really good, he is annoyed with me, it was my mistake to hurt him. Anant thinks of Ahana. Jag soona….plays…… He asks Karan to drop him to office. He calls out Rehaan and says I forgot he is not here. He thinks I m not able to forget what I want, its all so shattering.

Rehaan says sorry, I promise I will find a job soon, you would be thinking you have a loser BF. Roma says you are my love, stupid, I m doing this for our future. He hugs her. He gets Anant’s call. Anant calls him at office. Laila, Gupta and Rekha see news of Gupta’s relation with some woman. Rekha asks is this true. He says no, someone is trying to ruin me, I will not leave that person. Laila laughs. She says this is the revenge for insulting me and hurting my daughters, I will see what Gupta does now.Rehaan comes to meet Anant. He waits. Ahana comes. Rehaan says Anant is in some meeting. She sits aside. Rehaan looks at her. Jeene bhi de…..plays….. Rehaan goes to Anant. Anant asks him to sit.

He says really sorry, I should have told you about Roshni, its my foolishness. Anant says truth is bitter, but what hurts is lie. Rehaan says I want to see you happy like before, please tell me what to do, I promise I will do as you say. Anant says come back home, no excuses now, entire family is missing you. Rehaan hugs him. Anant says I have to go for a meeting, we will meet at home for dinner. Rehaan says Ahana is waiting for you outside. Anant says tell her I will talk at home, I m getting late. He goes. Rehaan goes and tell Ahana. Ahana asks why shall I trust you. He goes. Ahana goes to check. She sees her pic torn. She cries. She comes home and thinks of Anant. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays…. Ahana joins the pic.

Ahana saying all our broken relations will join. Maid gets ginger tea for her. Ahana drinks the tea. Maid says I want to tell you something. Ahana cries and asks her to say. Maid says my mum says that you have to get close to the man’s children in order to get close to his heart. Ahana says tea is really nice, and even your mum’s words. Maid holds her hand and consoles. Ahana wipes her tears. They hear Roshni and Aarav and go out to see. Aarav says this is my room too. Roshni locks the door. Ahana asks what happened. Aarav says Roshni is not letting me go in my room. Ahana asks him to come along, they will have an icecream till Roshni does her work. Aarav goes. Ahana asks Roshni to carry on.

Roshni talks to Saurav. She says Aarav was waiting for me, I didn’t wish him to see you. He says I wanted to meet you and apologize. She says I m sorry too. He asks her to meet him and apologize in person. She says its a nice excuse to meet. He says I want to spend time with you. She says I will meet you very soon, else Aarav will come.Ahana and Aarav have icecream. He says I should have been elder to Roshni, dad did a mistake. Ahana says make any other wish. He asks really, I don’t want to stay with Roshni, I want my own room and I want to marry Diya. She says you have to ask Diya yourself, sometimes we don’t need anyone to fulfill our wishes, sky and stars hear our wishes, our wishes get fulfilled like magic, go and change, don’t fight with Roshni he goes. Ahana calls Saloni and says I need your help, there is some work.

Anant coughs. Tarun sees him. He asks Anant is everything fine. Anant says yes, I forgot to take my medicines. Tarun asks him to go home, he can manage meeting. Anant says I m fine. Tarun says tell me the name of the pill, I will send someone. Anant says Ahana gets the pills, I will call her, she will send the medicines. He calls the doctor and asks him to message the name of the pills. Tarun goes to get water for him.Gupta asks lawyer to manage the work. Laila comes and says tell me if there is any work. She offers him help. She gets taunting him. He gets angry and asks her to stop rubbish. She asks what will you do, its good you made Tarun and Saloni leave, else they would have removed you from their lives. Gupta says they don’t have such status. She asks him to think before saying anything. She goes. Rehaan sees Laila leaving. Roma asks Rehaan where is he lost. He flirts. He says you don’t want me to go to Anant, that’s not possible, I have to go.

She asks why. He says I can’t refuse him. She says I love you, nobody is imp in my life than you. He says that’s obvious, don’t ask me to choose between you and Anant, you know this well, you both have a special place in my life. She asks what will you do if you have to sacrifice anyone’s love for Anant. He says I will sacrifice anyone for him. She asks how will any girl love you knowing this. He says this is truth of my life, I don’t want to give you any false hope, Anant is most imp in my life, I have never met a girl in my life whose importance is more than Anant.

Rehaan sees Ahana’s pic and recalls her. He thinks what’s happening to me, I want to hate her, why do I feel this for her. Anant comes home. Ahana says I have to tell you something. She sees Rehaan coming. Anant asks her to say in front of Rehaan, he is part of family. Roshni and everyone get glad seeing Rehaan. Roshni hugs Anant.Ahana says I have to give a surprise. Aarav asks what’s that, tell me. Ahana asks them to close eyes. She takes them upstairs and shows Aarav his room. Aarav likes the room a lot. He hugs Ahana and thanks her. He says its my room, I won’t let you enter my room. Roshni leaves. Anant calls her out. Rehaan looks on. Roshni says Ahana is coming between Aarav and me. Ahana says its nothing like that, you and Aarav keep fighting… Roshni says we have difference in our thinking, I don’t want to become like you. Anant asks her not to shout. Roshni says that was Yamini’s room, where will she stay now. Ahana says I have shifted her luggage downstairs. Roshni says servants stay there, do you think Yamini is a servant. She goes. Ahana says Roshni is misunderstanding me. Anant says you should have asked me once, decisions are not taken like this.

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