Broken Hearts update Sunday 31 October 2021


Broken Hearts 31 October 2021: The Episode starts with Saloni and Tarun arguing. She says how can your dad do this, he knows its Ahana’s marriage tomorrow, call him, ask him how dare he do this. He asks her to calm down. Saloni calls him. Gupta answers and hears them arguing. He jokes on Laila and her daughters. Tarun says you created a problem for me. Gupta says I know, it was my plan, I told you to get my money, you are wife’s puppet, its my work to protect my money. He ends call. Saloni asks what did he say, tell me. Tarun says nothing. She goes.Laila asks Ahana where are you going. Ahana says I m going for shopping, its my marriage tomorrow. Laila says we have no money. Ahana says you are responsible for this situation, shall I get something for you. She goes. Rehaan comes to Yamini and asks about Anant.

Yamini says Anant would have ended half day work, you woke up now. Rehaan says I wanted to talk to him. Roshni says dad is taking us for shopping, you also come along. Yamini gives the cards for Anant’s guests. Rehaan says Praval uncle is in Mumbai. He gets thinking of his life. He goes.Saloni comes to Laila. She sees Laila talking to someone. Saloni asks are you selling paintings. The lady says Laila will miss you two, she is getting house renovated to keep herself occupied. She leaves. Laila asks Saloni you think I m having fun doing this. Saloni says sorry, I know you collected paintings. Laila says its because of Gupta, I m going to sort the matter. She goes.

Anant gives the credit card and asks Roshni to do shopping. She says you said you will come along. He says I have work in office, I called Ahana, she has lovely choice, she will help you. Roshni says no, I won’t go shopping without you. He says fine. Aarav jokes on Roshni. She asks him to shut up. He shows dresses. She says don’t irritate me, get lost. She asks Anant to help her choose a good dress. He says I have no idea, take help from Yamini, you look pretty in everything. She says make Rehaan work, you can’t go. Anant agrees. Rehaan meets Praval.Praval says I met Anant, he got old, he said we are going to do a business deal. Rehaan laughs and asks what did you say. Praval says I feel he is lucky to have a second innings in his life, he got a beautiful girl. Rehaan says I will leave. Praval asks how did Anant get that idea that we are doing business. Rehaan says don’t worry, I came to give your card, we shall meet in marriage.

Yamini and Anant help Roshni decide dress. Kavita stares at Karan. Servants wish Ahana gets happiness. Ahana comes and greets them. Anant says thank God you have come, please help in deciding the dress, its tough, we chose this red one. Ahana says its good, but sorry its for kids.Servants wish Ahana isn’t like Laila. Kaka says I wish Ahana can change your thinking. Ahana checks some dresses. Yamini looks on. She chooses a dress. Yamini says yes, try this, its good. Khudse hi karke….plays…. Yamini sees Anant and Ahana. Kavita smiles and sees Karan. Yamini asks Aarav to come, there is computer games section. They leave.Anant says you saved me today. Ahana asks how will you handle me after marriage. He says with love, nothing related to children is small for me, you will handle Roshni’s shopping. She says done.

She jokes. He says I can’t find anything bad in you, you are perfect. Roshni comes wearing the dress. They compliment her. Laila meets Raunak. He asks for the payment. She says your payment will happen tomorrow. He says I know whom is your daughter marrying, booking didn’t get cancelled because of Mathurs. She says someone is plotting against me. He says sorry, legal department decided to file case on you, you can leave. She angrily leaves.

Rehaan comes to Roma. He says Anant got to know everything, I gave the card to Praval, he told me, I should have told him. She says maybe he is not annoyed, else he would have asked something. He says he won’t ask, he loves family a lot, I have to tell him. She says not now, its marriage ambience at home. He says I have to tell him, I don’t care. Laila sees Ahana at a jewelry shop and thinks she knows my struggle, why is she taking revenge from me. Laila goes home and thinks of Gupta’s words. She sees the time and thinks everything got ruined, I can’t go jail, there is one way, running away from here. She gets leaving. Police comes and stops her.

Laila getting arrested by police. Her imagination ends. She gets worried. Rehaan come to Anant and asks him to beat him. Anant asks why. Rehaan says maybe you know what I want to say. Anant says maybe, come sit, I know but I would like to hear it from you. Rehaan says I lied to you about Praval, you know this and didn’t say anything. Anant asks the matter. Rehaan tells everything. Anant says its not your mistake that you lied, its my mistake that I couldn’t make you believe you are my family. Rehaan says you loved me as Aarav and Roshni, give me a chance, I will win your trust, one day you will tell me that you believe me a lot. Anant says sure and smiles.

Ahana comes and asks Laila is she still in tension. Laila asks what shall I do. Ahana says I m sure you will find a solution. They argue. Laila says I will go jail, you don’t care, you just care for your marriage, you got selfish. Ahana says then you are the most selfish person, what did you do with dad. Laila says don’t get him in this. Ahana says he will always be a part of my life, you solve this mess. Laila says you were shopping today, you don’t value me. Ahana throws money. Laila asks did you ask money from Anant. Ahana says I m not Laila, I went to sell jewelry, not for shopping, I don’t need jewelry for marriage, don’t worry. Laila says so sorry. Ahana says I did this for my dad, he would have done the same, I n not like you and will never be. She goes.

Ahana sees Rahul’s pic and says I miss you, its my last day in this house, your name will be with my name for the last time, never leave me. Saloni says bless Ahana that she always stays happy. Saloni says Papa would have felt proud of Ahana today. Ahana says you just need an excuse to cry. Saloni says sorry, I did a mistake and you got punished. Ahana asks her to stop the emotional speech and hug. They hug. Saloni says I love you.Laila comes to meet Gupta. He says don’t expect me to help you, when you go jail, I can get food for you. He laughs. She taunts him. He praises himself. He says if I get deceived from someone, I don’t forget it. She says you got deceived from your self confidence, you might get a heart attack by hearing my good news, I have come clearing all the payments, thanks to lose out again, carry on the celebrations, its Ahana’s marriage tomorrow, I have much work, sorry I came to invite for Ahana’s marriage, but maybe this invite will be useful for someone imp. She goes. He gets angry.

At the reception party, everyone looks happy. Ahana calls out Anant and asks how do I look. He smiles. She says you used to praise me when I was your GF, now you won’t praise me when I have become your wife. He says I m trying to get words. She thanks him. She says I don’t want to go in reception. He says we have to go. She says marriage was better, just family members, you should have not agreed to mom. He says it was a small condition, how would I not agree. Gupta recalls Laila’s words and says I will slap you such you hear its echo forever, Laila I won’t leave you.Laila gets compliment from her friend and says we didn’t invite outsiders in marriage, it was just family. Her friend says your status got high, one can tough you now, you got Mathurs and Guptas as your relatives. Gupta is on the way and recalls Laila’s words. Kavita sees Karan. Karan sees Roshni. Roshni asks Rehaan is she not looking good. Rehaan says you look too good. She smiles.

Anant and Ahana hold hands and come downstairs. Everyone smiles seeing them. Dil ko bhi….plays…. Everyone claps. Anant and Ahana hug the family. Kaka doesn’t let media come in. Karan says you are not allowed to take pics. Rehaan compliments Laila. She says you look handsome too, stop flirting, I m your aunty’s mom now.Gupta comes there. He talks to Kaka and goes. Karan checks guest list and signs Kaka. Gupta sees Laila. Laila thanks Anant and says its best day of my life, Rahul would have been happy seeing you both. Gupta gets on the mic and says Anant Mathur, congratulations. He greets everyone and asks can everyone hear me, good, you know Anant, to be honest, I m surprised, how can a sensible man like you do such a big mistake, you must have bid a big amount right, because Laila doesn’t like small deals. He says come on Laila tell them the truth, for what price did you deal your each daughter. Laila gets angry. Saloni holds her. Gupta says fine, I will say, you all will be shocked, I will tell the truth Laila. Anant holds Ahana.

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