Broken Hearts update Monday 1 November 2021

Broken Hearts 1 November 2021: Episode starts with Gupta asking Anant not to think this is some joke, Tarun was standing in his place some days back. Laila gets worried. He says this woman fooled me in Saloni’s marriage, and now she is looting you in Ahana’s marriage. Everyone looks on. Gupta says like mother, like daughter, first mum will loot you and then daughter will ruin you, what shall I call this day, should I call it the first day of your marriage or destruction, congrats. Laila’s friend records everything. Gupta says your wife married your money, not you, this reminds me of something, this woman Laila has a sold a bride to my son, for 3 crores. Everyone gets shocked. Anant holds Ahana. Gupta says this woman bagged a bigger deal, Laila made Anant her son in law, a huge round of applause for Laila, three cheers for her.

He says sorry Anant, this will defame you, what to do, you married Laila’s daughter, you would get defamed anyway. Anant goes to Gupta and says I don’t know your situation and enmity, I don’t want to know, I just want to say, don’t say anything bad about my wife, I won’t tolerate the insult of my wife and her family. Gupta asks how are you thinking of this warning as insult, whatever I m saying is for your betterment. Anant says I have people to worry for me, you worry for me, Tarun drop your dad out. Tarun asks Gupta to come. Gupta says you are making big mistake, this girl will ruin you, you will suffer the same as her dad. Ahana sees Laila. Gupta says this woman has made a son in law her puppet, she has same intentions to do with you. Rehaan and Tarun ask Gupta to come.

Gupta says drama will begin tomorrow, in every news channel and newspaper, Laila will be exposed. He scolds Tarun. Gupta wishes best of luck to Anant and leaves.Ahana sees Anant and cries. He goes on stage and says sorry friends, please enjoy yourselves. Laila’s friend calls someone and says I m sending a breaking news, be careful my name shouldn’t come in this. Laila says Anant, Gupta did this to defame me. Anant says not now Laila, guests are here, manage Saloni. Roshni asks Anant did Gupta say true. He asks her to take care of guests, he will just come. Yamini asks Roshni to come with her.

Tarun says dad…. Gupta asks why did you come after me, go to Laila and become her puppet. They argue. Gupta sees Rehaan behind. He says why did you marry Laila’s daughter, look at Rehaan, you should have enjoyed with her, why did you marry her. Tarun says dad please, what are you saying, Saloni is my wife, your bahu. Gupta scolds him. Tarun says I m your son, you filled my life with poison, you are ashamed to call me your son, I m ashamed to call you my dad. Gupta leaves. Rehaan asks how dare your dad says such a thing. Tarun goes. Karan and Rehaan get angry. Rehaan says Gupta is mean, but not a fool, he was not invited, why will Laila not invite him in marriage. Laila asks Saloni to open the door. Ahana cries and says I love you, that’s why I married you, I didn’t marry for money, Gupta is a big liar.

Anant says I know, I love you too, your eyes have love for me, that’s truth for me, what others think about us, it doesn’t matter, you are my wife, I love you a lot, just stop crying. She says I was scared thinking you will listen to Gupta and judge me. He says no, promise me, just stay happy. She says I know what Gupta was saying about mom, hear it once. He says please, I don’t want to know. They hug.Laila says please let me explain Saloni, don’t create a scene. Anant says I don’t want to know anything, it doesn’t matter to me, you are part of my life, that’s imp, I feel lucky, I won’t let Gupta or anyone ruin our happiness. Ahana says I love you. He says I love you too, never forget that I trust you in every way, I can never doubt you, if you ever think so, then my love would get deeply hurt, is that a deal. She says deal. He says if you are tired, you may rest here, I will manage guests.

Saloni opens the door. Laila says everyone is waiting, come. Saloni says I want to know everything. Guests talk about Gupta’s words. The lady says I don’t know Anant and Ahana will come downstairs after much insult. Kaka says its Gupta’s mistake, he ruined Anant’s day. Yamini asks Roshni not to worry, Anant will make everything fine. Karan sees Roshni. Kavita sees Karan. She taunts Karan. Karan asks why do you hate Roshni without any reason. He goes. She says I don’t hate her, I love you, you don’t see anyone. She sees something and says this is Laila’s belonging. Yamini asks did you see Aarav. Kavita says no.Anant thanks everyone and apologizes for the incident. He asks everyone to be part of their celebrations again. Ahana smiles seeing him. Khud se hi karke……plays…… Anant says these moments are very imp, forget everything. Laila asks Saloni to come. Saloni asks why did Tarun’s dad say that you sold me for 3 crores. Laila says this is not the time to talk. Saloni says Ahana’s dad spoiled because of me, I can’t face her, you have to tell me the truth.

Laila says getting upset is not good for your child. Saloni asks really, you don’t care for your children too, Gupta accused me and Ahana, he insulted us, you stood quiet as he was saying true, tell me. Laila says you will believe anyone. Saloni says I didn’t expect this from you. Anant and Ahana dance. Rehaan comes and looks on. Rehaan asks Roshni for dance. Karan looks on sadly. Laila says Gupta is a cheap man, he knew you are pregnant and made you out of the house, he wanted you to sign prenup. Saloni says I don’t trust him and even you. Tarun comes. Saloni asks him to say the truth, is that true what Gupta said.

Saloni asking Tarun the truth. He says yes, its truth, I gave 3 crores to Laila so that she makes you sign prenup agreement, so that we can get married. She says it means Gupta said true. Laila looks on. Rehaan dances with Roshni. Yamini sees Anant and Ahana dancing. Roshni asks Rehaan about Gupta, why did he say such about Laila, who is he. Saloni asks did you sell me, you called Gupta cheap, what are you then, I was in guilt that I got pregnant before marriage so Gupta is upset with us, he made us out of the house, you didn’t tell anything.

Aarav comes there and hears them. Laila blames Tarun for being a coward. She says Tarun has no courage, if she showed courage, I would have not done this, I did this for your rights, you are taunting me. Tarun says Saloni, dad would have not let us marry, I didn’t wish to lose you. Laila says you are showing love now Tarun, love needs courage. Saloni says I will show courage to you, I will tell the truth to Anant. Laila stops her and says Anant can break the marriage if you talk to him. Aarav gets shocked and runs to Anant. He says Laila and Saloni are fighting, Laila said if Saloni talks to you, you will break marriage with Ahana, please dad don’t break this marriage. Ahana looks on. Saloni says Anant will think Gupta is wrong, when its your mistake mom.

Tarun asks her to calm down, its not good for her. Saloni says I used to stop Ahana, she was right, you can do anything for your benefit. Everyone comes. Saloni hugs Ahana and cries. She asks Laila to tell everything to Ahana. Laila says Ahana knows everything. She starts drama and says I did this for my children’s betterment, Gupta came here for revenge. Roshni says why did he insult dad if he wanted revenge from you, its wrong. Anant stops Roshni. Laila says Roshni is right, he did wrong, so I didn’t answer, your family respect is mine now. Tarun apologizes to Anant and says mom is saying right. Laila says everyone respects Anant, so Gupta said he will defame me in media, Gupta was not invited, he will tell everything to media himself, its either Gupta’s win or my failure, its in your hands Anant, I want everyone to know we are united, none has power to break our family. Anant agrees. Laila says I m explaining the same to Saloni, we will forget this and celebrate, its Ahana and Anant’s day. Ahana asks everyone to go, she will get Saloni. Laila says remember she is pregnant, don’t say anything that upsets her. Ahana says I do remember.

Tarun apologizes to Anant. Anant asks him not to blame himself, its not wrong to love someone and marry, I felt bad with whatever happened, its difficult for any child to see parents falling in sight. Laila looks for her earring. She calls Kitti to ask her to find it. Saloni says Ahana, I was wrong about mom, I want to know truth about Papa’s death, please tell me, I can’t take shocks again and again, please Ahana. Ahana recalls Laila and Rahul’s argument. Saloni asks why were you annoyed with mom. Ahana says I was angry on her, you don’t have any anger in you, you are very good, you will become world’s best mom. Saloni promises. Ahana asks her to not to cry and come down. Laila says its expensive earrings, find it Kittu. Ahana asks Tarun to be careful, don’t let Saloni get upset. Anant says you are a good sister, I m proud of you.

Servants look for earrings. Kittu worries. Kavita asks was it costly. Kittu says its of gold, Laila said its worth 2 lakhs. Yamini asks Uma to go home and do preparations of grah pravesh. Kavita apologizes to Kittu and says I have to go home and help my mum. Kittu praises her. Laila apologizes to Reema. Reema asks her to ignore such people, she has to go home too, when is she doing bidaai. Laila goes to do Ahana’s bidaai. She asks Anant to take care of Ahana. Everyone asks Ahana to be happy. Tarun says I will always be there for you. Saloni hugs Ahana and says I will miss you. Ahana goes to Laila and holds her hand. Laila gets surprised. Ahana says I m very happy today, I m Ahana Mathur now, I m not Ahana Raichand, you can’t humiliate me from now on, I m free of discourtesy forever. She hugs Laila and goes.

Ahana and Anant come home. Mera sajna…..plays….. Their grah pravesh happens. Karan comes to Kavita. She sits on the earrings to hide it. He asks are you deaf, I m shouting since long, what happened. She says I don’t feel well. He asks what happened, lie down. He makes her rest. She says I will lie down, you go now, you don’t like being with me, you go to Roshni. He says right, its a waste of time to talk to you. He goes. She hides the earring. Reema and everyone welcome Ahana to the family.

Rehaan says welcome to our hearts and family, so aunty ji you are younger to me, so shall I touch your feet. Aarav says then hug her. Ahana says I m younger in age and elder in relation. Anant jokes on Rehaan. Rehaan says yes, I will do both. He touches Anant and Ahana’s feet and hugs them. Aarav takes selfie. Rehaan says I will take it. Aarav says no, I will click it. He asks Rehaan to go to Anant. Rehaan stands behind Anant. Aarav says get between dad and Ahana. Rehaan gets between. Anant asks Yamini to come, the photo will be incomplete without her. Aarav clicks their pic. Rehaan thinks I don’t like Gupta, but if his words were true then.

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