Broken Bonds update Tuesday 17 January 2023


Broken Bonds 17 January 2023: Rishi asks Kuldeep are you and mama mad at each other? Kuldeep says not at all. Rishi says you’re doing mama’s work. She packs our bag. He says papa can help mom. Roli says do you remember your promise?

He says yes. We will go out tomorrow and have lots of fun. But today go to school. Roli says will Samaira aunty go with us as well? Shubra says won’t you answer her question? Kuldeep says no she left for Mumbai. Roli says why are you speaking so softly. We will go to meet her there right? Rishi says she isn’t your friend. Roli says I like her.

Kuldeep hugs Shubra from behind and says taking out my anger on these dishes? Will have to get a new set. Forgive me, please. She splashes water on his face. He says I will count till 3. He runs

after her. Shubra runs. The song mein tera ban jaunga plays. He says I was craving for this smile. I am yours. Please forgive me. They laugh together. He caresses her face and kisses her. He says you punished me for my mistake and now my turn to punish you for splashing water on me. He tickles her. Shubra says no, please. Aa ji calls. Kuldeep gives her the phone. Shubra says I will call you later. She says you didn’t say anything on her phone? Why so much love? He kisses her forehead. He says question when I love and when I don’t. She says I am your only wife, I have right to question. He says of course. Shubra hugs him.

Scene 2
Aa ji is in the temple. Biji laughs with her friends outside. She says will see from distance? Talk to people as well. Aa ji says I come here to pray not to gossip. Biji says real peace is in gossip. Don’t you have anyone to tease? MIL? DIL? Daughter? Son? Aa ji says in well-mannered homes DIL are well behaved and daughters don’t hurt their parents. Biji laughs and says how is that fun then? She says go home and handle your kids and husband. Biji gets silent.

Aa ji is leaving. Biji’s friend comes and says you hurt her. She is alone. Her husband is dead and her son ran from the home. She comes here to distract herself. Aa ji looks at her and feels sad.

Scene 3
Roli says Rishi will win this time. Amul says you don’t win. Also your grandparents don’t ever come. Roli says one of us do. Amul sits, Roli puts the water under him. She says your pet is wet again. Never mess with me. Rishi says why do you tease him? She says why did he say our grandparents don’t come? Rishi says they don’t. Roli says mama is sad. If we bring nano and nani, she will be happy. Rishi says but we don’t have their address. Roli says I will manage it.

Sanjana is cold. She says I am not well. That’s why my husband is home to take care of me. He gives her tea and says my baby will have. Shubra says Varun takes care of you. She says this tea is so bitter. Shubra says it’s full of love. Kuldeep never speaks to me like that baby and all. I would drink anything. He doesn’t even know when I am sick. Kuldeep calls. Shubra says see how he talks to me.


She puts the phone on speaker. Kuldeep says hi baby, did you do breakfast? Shubra is shcoked. She says are you okay? He says I missed you. Sanjana says why did you hang up? He said, baby. Now have this bitter tea. Shubra says is Samaira the reason behind his changed behavior. Sanjana says don’t think too much. Shubra says I don’t know I feel weird. I feel like she came home to show something. Sanjana says you’re worrying for no reason.

Scene 4
Kuldeep is leaving. Samaira says, baby.. She says you’re calling Shubra baby and all these days? If she’s your baby how am I? She comes close to him. Samaira says I am always with you. You can’t forget what happened between us and me. don’t over do your love in guilt. You will be open as much as you try to hide? He says really? his friend says what? Kuldeep says my heart is buzzing. Let’s go for a drink. He says in his heart I have to forgive everything. How will I face Shubra?

Shubra thinks about Samaira. Roli and RIshi come to Shubra. Roli says nani comes to our place. Why doesn’t nanu? We don’t even know where they live. Why don’t we go to their place? you said there is a big dog there. But he must be tied. Shubra says what are you saying? Rishi says why don’t they come? She says dada ji is with God and dadi ji lives far. Nanu is mad at mama. He doesn’t come. Roli says how will they patchup? Roli says come with me. Rishi says if I ever hurt Aai and she breaks up with me forever, that should never happen to me. roli says give me nanu’s address. Shubra says go and sleep. Rishi says they never answer. I wish we had a magic stick.

Kuldeep comes home. He’s drunk. Shubra says are you drunk? He says I have to tell you everything.. Shubra takes him to the room. Kuldeep says I have to tell you something important. Shubra says think about the kids at laest. She asks them to go home. Shubra says let me get you coffee. First get in senses then we can talk. Kids try to listen in.

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