Bridal Material update Wednesday 20 April 2022

Bridal Material 20 April 2022: Meera sees Vivan giving money to jeweller Manilal and thinks what is he doing. She then thinks let her solve her family’s problem. Family in a room is tensed after losing diamond ring and Sumer’s family identifying fake ring.

Bittu says he lost the ring and is at mistake, so he will apologize Sumer’s family. Laali walks in and starts her drama. She says she knew they are all here. Family gets more tensed seeing greedy Laali. Laali continues they are not worried about Silky at all, what will people say when they hear this family gave fake engagement ring. Biji pleads her to keep her mouth shut. Laali continues her drama and does not deter.

Bittu walks to Sumer’s parents and asks them to come aside. Mom asks him to speak right in front of everyone. Whole family tries to convince them, but mom does not deter and says she is tired of their drama and says they are making drama as they brought fake ring. Family feels embarrassed. Manilal walks in. Sumer’s mom ask to describe Meera’s family mistake. Manilal says it is not their mistake, it is his mistake instead. Amar bought diamond ring worth 2 lakhs, but he by mistake gave him sample ring instead of real one. Family relaxes. Amar asks Sumer’s family to get it checked now.

Father says that is okay, but mom gets ring checked via her jeweler who says it is authentic. Manilal looks at Vivan. Meera notices that. Laali gets jealous and walks to Sumer’s mom.

Family goes back to a room and thank god. They congratulate each other and tells let us go and finish engagement. Meera walks in and says she will not get engaged with this ring. Family scolds her not to spoil their hard effort. Meera says she will get engaged but with Amar’s earlier brought ring and even Sumer is okay with it as he thinks she is more important to him than diamond ring. Family gets happy.

Meera continues and says Manilal lied as Vivan gave him money. Daadi says they should thank Vivan then. Meera says she does not want Vivan’s favor. Vivan walks in and says he did not do any favor.

Sumer’s mother stops Sumer and Meera’s engagement and asks where is 2 lakhs rs ring. Meera looks at Sumer and he smirks.

Meera confronts Vivan and says she does not need his help. Vivan says he is returning this family’s favor. Bittu chachu asks when did they give him 2 lakhs. Amar says he is poor, when did he help him. Vivan says before coming to India, his father told him about this family’s help and asked to return their favor.

Meera asks what was he doing all these days since coming from UK, why did not he remember his father’s request for so long, she does not need his ring as she has informed Sumer everything and he does not mind. Vivan says he does not know if it is her superego or foolishness, did she really inform Sumer everything. Sumer walks in. Meera takes Sumer aside and informs her whole story that her father bought him 70,000 rs worth ring and Vivan gifted them this 2 lakhs worth

ring. Sumer returns with Meera and asks Amar to give him both rings. He takes both rings and says let us start engagement ritual. Everyone walk behind him. Meera challenges Vivan let us see if her belief will will or his thinking will.

Meera and Sumer’s families gather again and say let us finish engagement ritual. Meera looks at Vivan from staage and smirks. Sumer’s mother asks Sumer to put ring in Meera’s finger. He does and everyone clap. Ambarsariya…song…plays in the background. Meera smirks at Vivan again. Sumer’s mother asks Dolly to give Sumer’s ring now. Dolly gives 70,000 rs ring to Meera. Sumer”s mother is shocked not to see 2 lakhss rs ring and just when Meera is about to put ring in Sumer’s hand, she stops Meera and says this engagement cannot happen, asks Meera which ring is this. Sumer tries to speak, but she stops him and asks Dolly where is diamond ring.

Dolly stammers Sumer…Sumer’s mom says forget Sumer, just now they sorted out ring issue, it looks like a joke now. Laali smirks and thinks this woman is up to something, she needs to find out, but let her enjoy the drama till then. Sumer’s mom asks Dolly where is 2 lakhs ring. Vivan thinks all women are greedy. Meera nervously looks at Vivan and says ring is with Sumer itself.

Sumer’s mom embarrassedly apologizes and asks Meera to fix 2 lakhs ring in Sumer’s finger. Sumer asks what difference it makes. Mom says there is a lot of difference, guests will laugh at them. Dolly insists Meera to fix ring in Sumer’s hand. Meera looking at Vivan fixes ring. Vivan smirks.

Families congratulate each other and start bhangra. After sometime, Sumer tells Meera he will return ring to Vivan. Meera says no need. Sumer asks to smile then. She says she is not in a mood. Silky walks in asking if she did not disturb love birds, she does not want to be kabab me haddi. Sumer says he likes haddi.

Silky says let us go down. Sumer’s father congratulates Amar and fmaily and says guests like arrangement a lot, mom warns to keep arrangements similarly, else they will be embarrassed. Amar apologizes for ring issue. Sumer’s father says let us froget it now. Sumer returns with Meera and leaves with his family.

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