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Bridal Material 22 April 2022: Vivan stops Meera and says he was right and she was wrong. Their nok jhok continues. Meera says he wants to befriend her, before that he has to befriend Silky. Vivan angrily asks what.. Meera calls Silky and says Vivan wants to befriend her and leaves.

Silky excitedly asks is it and asks Vivan to repeat. Vivan silently walks away. He gets into his room fuming on Meera. Amar walks in and apologizes for coming in without taking permission. Vivan says that is okay, he is of his father’s age and should not apologize. Amar thanks him for helping them with 2 lakhs rs and says he helped willing and not by his father’s will. Vivan asks how does he know. Amar says he is much experienced in life and says years ago his father had come here for a week and helped them a lot, Vivan is like his

father and should not change. He says Meera is pure hearted and can go to any extent to protect her family. Vivan thinks he did not speak to his father since many days.

Amar and Bittu get inebriated and start their drama. Meera walks in. Dolly pampers her and says nobody will ask Meera to work till her marriage. Family bonding continues. Dolly walks to Amar and Bittu and unable to bear their drama gulps liquor and says she is not afraid of anyone, after so many years they will celebrate. Whole family dance on Mehandi hai rachne waali..Haaton me Gehri Vivan watches them and walks to his room fuming. Dolly feels short of breath and stops. Everyone get concerned.

Dolly gets emoitional with Meera and says she always scolded her, but it is for her better future. Amma ki bitiya in the background. Meera emotionally hugs her mother and cries. Family says they will miss her. Meera says even she will miss them all. Biji says stop crying now,let us celebrate. Amar says if Vivan had not helped them, don’t know what they must be suffering, he thanked Vivan and even Meera should thank him. Dolly and whole family says Amar is right.

Meera walks towards Vivan’s room reminiscing Vivan’s help and thinks he must want to befriend her without any reason and has changed, papa is right, vivan saved them from embarrassment, she just has to befriend him and not spend life with him. She hears Vivan telling someone over phone that he wants to know how did Meera get that bangle. She fumes that Vivan is playing drama for that bangle, why..

Meera walks to Vivan’s room to apologize him, but hearing him asking someone over phone to find out how did Meera get that bangle. She walks in and fumes at Vikvan that he is too selfish. Vivan says he thought they thank people who help. Meera says of course, but not the one who does with vested interest and are selfish. She continues yelling and says his love for his father, sister and motehr is also materialistic. Vivan gets angry and warns to take his mother’s name, he is tolerating her because she has his… Meeera asks what…He says nothing. She leaves. Meera thinks why he is behing that bangle. Vivan goes to Amaya’s roomand fumes reminiscing Meeera’s words. He falls asleep. Silky sleeps dreaming about Vivan. Nimmo taunts her.

Next morning, Vivan wakes up hearing alarm sound and remembers he has to follow Meera. HBe walks down. In living room, family’s drama continues. Silky comes asking for tea and gets shy seeing Vivan. Family asks Vivan to have tea. He asks where is Meera. Nimmo says di has gone out for some work. Vivan leaves.

Meera meets Manilal jeweler to sell her bangle and asks till when she has to wait. Manilal excuses her, calls Vivan and says Meera is here and is insisting to hurry up. Vivan asks him to pay her. Manilal returns and says he forgot money is in locker itself and pays her 1 lakh. He asks if she does not want to meet a person who bought her bangle for double price. She says no and asks him not to tell her name to anyone. He jokes what is her name is.

Silky continues dreaming about Vivan. Sumer calls her and asks where is Meera. He says he is calling her and talking about di. He says Meera is not picking call and asks her to inform Meera that he and his mom are coming.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Academy to meet her friend and sees Vivan following her. She walks in and asks girls if they want to meet their dream man Vivan, he is here. Girls don’t believe. Meera says he will walk before she counts 3 and hides. Vivan walks in, and girls surround him. Meera smirks and rush to her friend. She tells her friend that Vivan is following her, she does nnot know why he is behind that bangle. Friend asks not to inform Vivan or Manilal about her. Vivan walks towards door. Meera locks door from inside and hides with friend.

Meera and her friend hide in a room seeing Vivan coming. Friend asks Meera not to tell Vivan about her bangle as her traumatic past is related to it. Meera says she will shut her mouth and will not tell bangle’s secret to Vivan no matter how much he tries.

Vivan tries to open door angrily. A lady comes and asks if he has any problem. Vivan says he is searching a girl and she came into his room, door is not opening. Lady opens door. Vivan checks inside and says sorry, it is his mistake and walks out thinking where did Meera go. Lady says good he came here, their owner Mrs Singh would he happy to meet him, he can sit in her cabin. Vivan says he is busy now and will meet her some other time, leaves. Lady thinks who is Vivan searching.

At Meera’s house, Sweety and Dolly are busy in house work when Sumer and his mom walk in with guests. Family greets them. Sumer’s mom tells they have come for high tea. Sumer says he informed Silky already, did not she inform them. Dolly says no. Sumer tells her silently that they are US guests and should be handled carefully, so inform Meera not to make any mistake. Sweety asks not to worry, Meera is very intelligent, and makes them sit on Vivan’s side of living room.

Vivan walks out of Soni Kudi Academy thinking where did Meera go, at least he should met the girl Meera sold bangle for and arranged money. He sees Meera’s bike, punctures it and hides. Meera walks out with her friend discussing why Vivan is behind that bangle, she will find out at any cost

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