Bridal Material update Monday 4 July 2022


Bridal Material 4 July 2022: Vivan and Meera return home in their car. Meera opens car’s dickie and sees girl sleeping inside, she informs Vivan. Vivan takes girl inside home. Girl wakes up and afraidly asks where is she. Meera asks what is her name and where does she stay. Girl says she is Mahi and lives in orphanage. Dolly says let her sleep now,tomorrow they will get her to some orphanage. Meera makes her sleep on their bed and walks away. Girl wakes up hearing mobile ring from her pocket, picks it and says she is afraid. A woman from opposite side says she has to stay there to execute their plan. Meera returns and sees girl sleeping again.

Meera and Vivan sleep on floor while Mahi sleeps on bed. They both get romantic and discuss about going to honeymoon. Meera asks what they do in honeymoon, if they will do head massage. Vivan says she spoils his mood always. She asks what else they do. He says they get wet in rain, then get into bed under blanket.. Mahi wakes up and says she is not getting sleep.

Vivan and Meera gets romantic when Mahi wakes up and says she is not getting sleep, if she can sleep between them. Meera says why not and sings lullaby for her. Mahi falls asleep. Next morning during breakfast, Silky requests Vivan to teach her car driving as no boy is falling for her when she drives scooty. Vivan says boys fall for attitude and intelligence and not car driving. Meera asks him to teach Silky.

Vivan agrees. Laali starts her evil plans and comments Mahi is eating just like Vivan as if she is his daughter. Vivan asks Meera to drop Mahi to her home as her parents must be worried. Mahi says she does not want to go anywhere and runs to room. Meera takes lamps to her and says let us go to orphanage to celebrate diwali with orphan children. Mahi says she does not want to come, else Meera will leave her there. Meera says she will not, they will return home.

Vivan teaches driving to Sweety. Sunny disguised as sardarji Parminder jumps in front of car. Sweety comes out and they converse. Sunny asks Vivan if he is Vivan Kapoor, Roma’s son, he is Roma’s distant cousin’s son. Sweety asks if they know each other from behind. Vivan stands confused. Sweety takes Sunny home.


Meera takes Mahi to orphanage and asks receptionist if this girl is from this orphanage. Receptionist says no. Meera says she found this girl in this orphanage itself. Receptionist says this girl is not from here. Meera asks whose daughter Mahi is then. Tulika dayan who is still alive laughs that Mahi is her daughter who has come to separate Vivan and Meera. Meera later celebrates diwali with family at night. Mahi goes near fire and gets burnt, collapses. Meera runs to her and herself collapses when fire erupts on her. Vivan takes her in. Meera wakes up after sometime and asks where is Mahi, she is like her daughter. Vivan says she is fine. Mahi enters. Sunny asks Meera if she is fine.

Mahi goes to kitchen and enjoys chocolates. Silky sees her and scolds it is her chocs and for Parminder, she will break her teeth if she steals chocs again. Mahi says she will trouble Sweety now. Sweety takes chocs to Parminder’s room and tries to feed him when she steps on rope and falls down. Mahi standing near door laughs. Sweety sees her and runs behind her. Mahi runs to Meera and Vivan’s room and enjoys choc again. Sweety enters and says Mahi made her fall over rope when she asked her not to eat more chocs. Mahi says she told teeth.. Sweety says she told her teeth will spoil. Sweety returns to Parminder’s room and fees him chocs, goes near window and sees blood on window, shouts. Sunny checks and says tghere is nothing here. Mahi laughs hiding and her eyes glow like mini dayan.

Vivan helps Meera bandage her wound. Their romantic chat starts. O Humsafar O humnawaz…song..plays in the background..

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