Bridal Material update Monday 27 June 2022


Bridal Material 27 June 2022: Tulika disguised as Daadi gives black magic’d apple to Meera saying Guru maaa gave it to her, says she needs greatgrandchildren soon and walks away while Meera stands shy. Tulika then goes to her room and starts black magic shouting that Vivan and Meera will never unite.

She shows her real face without specs and long hair. Meera bites fruit. Vivan gets romantic with Meera and says she has to eat some other fruit for baby. Tulika does black magic on fruit and bites it. Meera is about to kiss Vivan when she feels hammering headache and backs off shouting. Vivan says she is acting to send him away and is about to kiss her when she falls down. He worriedly asks what happened to her. She says she is short of breath, doe snot know what is happening. Tulika continues biting apple and says this is just the beginning. Meera collapses again. Vivan and Dolly surround her. Meera wakes up and says she is feeling gripping headache. Vivan says she sat in front of smoke, so she is feeling headache, she will be fine soon.

Tulika goes to her stepmom’s house and apologizes her for misunderstanding her, she could not stop when mom tortured her. She trashes stepmom and reveals she hired lady to act as stepmom. She then looks at Paromita’s garlanded pic and reveals she is her sister and will not calm down till she takes revenge from Vivan and Meera.

Next morning, Vivan and Meera enjoy breakfast with family and Tulika. Inspector comes and says he wants to talk to Meera. Meera speaks to him. He says he checked doctor’s last call record and he spoke to Meera before murder, he also found a knife at murder spot, so he wants to check each family member’s fingerprint. Tulika gets tensed.

Inspector takes Meera and her whole fmaily’s fingerprints in doctor’s murder case and asks Tulika to give her fingerprints also. She nervously walks and is about to imprint fingerprints on paper when Meera stops her and tells inspector that Tulika came into her house just a few days ago. Inspector says it is a protocol and suspect can be anyone. Tulika gives fingerprints and thinks let the drama begin. Dolly says today is really bad, they had to see police on festival day.

Meera goes to her room and gets busy in work when Tulika enters and chanting black magical mantras throws black magical gaze on Meera. Meera bends unknowingly and escapes. She hits her foot on table subconsciously and shouts in pain. Tulika rushes to her and helps. Meera asks what is she doing here instead of getting ready for festival.

Tulika says she is not beautiful like Meera, everyone call her Jhalli. Meera says even she was called jhalli and look at her now. Tulika says she has not applied nail polish at all. Meera says she will go to parlor for manicure and pedicure. Tulika say she will do it as she has done course. She cuts Meera’s broken toenail and keeps it aside and filing her other fingers thinks Meera’s bad time will start. After filing nails, she picks broken nail. Meera says she will throw it. Tulika says it is okay, she will throw it in bin and leaves with nail piece.
Meera dries her hair after shower. Vivan walks in and gets romantic. Meera says his stub is like thorns and asks to apply moisturizer at least. He applies moisturizer and rubs his cheek on hers.


Labon se…song..plays in the background. Tulika thinks she needs Meera’s bindi to hypnotize and do black magic on her. Meera passes by. Tulika asks her bindi. Mera asks her to take it from her room, Vivan is present in room. Tulika enters room and asks Vivan to give Meera’s bindi. Vivan shows bindi pack. Tulika picks one and thinks tonight, she will hypnotize Meera completely and will destroy her slowly.

Diwali celebrations start. Meera burns crackers. Biji tells still ravan dahan is left. Vivan says she can call it simply burning an effigy. Biji says it is a symbol of burning evil. Tulika is seen staring black magic on Meera’s nail and bindi.

: Meera and Vivan with family wait for ravan dahan. Tulika starts black magic magic in jungle and thinks Meera and Vivan troubled her sister, she will punish them with black magi and take revenge.

Daai explains reason behind ravan dahan and says goodness wins over evil on this day with ravan dahan. Tulika takes out her sister Paromita’s skeleton and emotionally says her sister used to feed him from her hands, but she shot her sister from her hands while trying to shoot Vivan. She does black magic on skeleton with Meera’s nail and bindi and pricks nail in skeleton’s neck.

Mera feels nail prick in her neck and shouts. Dolly asks if she is fine and goes to bring something for her. Meera sees her nails turning pink and normal and gets afraid. Tulika laughs that she can completely control Meera now and will infuse Meera’s soul into her sister’s body soon. Meera continues feeling nail prick and shouts. Dolly passes by. Tulika gets tensed and thinks she should stop her. She hides on tree with skeleton. Dolly sees black magic venue and walks towards it. Tulika shoos bats on her and she runs away shouting. Tulika shouts she will make mother an dwhole family shout.

Vivan joins Meera and seeing nail mark on her neck and asks what happened to her. She says she is fine. Biji ssays let us finish ravan dahan. Vivan holding Meera’s hand shoots arrow and burns ravan effigy. Everyone present join her. Dolly comes running and asks Meera if she is fine. Meeera says yes and asks what happened to her. Dolly says she saw black magic arrangements there. They all walk to the venue and see Tulika there with hands tied and shouting for help. Meera consoles her. Tulika smirks.

Prince smitten by Tulika’s love takes masala chai for her and seeing her bandaged hand asks if he feed her tea. She acts and shyingly says he knows to touch girl’s heart with his sweet gestures. DLJ music plays in the background.

Guru maa comes to Meera’s house. Family greets her. Gurumaa asks Meera to bring havan lemon she gave her earlier. Meera says it is not in kitchen. Dolly says she doubted Tulika since the beginning. Gurumaa says evil soul has entered this house already. Vivan says he does not believe in all this and does not want Meera to be in any tension. Tulika walks with her bag and starts emotional drama crying and says Gurumaa is right, she is inauspicious and will leave this house. Meera falls for her emotional drama

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