Bridal Material update Sunday 10 April 2022

Bridal Material 10 April 2022: Meera’s family excitedly makes arrangements for boys’s family for Meera’s alliance. Ladies order dishes from hotel. Aman and his younger brother eagerly wait near door.

Boy and his mother enter. Aman asks if they found house easily. Mother says whole locality knows Meera’s name. Aman gets tensed thinking they must have come to know about Meera rejecting 17 alliances already. Family introduces themselves and makes them sit. Boy speaks in his fake accent and mother throws tantrum.

Meera is brought. Mother asks what she has studied. Dolly says BA and asks if boy studied MBA. Mother says from London and asks Meera where did she study. Family gets tensed. Meera says from Queen’s college. Mother says she heard students speak fluent English there, if she can

speak. Meera speaks in broken English. Boy says she does not know English. Aman says Meera studied in Punjabi medium because he got heart attack once. Mother yells family tree has heart ailments. Daadi says her family is totally fit and fine and does situps and pushups. Aman’s brother makes her sit. Boy says he likes fit people. Mother continues throwing tantrum.

Food is served. Mother asks Meera if she prepared them all and asks to tell dish names. Meera takes name right. Family relaxes. Dolly sees restaurant bill and steps on it. Mother says she likes honest bahu who can speak truth. Daadi says her Meera speaks truth.

Meera’s sister checks boy’s biodata on net silently. Mother asks Dolly to moves aside and shows restaurant bill. Boy shouts they are lier, whole food is from restaurant. Mother yells she does not want her son to be married in lier’s family. Family apologizes. Boy asks to apologize them. Family apologizes. Boy then asks Dolly to hold her ears and apologize as she lied more. Dolly holds ears. Meera says no and says now she will show boy’s biodata and shows his pics smoking and drinking and with many girls.

Mother says she did not know about it. Meera says she was talking about morality and family tree, she is a big lier, her son is 31-year-old and not 25 as she quoted. Mother apologizes. Meera says her family values don’t allow elders to apologize. She asks boy to apologize. He says what. She twists his hand and murmurs something. He apologizes. Mother takes him away.

Daadi and whole family praise Meera. Dolly asks Meera why did she stop, she would have apologized more and convinced them. Meera says she is tired of all this, every boy rejects her with one or other weird reason, it is better she gets her married to some handicap. Dolly slaps her. Family stands in shock..

Dolly slaps Meera and scolds that she wants her to be married to a rich boy and will not marry her to any roadside man, she is her mother and would have taught that MBA boy a lesson better than her, but kept her cool. Meera runs from there. Biji and Aman scold Dolly. Dolly asks what is wrong if she thinks of her daughter’s better future.

Meera runs on ground reminiscing Dolly’s harsh words. Her friend joins her and they wait for coach to come. Coach arrives and says they cannot play. Meera says he is talking like her mummy. He says their mom’s must have prayed mataji and convinced her for their marriages, even bhagwanji cannot depose mataji’s order, it is better they get married and forget sports. Meera asks what about their hard work, trophies, government job, etc.

He says without team how will they play, they need 7 players and Sweety has joined Soni Kudi Academy. Meera asks them to wait and runs towards Soni Kudi Academy to brig back her friend.
Aman starts drinking. His brother joins him and says he will work hard and will get Meera married in a rich family. He gets emotinal and says if he tries to please mother, wife will be angry, if he please wife, daughter will be angry, he is stuck between women. Hisd wife Sweety walks in and scolds him. He says she looks beautiful in yellow dress. She says she is wearing magenta and goes to call Biji. Dolly enters and scolds Aman that doc warned him not to drink. Aman says doc warned her not to get angry, why did she slap Meera. Daadi enters and says they are waste, their father used to finish 1 bottle and never used to get inebriated. He never used to scold her and loved her the way she is, that was their love story, here they are fighting like cat and mouse. Dolly comments. Biji says boy should accept Meera the way she is like her husband accepted her. Dolly says her time was different. Sweety says Meera can be tamed only via Soni Kudi Academy.

Meera reaches Soni Kudi Academy and asks receptionist about Sweety’s class. Receptionist says if she has come to join, they have limited seats. Meera says no way, this is the last place to join. She walks to Sweety’s class and sees her dancing. She joins Sweety and reminds how she fought with many hurdles for Kabbadi and fulfill her passion. Sweety says she wants to, but her parents forced her to join here. At home Meera’s sister look at Soni Kudi Academy application form and discuss Meera will never join it. Meera attends Acamdemy’s boss’ lecture hiding behind Sweety’s sweet.

Boss describes qualities of an intelligent bride and how to trap rich boys. She then shows UK’s multimillionaire most eligible bachelor Vivan Kapoor’s video where he is jogging, selecting his dress, accessories, etc.. and says he has class and every girl would dream about marrying him, asks who is dreaming already. Everyone raise hands. Meera thinks let her see who this Vivan Kapoor is and peeps, but Boss comes in way. She thinks let his Vivan come to Hoshiarpur she will see what he is…

Meera helps Aman in his shop. A customer comes to buy show piece. Meera says she cannot give that. Lady says he liked it and needs it. Meera gets adamant. Lady says she is very adamant girl and she will find it difficult to get married. She asks Aman to teach his daughter not to lose profit. Meera says whoever thinks by heart does not think of profit and loss. Aman says whoever think by heart, nothing will happen to them and asks lady to go to next store.

Vivan speaks to someone over phone who says it is difficult for him to crack this deal. Vivan says he will crack it at any cost.

Biji and other neighbors attend Sweety’s mother’s party. Mother boasts that Sweety is getting married in a Mumbai’s business family who were their neigbhors before. Neigbhor says that

is why she thew Hawaiian theme party and suggests Biji to sent Meera also to Soni Kudi Academy. Mother taunts that Meera is a hard nut to crack, already 17 boys rejected her. Biji says Meera rejected them instead. Mother taunts it is like grapes are sour, but she says Meera is allergic to grapes. Biji silently takes boy’s family’s number from mother’s mobile.

Vivan’s friends play cards and he bets over phone while driving. Betting goes till 125 million. Friend says Vivan is afraid, so he did not come. Vivan reaches and wins 125 million. Secretary says his deal was finalized for 100 million. He says he knew it would not go beyond that and asks to collect 100 from his loser friend. Another friend praises his talent of winning 125 million and 100 million deal.

Girl says a woman is behind every man’s success, who is his woman. He says he does not have any, every successful man’s is his own support. She asks when is he marrying. He says never and leaves. He meets his sister and consoles her. She says he does not have time for her and asks when did they speak last time, nobody speaks in family after papa went to rehab center. She insists him to take her to India.

Biji returns home and informs Dolly that she found a new alliance of Sumer Kapoor, their old neighbors. Dollly asks how did she get their number. Biji says she took it from Sweety’s mother’s phone and she knows Meera is perfect match for Sumer and not Sweety. She then informs Meera. Meera asks again. Daadi says this time it is her childhood friend Sumer who used to play kabbadi with her. Sumer calls daadi and says mom asked to call her. Biji excitedly informs family. Sumer asks if he can speak to Meera. Biji gives phone to Meera. Sumer says he is coming to Chandigarh tomorrow, if she can pick him from airport, he does not want to be formal and want to chat with her casually. Meera informs family. Daadi excitedly asks her to agree. Aman says how can Meera go alone and orders his son Sumer to accompany Meera to airport.

Vivan thinks he has to take his sister Maya to India and get out her obsession for India. Meera on the other side thinks about Sumer nervously. Her sisters taunt her. Next morning, Meera reaches airport with Prince who goes to have snacks. Meera nervously chants kabbaddi and asks cab driver to go and stand holding Mr. Kapoor’s board. Vivan with Maya also comes out of airport and gets busy over phone. Maya sees Mr. Kapoor’s board and walks with Meera’s cab driver. Vivan walks and clashes with Meera. Meera thinks him as Sumer Kapoor.

Sumer sits in Maya’s car and Vivan sits in Meera’s car. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer and asks him not to throw tantrums. vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor. Meera is shocked.

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