A new life update Monday 11 April 2022

Happy hearts 11 April 2022: The Episode starts with Rocky scolding Kumar. He says you saved my life and gave me a life’s motive, you regarded me as your son, you are a bad man, you are a terrorist, you lied to me, is this your war, you used me and my family, you broke my trust, you tried to kill Honey, why did you cheat me. Happy stops Rocky.Rocky says you killed Jyoti, she was our friend, you didn’t spare her, you are also disgusting like them, you are ruining the country, people like you should get killed. Kumar says my mission isn’t over yet, I will make my last move, that’s my promise. Inspector asks how did you know about them. Rocky says I will tell everything, I have to go home and check my family.

Inspector says constable will be there, bomb squad will be coming here, we have to make charge sheet after you give the statement. Madhu calls Rock. Honey says you can’t go out. Madhu asks him to take back her swear, then she will give him sweets. Honey says fine, I take back my word. She asks him to go and get sweets from kitchen. She opens the door. Constable says I m here for your security, Rocky is fine, you have to stay in the hotel. Madhu worries and asks what happened at the hotel.Inspector says you need to come to the police station. Rocky says we will come, those people should be jailed. Inspector says don’t worry, go home. Rocky, Happy and Harleen come home. They see Madhu and Sandhya unconscious. Rocky looks for Honey.

He sees Sweety crying and calms her. Harleen and Happy sprinkle water and wake up Madhu and Sandhya. Harleen asks where is Honey. Rocky says he isn’t here. Happy says did he go to hotel again. They come to the hotel and ask about Honey. The lady says we shouldn’t be inside the hotel, the inspector asked us to go out and left from the hotel. Rocky sees the police and asks where is your senior inspector, I won’t leave anyone if anything happens to Honey.The inspector asks him to talk properly, which inspector, we just got to know about this and came here. Rocky says police has arrested Kumar. Inspector says we don’t know anything, we didn’t send anyone. Rocky is shocked. Kabir and Meenu praise Kumar for having the backup. Kumar says I had many plans, this time I will complete my mission. Kabir asks how will our mission complete.

Kumar says no, its just my mission now, human can’t make many mistakes, you are tired of this work now, I can’t leave my mission on your weak shoulders, so I want to free you from this burden, you had been away from your family for long, go to your baby and stay with him. He shoots Kabir and Meenu. They fall down and die. Kumar says I told you that I don’t accept mistakes. Honey asks Kumar to leave him. Kumar says I will send you to Rocky, but he has to do what I said. Honey says I have to go to my dad, you are my plan C, my trump card. Madhu says the constable fainted us and took away Honey. Rocky says Kumar did this, he killed Jyoti, he planted the bombs in our hotel, the fake police took away Kumar, then he attacked my family to kidnap Honey. Madhu apologizes and asks Rocky to save Honey. Harleen says I m at fault, I couldn’t become a good mum. Happy says no Harleen, its no one’s fault, we didn’t know that the policemen were fake. Madhu scolds Happy. Rocky goes and throws things in anger. Happy comes to him.

He says my Honey, I couldn’t become a good father, I was always rude to him, I m a bad man, You left me, Chintu, Biji and then dad also left me, if anything happens to Honey, I won’t be able to forgive myself. Happy says I have come back to you, even Honey will come back, we will send Kumar to jail. She hugs him. Harleen worries when inspector asks about the decorations arrangements. She thinks Meenu did this.She says how dare you blame me. He says I was asking who was the incharge. Happy says I was responsible for the decorations, Harleen didn’t know anything, she didn’t enter props room. Harleen thinks if I tell the truth, I will lose Rocky forever, no, I can’t lose him like this, I only have one chance to get Rocky’s love. Rocky gets Honey’s call. Honey says please save me. Kumar says I told you Rocky, my mission isn’t over. Rocky says take revenge on me, do you want money, I will give you money, leave Honey. Kumar says I was doing this to save youth from drugs addiction, you know I was doing this to kill the minister, just don’t tell the police, pick up the gun and shoot the minister, if you want to save Honey, you have to do this, do you want to save that minister or your son, you have to decide now, none should know about this call, don’t think much. He ends call. Harleen asks what did he say. Madhu asks him to save Honey. Rocky hides it from the police. Happy thinks Rocky is hiding something.

Sweety asking Rocky to get Honey back. Rocky promises her. He says I have to go to hotel for some imp work, I will find him. Happy asks why are you going, what did Kumar say. He says I have already told everyone. He goes. Kumar asks Honey to have food. Honey refuses. Kumar says you are stubborn like Rocky, have food and stay alive, then Rocky will do our work. Honey says no. Kumar asks the man not to give anything to Honey. Rocky comes to hotel. He says I can’t kill the minister. He gets a call from Kumar. Kumar says look Rocky, go to minister’s office and kill her, the guards won’t check you, you are saving Honey’s life.

Rocky turns and sees Happy. She asks what are you hiding. He says I have no time, let me go. She checks the phone. He snatches it. Her finger gets a cut. He ties a kerchief. He says Kumar wants me to shoot the minister and kill her. She gets shocked. Kumar calls him and asks him to kill minister soon. He threatens Rocky. Rocky says I have no time to think now. Kumar says Rocky will surely come, he is Honey’s dad. His men see Rocky coming and inform him. Kumar says good. Rocky meets minister and apologizes for the weak security. She says its fine, you and Happy saved me, I m grateful to you, tell me if I can help.

Rocky has the gun with him. She asks what happened. He says the danger isn’t over. She gets worried.He recalls Happy asking him to buy some time until she finds Honey. He says those people are keeping an eye on me, I have to stay here until I get any update. She nods. Happy comes home and thinks how to find Honey. Harleen cries and says I wanted to insult you, that astrologer lady told me that she will help me in making you away, she made me spoil the props, so I took that lady to the store room, I didn’t know that she is using me to plan the attacks, Honey’s life is in danger today. Happy gets shocked. Harleen says I deserve this, I didn’t become a good mum, but I didn’t wish bad for her.

Harleen says you get Honey back. Happy hugs her and consoles. She says their plan will help us in reaching Honey, we will trace their number. She gets the number tracked. The man tracks the number and tells Happy. Kumar talks to his men. Happy says I can’t tell police, if Kumar knows then… no I will go and find out where is Honey. Harleen says I will come along, I don’t want to make more mistakes, I want to take this responsibility, I got busy in hating you, I didn’t focus on Honey. Harleen says I know my mistake, I want a chance to rectify it. Happy says fine, but nothing should go wrong there.Kumar asks Honey why is he crying, his dad will come and save him. Honey says let me go. Kumar says we will play a game, if I win, you will call Rocky, if you win, I will let you free. Kumar and Honey arm wrestler. Kumar wins and says you lost, your dad has to kill the minister now. The man says we will get the old stolen car. Kumar says Rocky can kill minister any time. Rocky asks minister to help him. Happy and Harleen come there and see Kumar. The goons get caught.

Rocky thanks minister. She says its my duty, don’t worry. Happy takes Honey. Kumar points gun at Happy. He says I will kill Honey. He shoots at Honey. Happy protects Honey. Harleen comes in between and gets shot. Happy kicks Kumar and hits him with the rod. Honey holds Harleen and cries for her. He says I m sorry. Harleen says don’t say this. Happy beats Kumar for hurting the family. Inspector comes and arrests Kumar and his men. Happy says Harleen, Rocky will be coming, we will take you to hospital. Harleen says no, I always hated you, as Rocky loved you, after I go, you promise me you will be taking care of Rocky and Honey, this is my last wish. Happy promises Harleen. Harleen dies. Happy shouts Harleen. Rocky comes and gets shocked seeing this. Honey hugs Rocky and cries.

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