Bridal Material update Monday 11 April 2022

Bridal Material 11 April 2022: Vivan thinks he has to take his sister Maya to India and get out her obsession for India. Meera on the other side thinks about Sumer nervously. Her sisters taunt her. Next morning, Meera reaches airport with Prince who goes to have snacks. Meera nervously chants kabbaddi and asks cab driver to go and stand holding Mr. Kapoor’s board. Vivan with Maya also comes out of airport and gets busy over phone. Maya sees Mr. Kapoor’s board and walks with Meera’s cab driver. Vivan walks and clashes with Meera. Meera thinks him as Sumer Kapoor.

Sumer sits in Maya’s car and Vivan sits in Meera’s car. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer and asks him not to throw tantrums. vivan says he is Vivan Kapoor. Meera is shocked.

Meera waits for Sumer in car while Vivan’s sister Amaya waits for him in another car. Vivan while speaking over phone gets into Meera’s car while Sumer gets into Amaya’s car. Sumer speaks. Amaya opens her eyes and looks at her in surprise. Sumer calls her Meera and says he has not changed much since childhood. Amaya nods yes. Sumer says even she has changed a bit. Meera calls Vivan as Sumer. Vivan asks who is she. Meera says she is Meera and he is Sumer. He shouts no and sees Amaya going in another car. Prince sees Meera leaving without him and follows car in his bike.

Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok starts while Amaya thinks of having some fun and acts with Sumer. Vivan shouts his sister is in another car. Meera asks when did he get a sister. He says shut up and asks driver to speed up. Driver says this is Indian road, he cannot speed. Meera asks Vivan to shut up. Their nok jhok continues. Car stops in the middle of road, and driver says he told Indian roads are bad. Vivan continues throwing tantrums. Prince comes on bullet. Meera gets happy seeing him, he asks why did she leave him in airport itself. Meera gets on bike and asks Vivan to sit behind her to search his sister. He sits yelling. On the other side, Sumer continues to chat with Amaya. Amaya speaks in UK accent. Sumer asks when did she learn this accent. Amaya says Indians speak in more accent than UK people. He holds her hand. She pushes it. He says they are marrying, she need not shy. She angrily asks driver to stop car and asks Sumer to get out. He gets out of car and asks what happened. She says she is not Meera and this is wrong car. He asks why did not she inform before then. She says she was having fun. He asks where will he go without auto or bus. She says it is his concern and leaves in car.

Meera drives bullet rashly. Vivan shouts to slow down, why she came in narrow road, it so many dents. Bike slips and they fall down. Vivan sees Amaya getting out of car, rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes. Vivan shouts at Meera. Meera warns him to stop his English, she helped him find his sister, instead he is yelling at her. He continues shouting and says she did this for money. She says what and yelling a bit says double money for the trouble. He says he knew her intentions. Meera yells next. Their nok jhok continues…

Dolly asks Meera to get ready as Sumer has reached. Meera excitedy goes to meet Sumer and is shocked to see Vivan instead. Vivan also shouts.

Meera and Vivan’s nok jhok continues. Meera leaves warning him not to see her again in life. Vivan also yells not to show her face again in life. Sumer calls Meera and says he got into a wrong cab and is in some market. Meera says even she is in same market. They both meet. Sumer says he got into some mad girl’s car. Meera asks if it was Amaya. He says yes. She says she got stuck with Amaya’s mad brother. They both smile at each other and continue chatting.

Meera’s family discuss how can Meera make a mistake and not pick up Sumer. Vivan with Amaya reaches their house and sees door closed. He walk in from back door. Family thinks him as Sumer and welcomes him. Amaya walks in with bags. They ask who is she. Vivan says his sister. Biji murmurs when did Sumer’s sister come. Dolly says must be his cousin. Vivan says he wants to take a bathe as their city is very polluted. Biji takes him along. Sweety says why they brought bags from Mumbai as if they came from abroad. Dolly says whatever it is, her would be damad is very handsome. Family taunt her. Biji shows a suite to Vivan. Vivan says he needs towel to freshen up. Biji says she will send it and walks out thinking if Mumbai is out of India..

Sumer drops Meera outside house. Meera asks him to come in. He says relatives must have lined up to meet him and even mom and dad must be waiting, says he wanted to meet real Meera and not the one who will come holding tea tray, rest his parent’s decision, gets into car. Meera stands thinking. He says he liked this Meera a lot and leaves. Meera gets very happy.

Meera returns home. Dolly speaks to her with love. Meera asks what happened. Dolly says Sumer has already reached home and asks her to wear some new dress and go in front of him. Meera walks excitedly after changing her dress towards Sumer’s room thinking about is words that he liked her a lot and is shocked to see Vivan instead and shouts she..

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